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23 Apr 2015 description

This document explains FAO’s multidisciplinary approach in helping countries in the fight against threats to the human food chain. It offers examples of how FAO's supports countries to mitigate risks affecting the food chain. In this context, it draws special attention to information systems, monitoring and early warning systems.

23 Apr 2015 description

Director-General briefs Italian politicians on Paris summit, says poor can’t be asked to pick up the climate change bill

23 April 2015, Rome -A strong and collective effort is needed to tackle climate change, which is already having direct and "tragic" consequences for people's lives, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva told Italian lawmakers Thursday.

Climate-related factors are contributing to intensified food insecurity for many of the world's most vulnerable people -- worsening situations that were already quite dramatic, he said.

22 Apr 2015 description

FAO’s stand-by partnerships continue to provide very valuable support to FAO in preparing and responding quickly and effectively to emergencies worldwide. In 2014, FAO responded to a number of Level 3 emergencies, such as the Philippines, South Sudan and Central African Republic, as well as other complex emergencies like Syria and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. SBPs provided support to all of these emergencies through the secondment of qualified staff in a very short time frame.

20 Apr 2015 description

A l’ouverture de la Semaine mondiale des sols, l’accent est mis sur leur importance pour le développement

20 avril 2015, Rome – Des sols sains sont le fondement de la production alimentaire mondiale et devraient être au cœur des politiques officielles, selon M. Moujahed Achouri, Directeur de la Division des terres et des eaux de la FAO, qui prenait la parole aujourd'hui à Berlin au cours de la troisième Semaine mondiale des sols.

20 Apr 2015 description

Global Soil Week opens with emphasis on soils for development

20 April 2015, Rome - Healthy soils are the foundation of global food production and ought to become a key agenda item in public policy, said Moujahed Achouri, Director of FAO’s Land and Water Division, addressing the third Global Soil Week in Berlin today.

Global Soil Week brings together more than 550 participants from 78 countries working on sustainable soil management and land governance.

14 Apr 2015 description

De meilleures politiques et plus d'investissements sont nécessaires, notamment l'adaptation de l'agriculture au changement climatique

14 Apr 2015 description

2050: Water supplies to dwindle in parts of the world, threatening food security and livelihoods

Better policies and more investments needed, including adaptation of agriculture to climate change

13 Apr 2015 description

New software will ensure fast processing of satellite data

13 April 2015, Rome - Norway and FAO have signed a NOK 35m (around $4.5m) partnership agreement to improve the capacity of developing countries to monitor and report on their forest resources and changes in forest area. The project will facilitate countries' access to earth observation data sources, including satellite imagery, and develop an easy-to-use platform for processing and interpreting this data.

10 Apr 2015 description


  • International cereal prices remained under downward pressure in March. Overall, quotations were well below their year-earlier levels reflecting ample global supplies.

  • Fluctuations in the exchange rates in March continued to influence cereal price changes in importing and exporting countries of CIS and South America. Weakening national currencies continued to push cereal prices to record levels in several countries or prevent significant price declines, while appreciating currencies put downward pressure on prices.

08 Apr 2015 description

A joint publication of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


07 Apr 2015 description

Un rapport de la FAO se penche sur les utilisations de la chaleur naturelle dans l'agriculture

7 avril 2015, Rome – L'énergie géothermique, le flux de chaleur émanant du centre de la terre, offre des opportunités exceptionnelles pour la production et la transformation rentables et durables des aliments dans les pays en développement, selon un nouveau rapport publié par la FAO aujourd'hui.

07 Apr 2015 description

7 April 2015, Rome -- Geothermal energy, the flow of heat energy radiating from the earth’s core, provides unique opportunities for cost efficient, sustainable food production and processing in developing countries, says a new report published by FAO today.

In some developing economies, as much as half of all food produced is lost post-harvest – that's due in part to a lack of affordable energy for food processing, according to “Uses of Geothermal Energy in Food and Agriculture”.

02 Apr 2015 description

La campagne internationale vise à l’éradication totale de la maladie

2 avril 2015, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire – Les délégations ministérielles de quinze pays, et plus de 300 participants venant de tous les continents, ainsi que des représentants des organismes régionaux et organisations internationales se sont engagés à collaborer pour éradiquer d'ici à 2030 cette maladie animale dévastatrice connue sous le nom de «peste des petits ruminants».

02 Apr 2015 description

Worldwide campaign aims for complete eradication of Peste de Petits Ruminants by 2030

2 April, 2015, Abidjan , Cote d'Ivoire - High-level authorities from 15 countries pledged on Thursday to collaborate on a global plan to wipe out forever the devasting animal disease known as ‘Peste des petits ruminants' by 2030, a lethal plague for goats and sheep and the scourge of rural households in vast swathes of the developing world.

02 Apr 2015 description

Hausse prévue des disponibilités céréalières mondiales en 2014/15

2 avril 2015, Rome – L'indice FAO des prix des produits alimentaires a poursuivi sa tendance baissière en mars, chutant de 1,5 pour cent par rapport à février et de 18,7 pour cent (40 points) par rapport à l'an dernier à la même période.

02 Apr 2015 description

Global cereal supplies for 2014/15 forecast to rise further

2 April 2015, Rome - The FAO Food Price Index continued to decline in March, dropping 1.5 percent from February and 18.7 percent (40 points) below its level a year earlier.

A sharp fall in the price index for sugar - which reached its lowest level since February 2009 - together with dipping prices for vegetable oils, cereals and meat, more than offset a rise in dairy prices and contributed to the lower index, which in March averaged 173.8 points.