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20 Dec 2014 description
report UN Security Council

7351st Meeting (AM)
Security Council
Meetings Coverage

Speakers Cite National Strategies, Call for Adequate Support to Fight Scourge

During an all-day open debate presided over by the Foreign Minister of Chad, the Security Council called for international action to prevent terrorists from benefiting from transnational organized crime, through securing borders and prosecuting illicit networks.

20 Dec 2014 description

In 2013, 2,300 babies were born with HIV in the region, down from 10,700 in 2001

19 Dec 2014 description

Symposium on Women’s Rights and Empowerment in Afghanistan

19 Dec 2014 description

Workers involved in handling, treatment, transport and disposal of medical, laboratory and other waste must be protected from exposure to Ebola virus—which causes Ebola virus disease—and from physical and chemical hazards that may be associated with waste management tasks.

19 Dec 2014 description

A Review from Iraq, South Sudan, CAR and the Philippines

A review conducted in November 2014 by ICVA in partnership with IMPACT Initiatives considered 20 thematic indicators based on coordination and response in humanitarian crisis, with particular emphasis on the elements expected to be affected by the L3 process (coordination, accountability and leadership). While the results vary by each humanitarian crisis and response, six key themes emerged.

19 Dec 2014 description

Country-based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) are multi-donor humanitarian financing instruments established by the United Nations (UN) Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) and managed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) at the country level under the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC).

19 Dec 2014 description


Nutrition challenges are not only about a lack of food. Malnutrition often arises when there is a gap in knowledge about positive nutrition behaviours – including what to eat, the importance of a balanced diet, and how to prepare foods to retain nutrients. Where CPAR works, diets are typically heavily starch based, limited to one or two food groups and locally available nutritious foods have been overlooked. This is why CPAR integrates nutrition and health education into all of our programming.

19 Dec 2014 description

GENEVA (20 December 2014) – Message by the United Nations Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity, Virginia Dandan, to mark the International Human Solidarity Day, 20 December 2014.

“International Human Solidarity Day, launched in 2006, celebrates humankind, its courage and its enduring capacity to prevail despite all odds. The United Nations Development framework, as articulated in the UN world conferences and summits since the 1990s, is itself rooted in principles of international solidarity.

19 Dec 2014 description

Roma, 19 de diciembre de 2014 – Los 173 Estados miembros del Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola (FIDA) han reafirmado hoy su compromiso común para con la misión del Fondo anunciando un objetivo de USD 1 440 millones de contribuciones que invertir en la población rural de los países en desarrollo.

19 Dec 2014 description

Rome, 19 décembre 2014 – Les 173 États membres du Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA) ont aujourd’hui réaffirmé leur engagement commun envers la mission du FIDA en annonçant un objectif de [1,44 milliard d’USD] de contributions destinées à financer des investissements en faveur des populations rurales des pays en développement.

19 Dec 2014 description

Rome, 19 December 2014 –The 173 Member States of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) today reaffirmed their shared commitment to the Fund’s mission by announcing a US$1.44 billion target of contributions directed at investing in rural people in developing countries. The target of IFAD’s 10th Replenishment will enable it to strengthen operations over a three-year period from 2016 to 2018.

19 Dec 2014 description
report European Commission

Summary: 19 December 2014, Brussels - The European Commission adopted a financing decision to address mixed migration flows (i.e both irregular migrants and refugees) in Eastern Africa.

19 Dec 2014 description

In today’s world, people’s livelihoods depend to a significant extent on markets. Sudden shocks can severely limit how markets function and, as a result, drastically reduce people’s access to essential commodities.

This Movement publication is designed to provide a quick and basic introduction to how key markets operate immediately after a shock. It includes market data, which is essential for making informed decisions about how to respond and what transfer mechanisms to use.

19 Dec 2014 description

This publication features processes and tools that can be used to integrate market assessment into the different phases of the project cycle, taking the Movement’s existing technical documents into account whenever possible.

It is intended for staff who have a leading role in market assessment, as well as managers who need to make strategic decisions and implement market-related relief and early recovery work. It provides a simple approach to the data-gathering, assessment and decision-making processes.

19 Dec 2014 description

En 2013, poco más de 2.300 bebés nacieron con VIH en la región, menos que los 10.700 que se estima lo hicieron en 2001. Las coberturas de testeo y tratamiento entre las embarazadas llegaron al 74% y 93% respectivamente

19 Dec 2014 description

World experts agree improved crop varieties need to go hand-in-hand with eco-friendly farming systems

Rome, 19 December 2014 ­ - Cereal-based farming systems must join the transition to sustainable agriculture if they are to meet unprecedented demand for maize, rice and wheat. That was one of the key messages to emerge from a meeting held by FAO this week and attended by leading crop production specialists.

19 Dec 2014 description


The Conflict, Humanitarian and Security Department’s goal is to help improve the capacity of DFID, Whitehall and the international community to prevent conflict, reduce the vulnerability of fragile states to crises, and respond to the effects of conflict, insecurity, violence and natural disasters on poor people, and especially women and girls

19 Dec 2014 description


577 Index of countries/areas

577 Index, Volume 89, 2014, Nos. 1–52

580 Revised guidance on meningitis outbreak response in sub-Saharan Africa

587 Monthly report on dracunculiasis cases, January– October 2014


577 Index des pays/zones

577 Index, Volume 89, 2014, Nos 1-52

580 Révision des orientations pour la riposte aux flambées de méningite en Afrique subsaharienne

587 Rapport mensuel des cas de dracunculose, janvier-octobre 2014

19 Dec 2014 description

Abnormal dryness expected to continue in East and Southern Africa

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Although good rainfall was observed over the Greater Horn of Africa in late November and early December, the delayed onset of the October December rainy season, combined with an erratic distribution of rains during the season, has already negatively impacted ground conditions in northern Kenya and southern Somalia. As the season is coming to an end, a recovery is unlikely.

19 Dec 2014 description
report People In Aid
Executive Summary

The State of HR report is a seminal piece of research carried out by People In Aid, and designed to examine trends, issues, and challenges faced by our HR colleagues in the sector. This is the third report of its kind and we're delighted to announce that it is now available to download in full from our online Resource Centre. We have also published a short Executive Summary which highlights the key points of the report.