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20 Jun 2017 description

The United States provided over $7 billion in humanitarian assistance in FY 2016, including more than $3.4 billion from the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM). These funds provided life-saving assistance and protection to the world’s 22 million refugees, and to millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs), conflict victims, stateless persons, and vulnerable migrants.

19 Jun 2017 description

Persistent instability in northern Mali, Boko Haram-related violence and insecurity in north-east Nigeria, and the impact of the conflict in the neighbouring Central African Republic continue to cause massive population displacements and hinder the return of displaced people to their homes. More than five million people across the Sahel region are facing the consequences of forced displacement.

30 May 2017 description

This map shows all multilateral peace operations that were active as of May 2017. This includes all ongoing UN Special Political Missions, OSCE field operations, missions and operations conducted under the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), and multinational military operations authorized by the African Union that are outside the scope of the definition of a multilateral peace operation applied by SIPRI. As a result, the information in the figures and graphs on this map may not correspond with figures featured in other SIPRI research or infographics.

25 May 2017 description

Total Mainland
35,867 people (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities, self-settled, NGOs)
65,869 capacity (Official, informal, on-hold sites, other state run facilities, NGOs, UNHCR)

Total Islands
12,920 people (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities)
8,569 capacity (Official & informal sites, other state run facilities, UNHCR)

10 May 2017 description

In September 2015, the EU agreed on a two-year plan to relocate asylum-seekers from Greece and Italy to other EU Member States. Under this plan, 66,400 asylum-seekers were foreseen to be relocated from Greece, and 39,600 from Italy. Nationalities that have at least a 75 per cent recognition rate at first instance across the EU (based on the latest Eurostat quarterly statistics) are eligible for relocation.