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11 Jan 2017 description
report Harvard University

Harvard Researchers Codify Rights to Information During Disasters: “Signal Code” Finds Five Human Rights Apply to Humanitarian Data Use

20 Dec 2016 description
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Screenshot of the interactive content as of 20 Dec 2016.
19 Dec 2016 description

This Operations Update no. 4 reports on the latest activities carried out by the Red Cross of the former Republic of Macedonia since the publication of the last operations update on 1 December 2016. It also informs about the extension of the operation's timeframe by one month, therefore the Emergency Appeal is ending on 31 January 2017.

19 Dec 2016 description

With this Operations Update no.2, the Red Cross of Serbia is extending the timeframe of the operation up until 30 April 2017 and to includes in the budget the costs related to the procurement of two vehicles to support the food distributions. The new budget stands for the amount of 2,897,241 Swiss francs.

15 Dec 2016 description

The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) has released an infographic that explores infrastructure resilience and access to energy in sub-Saharan East Africa (SSA).

Africa has massive infrastructure needs yet invests only 4% of its GDP in infrastructure, in contrast to the 14% spent by China. A projected $100 billion will be required to meet Africa's infrastructure needs over the next decade.

13 Dec 2016 description


As we at Lutheran World Relief anticipate the tremendous humanitarian challenges we might face in the coming year, a quote from Desmond Tutu comes to mind: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.”

02 Dec 2016 description

Executive summary

This in-depth investigation of the use of drones in humanitarian crises is the first of its kind to determine if, how, and under what circumstances drones can add value to humanitarian operations in disaster areas. The most promising uses of drones include:

• Mapping
• Delivering lightweight essential items to remote or hard-to-access locations
• Supporting damage assessments
• Increasing situational awareness
• Monitoring changes

01 Dec 2016 description
infographic World Food Programme

Since the beginnings of the response operations to the European Refugee Crisis, relief items and support equipment have been sent to Austria, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey.

On November 17, 9 MSUs were delivered by road in Bruck an der Leitha (Austria) on behalf of the Austrian Government

28 Nov 2016 description

28.11.2016 – The Pacific Islands are particularly hard hit by climate change. Smartphone apps are helping people there protect themselves from natural disasters.

Many island states in the Asia-Pacific region are feeling the impacts of climate change particularly strongly. Large numbers of islanders earn their living from agriculture or fishing, and this makes them especially vulnerable to extreme weather events like cyclones, floods or droughts.

25 Nov 2016 description

In contexts where humanitarian organisations and communities are exposed to violence and insecurity, there are significant challenges not only in ensuring access to assistance, but also in assessing its reach and effectiveness. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is critical for understanding the performance of aid, ensuring accountability to affected populations and donors, and allowing effective continuation of programmes amid insecurity.

22 Nov 2016 description


With the UN Secretary General’s report on the World Humanitarian Summit due to be published at the next UN General Assembly in New York, this issue of HEM continues to explore new areas for the sector to explore, following on from our last issue on the WHS.

18 Nov 2016 description
report Direct Relief

Direct Relief will now be playing an even larger role in emergency response in Southeast Asia, thanks to an agreement signed Thursday in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Direct Relief has signed a memorandum of intent with the ASEAN Coordinating Center for Humanitarian Assistance, known as the AHA Center, to provide prepositioned emergency medical supplies for ASEAN’s collective response to regional disasters.

15 Nov 2016 description


16,360 Persons that benefited from the Accommodation for Relocation project since November 2015

17,018 Accommodation places with services for relocation candidates/other asylum seekers established since January in line with UNHCR policy on alternatives to camps. Cash/voucher assistance granted to 5,804 relocation candidates.

612 Accommodation places for unaccompanied children established by UNHCR in Greece

11 Nov 2016 description

This document provides detailed information on sites in Greece to allow for better planning and to address gaps where highlighted. The data will be updated on a monthly basis. All sites are managed by the Greek authorities. Data has been collected from different sources, i.e. UNHCR, site managers, Hellenic Police etc., and indicators are measured and based on the Sphere standards as outlined at the end of the document. Data was collected using key informants at the site and direct observation. Population figures are based on official estimates at site level.

02 Nov 2016 description

In conflict situations, such as those in Afghanistan and Somalia, simple communication technologies can help researchers and humanitarian organisations collect more accurate data on the effects of humanitarian aid. Electronic surveys taken with smartphones, for example, can automatically assess collected data and prevent implausible responses from being entered. This toolkit weighs the benefits – and the risks – of technology used in aid and development.

30 Oct 2016 description


Un petit garçon gît, face contre terre, sur une plage de Turquie.

30 Oct 2016 description
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A small boy, lying face down on a Turkish beach.