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05 Jul 2015 description
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Syria Crisis

Violence has recently intensified in the north, north-east, and southern parts of Syria, increasing humanitarian needs and internally displacing an estimated 850,000 persons this year alone, and leading hundreds of thousands to flee the country. Humanitarian access remains very limited to the estimated 422,000 people most in need who are living in besieged areas.

05 Jul 2015 description

Aden, Yémen | AFP | dimanche 05/07/2015 - 07:07 GMT

De violents combats ont opposé dimanche les rebelles Houthis à des forces pro-gouvernementales dans le sud du pays, alors que l'émissaire de l'ONU doit arriver à Sanaa pour relancer son initiative de trêve humanitaire.

05 Jul 2015 description

Aden, Yemen | AFP | Sunday 7/5/2015 - 12:02 GMT

Fighting gripped Yemen's second city Aden on Sunday as the UN envoy arrived in the rebel-held capital Sanaa to press efforts to broker a ceasefire.

Saudi-led warplanes bombed rebel positions, killing eight people, while rebel rocket fire killed six, including a child, officials said.

The dead from the Katyusha fire were Somali refugees who had sought shelter in a kindergarten, medics said.

04 Jul 2015 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

SANAA, July 4 (Reuters) - Yemen's dominant Houthi movement said on Saturday a pause in fighting to last until the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was under discussion with the United Nations to allow for deliveries of humanitarian aid.

Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam said in a post on his Facebook page he had met U.N. special envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed on Friday to discuss the matter.

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04 Jul 2015 description

This map illustrates satellite-detected areas of destruction in a portion of the town of Taiz, Yemen, as seen by the WorldView-3 satellite on 26 June 2015. UNOSAT identified a total of 194 damaged buildings (34 destroyed, 52 severely damaged, 74 moderately damaged, 34 possibly damaged) as well as 257 areas with significant amounts of debris. This is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Note that satellite imagery analysis will not capture all damage to buildings and instead only detects significant or catastrophic amounts of structural damage.

04 Jul 2015 description

Iraq - Conflict

• Lack of access to safety remains a grave concern as internally displaced persons (IDPs) from AlAnbar governorate are being prevented from leaving insecure areas.

• Threats of forced evictions, displacement and return movements in central Iraq are multiplying.

• Residents of Al Riyadh sub-district, in southwest Kirkuk, were requested by ISF to leave their village on 2 July.

03 Jul 2015 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today’s Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva.

In Yemen, UNHCR is continuing to deliver humanitarian aid despite the severe restrictions on access to displaced populations. In May and June, we were able to get basic relief to 56,369 people and plastic sheeting for emergency shelters to a further 7,000 families who have been staying in collective centres.

03 Jul 2015 description

Yemen - Airstrikes and mortars damaged an IOM office in Haradh as well as the Migrant Response Point (MRP) in Basateen, both incidents occurring two days ago, on July 1, 2015.

03 Jul 2015 description
report UN Population Fund

SHABWA, Yemen – Three months after conflict erupted in Yemen, violence is intensifying across the country, according to United Nations reports. Over 2,800 people have been killed, and over a million people have been internally displaced, with many forced from their homes by armed clashes, shelling and airstrikes. Women have been disproportionately affected by the conflict.

03 Jul 2015 description

Sana'a/Geneva (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross has today started a distribution of food across the front lines in the southern city of Aden. The consignment of more than 160 tons will cover the emergency needs of 17,500 people. Around half of Aden's population are displaced from their homes, seeking shelter in any available space in the town.

03 Jul 2015 description
report World Bank


In the past, refugee issues in Yemen were centered on the hundreds of thousands of African refugees fleeing to Yemen. This refugee influx was a burden on an already impoverished country and taxed its fragile economic conditions over two decades.

03 Jul 2015 description


Debates on the Middle East and security challenges in small island developing States would be the highlights of the New Zealand presidency of the Security Council in July, a month that would also see several briefings and mandate renewals.

02 Jul 2015 description


  • On July 1, the UN-led Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) declared Yemen an L3 crisis—the highest level emergency classification

  • On June 19, the UN released a revised Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP), which requests a total of $1.6 billion to address increased humanitarian needs in Yemen

  • Assessments indicate that at least 6 million people are food-insecure and require immediate assistance

02 Jul 2015 description


  • IOM urges all parties to respect the integrity of civilian and humanitarian facilities in accordance with International Humanitarian Law, after airstrikes and mortars damaged its office in Haradh and Migrant Response Center in Basateen on 1 July.

  • The capacity of IOM’s Migrant Response Center in Obock (Djibouti) was reinforced, doubling accommodation capacity to 350 individuals. There are currently 194 Ethiopian migrants accommodated at the center.

02 Jul 2015 description

Aden, Yemen | AFP | Thursday 7/2/2015 - 16:47 GMT

At least 22 people were killed Thursday in Yemen as fighting raged in the southern port of Aden and Saudi-led warplanes bombed Shiite rebels in the capital Sanaa, officials said.

The violence came a day after the UN declared its highest level of humanitarian emergency in the country, where it says some 3,000 people, half of them civilians, have been killed since March.