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23 Sep 2016 description

23/09/2016 New Delhi, India – With 42 percent of the world’s population, the group of countries that make up the BRICS are in a position to shape agricultural policies that would strengthen global food security and transform rural societies and livelihoods, Kundhavi Kadiresan, Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said today.

23 Sep 2016 description

FAO, IFAD and WFP to pursue initiative first launched by Ban Ki-moon

Joint FAO, IFAD, WFP news release

NEW YORK, 22 September 2016 – The heads of the Rome-based food and agriculture agencies today thanked United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for his personal commitment and leadership in challenging the world to reach Zero Hunger. They promised to maintain momentum to reach the ambitious target by 2030.

23 Sep 2016 description

La FAO, le FIDA et le PAM poursuivront l’initiative lancée par Ban Ki-moon

22 septembre 2016, New York - Les chefs des organisations alimentaires de l'ONU basées à Rome ont remercié aujourd'hui Ban Ki-Moon, le Secrétaire général de l'ONU pour son engagement personnel et la ténacité dont il a fait preuve en incitant le monde à réaliser l'Objectif Faim Zéro. Ils ont promis de maintenir cette dynamique afin de parvenir à cet objectif ambitieux d'ici 2030.

21 Sep 2016 description

21 de septiembre de 2016, Nueva York – En un hecho sin precedentes, los líderes mundiales centraron hoy su atención en cómo detener la propagación de las infecciones resistentes a los medicamentos antimicrobianos.

La resistencia a los antimicrobianos (AMR, por sus siglas en inglés) se produce cuando las bacterias, virus, parásitos y hongos desarrollan resistencia frente a los medicamentos que anteriormente eran capaces de curarlos. La reunión de alto nivel fue convocada por el Presidente del 71º período de sesiones de la Asamblea General, S.E. Peter Thomson.

21 Sep 2016 description

New York | 21 septembre 2016 – Aujourd’hui, les dirigeants du monde entier ont attiré plus que jamais l’attention sur la nécessité de freiner la propagation des infections résistantes aux médicaments antimicrobiens. La résistance aux antimicrobiens intervient lorsque des bactéries, virus, parasites et champignons développent une résistance aux médicaments qui avaient été auparavant utilisés pour les traiter.

21 Sep 2016 description

21 September 2016, New York – World leaders today signalled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial medicines.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) happens when bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi develop resistance against medicines that were previously able to cure them.

21 Sep 2016 description

La Décennie d’action pour la nutrition des Nations Unies offre une occasion exceptionnelle de progresser, selon le Directeur général.

20 Sep 2016 description

Director-General says UN Decade of Nutrition offers a critical window for advances

20 September 2016, New York - The 10 years running until 2025 will be a critical time for action to build healthy and sustainable food systems and end malnutrition in all its forms, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today at an event at the United Nations General Assembly celebrating the United NationsDecade of Action on Nutrition.

20 Sep 2016 description

FAO’s chief addresses UN summit on migration

19 September 2016, New York-Bolstering the opportunities that allow rural people in developing countries to remain at home is a critical component of any plan to tackle the contemporary migration crisis, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today.

15 Sep 2016 description

This booklet is directed towards the Food and Agricultural Organization Member States, UN system and all other potential partners, and sheds light on the role that resilient agriculture livelihoods can play in addressing some of the root causes of migration in protracted crises and assisting displaced populations and host communities to cope with protracted displacement. People with resilient livelihoods are better able to prevent, mitigate and adapt to the impacts of natural disasters on their lives.

14 Sep 2016 description

Un nouveau Plan d’action de la FAO vise à aider les pays à s’équiper afin de faire face à cette menace grandissante

14 Sep 2016 description

FAO Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance aims to help countries equip their agricultural sectors to respond to growing threat

14 September 2016, Rome - FAO today pledged to help countries develop strategies for tackling the spread of antimicrobial resistance in their food supply chains, as governments prepare to debate the emerging challenge posed by medicine-resistant "superbugs" next week at the UN General Assembly.

09 Sep 2016 description

Key messages

↗ Ample supplies and improved production prospects kept cereal prices generally under downward pressure. Maize and rice quotations fell the most, while high quality wheat prices firmed on strong demand.

↗ In Africa, food prices in South Sudan declined in August although they remained high, while in Nigeria the weak currency continued to underpin prices. In Southern Africa, decreasing maize quotations in South Africa eased prices in importing countries.

09 Sep 2016 description


Prospects for global cereal production in 2016 continued to improve in recent months with significant upward revisions for maize and wheat, reflecting particularly favourable weather conditions in some of the large producing countries.

COUNTRIES IN NEED OF EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE: FAO estimates that 36 countries, including 28 in Africa, are in need of external assistance for food. Persisting conflicts and drought induced production declines are the main causes that have stressed food security in 2016.

08 Sep 2016 description

» The FAO Food Price Index * (FFPI) averaged 165.6 points in August 2016, up 3 points (1.9 percent) from July and almost 7 percent above the corresponding period last year. The August value of the Index is the highest since May 2015. Except for cereals, prices of all other commodities used in the calculation of the FFPI rose in August, led by dairy, oils and sugar.

08 Sep 2016 description

Une nouvelle approche aidera les pays à suivre les progrès réalisés en matière de développement et à élaborer de meilleures politiques.

07 septembre 2016, Rome - L'Agence des États-Unis pour le développement international (USAID) et la FAO ont signé un accord de 15 millions de dollars visant à améliorer la capacité des pays en développement à collecter des données agricoles. Ces informations sont vitales pour élaborer de bonnes politiques et faciliteront le suivi des progrès nécessaires afin de réaliser les Objectifs de développement durable (ODD).

08 Sep 2016 description

Una estrategia renovada ayudará a los países a supervisar el progreso hacia los objetivos de desarrollo y a formular mejores políticas

08 Sep 2016 description

FAO Food Price Index rises in August, driven by commodities other than grains

8 September 2016, Rome-Staple food prices rose in August even as grain prices fell and the outlook for global cereal production improved.

The FAO Food Price Index, released today, averaged 165.6 points in August, up 1.9 percent from July and almost 7 percent from a year earlier. The monthly jump was mostly driven by cheese and palm oil quotations, while those for wheat, maize and rice all fell.

07 Sep 2016 description

Updated approach will help countries track progress towards development goals, shape better policies

7 September 2016, Rome - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and FAO have signed a $15 million agreement aimed at boosting the capacity of developing countries to track key agricultural data -information that is essential to good policymaking and that will help track progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

05 Sep 2016 description

Situation Générale en août 2016 Prévision jusqu'à’mi-octobre 2016