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Manual sobre estándares internacionales de derechos humanos aplicables a los niños, niñas y adolescentes migrantes

I. Introducción

El impacto de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño (CDN) ha sido muy importante: es el tratado de derechos humanos que goza de mayor aceptación y reconocimiento internacional, con 194 ratificaciones por parte de los Estados y cercano a la ratificación universal.

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Nearly one in four adolescent girls experience physical violence

Alarming levels of acceptance of violence against girls

NEW YORK, 10 October 2014 – Ahead of the International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF is issuing a new compilation of data revealing the magnitude of violence against adolescent girls and the alarming attitudes that perpetuate such abuse.

The compilation incorporates a selection of global data released throughout the year, detailing the very real impact violence has on adolescent girls, their futures, and that of their communities and countries. Key statistics include:

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Près d’une adolescente sur quatre est victime d’actes de violence physique

Les niveaux d’acceptation de la violence contre les filles sont alarmants

NEW YORK, 10 octobre 2014 – À l’approche de la Journée internationale de la fille, l’UNICEF publie une nouvelle compilation de données qui révèle l’ampleur de la violence envers les adolescentes ainsi que l’existence alarmante de mentalités perpétuant une telle violence.

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Handwashing one important tool in the Ebola fight – UNICEF

Global Handwashing Day a reminder that the simple practice saves lives

NEW YORK, 15 October 2014 – As the world celebrates the seventh Global Handwashing Day, UNICEF said the fight against Ebola further underscores the practice of handwashing in disease prevention.

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Podcast #98 – Day of the Girl 2014 – Empowering adolescent girls: ending the cycle of violence

Changing the World for Girls is a collaboration of the Beyond School Books podcast series and United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI). In this series you will find discussions on the lasting impact education has on girls, communities and nations around the world.

NEW YORK, United States of America, 10 October 2014 – The theme this year for International Day of the Girl Child is ‘Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence’.

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UNICEF llama a proteger a las niñas y adolescentes como mayores víctimas de la violencia en América Latina y el Caribe

Con motivo del próximo Día Internacional de la Niña

CIUDAD DE PANAMÁ, 9 de octubre de 2014 - UNICEF alertó hoy sobre las múltiples violencias que afectan a las niñas y las adolescentes de América Latina y el Caribe y que confirman su mayor grado de vulnerabilidad en comparación con los niños de la región.

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8 Million Europeans lend their voices in support of children in emergencies together with the EU and UNICEF

ROME Italy, 2 October 2014 – ‘Voices of Children in Emergencies’, a joint campaign of the EU and UNICEF for children in emergencies was introduced to EU member states in Rome today during an informal meeting of the working group on humanitarian assistance of the EU Council. The ceremony was hosted by the Italian EU Presidency, taking place at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation.

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WFP Launches Major Study Into Brazil's Success In Buying From Smallholder Farmers

JOHANNESBURG – The World Food Programme’s Centre of Excellence against Hunger is launching a research initiative supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to analyse Brazil’s success in linking smallholder farmers with government demand for farmed food.

The launch is taking place at this week’s Global Child Nutrition Forum in Johannesburg which runs until 3 October.

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Ebola Virus Disease: Waste Management Guidance

A guidance note on how to handle infected waste and apply waste treatment control measures in the fight against ebola transmission.

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25 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Is the World a better place for children?


A statistical analysis of progress since the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Child hunger and its long-term effects


Eric Turyasingura chases after a ball made from plastic bags outside his home in the mountains of southern Uganda. Yelling “Arsenal with the ball! Arsenal with the ball!” in his mother tongue, Nkore, he jostles with his younger brothers for possession.

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Neuroscience is redefining Early Childhood Development

Science is changing the way we think about development policy and practice when it comes to young children, radically altering our definition of early childhood development and what we do to ensure that every child has the best start in life.

In the first few years of life, children’s brains develop at an unprecedented rate. This crucial period lays the foundation for the rest of their lives and can set a path towards creating more sustainable societies.

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UNICEF launches ‘app store for good’

New open-source software platform for international development

NEW YORK, 22 September 2014 – UNICEF today launched RapidPro – an open-source platform of applications that can help governments deliver rapid and vital real-time information and connect communities to lifesaving services.

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Malgré des progrès spectaculaires pour la survie de l’enfant, un million d’enfants meurent au cours de leur premier jour de vie, principalement de causes évitables

L’analyse montre que les défaillances des systèmes de santé durant la période critique de l’accouchement contribuent à ces décès

New York, 16 septembre 2014 – Les taux de survie de l’enfant ont progressé de façon spectaculaire depuis 1990, une période durant laquelle le nombre absolu de décès chez les enfants de moins de cinq ans a été réduit de moitié, passant de 12,7 millions à 6,3 millions, selon un rapport publié aujourd’hui par l’UNICEF.

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Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed – Progress Report 2014


In support of A Promise Renewed, this year’s annual report focuses on newborn survival. Neonatal deaths account for 44 per cent of all under-five deaths, so addressing neonatal mortality is a crucial component to ending preventable child deaths. This report not only discusses levels and trends in under-five and neonatal mortality since 1990, but it also analyzes key interventions for mothers and their newborns, highlighting a gap between contact with the health system and the quality of care received.

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De nouvelles données montrent que les taux de mortalité de l’enfant n’ont jamais baissé aussi vite

Une plus grande attention doit être portée à la mortalité néonatale

New York, 16 septembre 2014 – De nouvelles données publiées aujourd’hui par les Nations Unies indiquent que les taux de mortalité des enfants de moins de cinq ans ont diminué de 49 % entre 1990 et 2013. La réduction annuelle moyenne s’est accélérée - dans certains pays elle a même triplé - mais l’ensemble des progrès ne satisfont toujours pas les objectifs mondiaux qui sont la diminution de deux tiers de la mortalité chez les moins de cinq ans d’ici 2015.

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Improving Children’s Lives, Transforming the Future – 25 years of child rights in South Asia

New York, 11 September 2014 – According to a new UNICEF report released today there has been progress in the health and well-being of children in South Asia over the last 25 years, but glaring inequalities remain.

"More than 2 million children in South Asia die from preventable causes before their fifth birthday ever year and more than 35 percent of the region's children have chronic malnutrition,” said Karin Hulshof, Regional Director for UNICEF in South Asia.

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Regional Learning Event: Links between emergency cash transfer programming and social safety nets in the Sahel - Final report

Cash transfers are nowadays widely used in response to the food and nutrition crises that affect the Sahel. Since the crisis of 2012, many stakeholders (including governments, United Nations agencies, international or local non-governmental organisations) have made use of them – at scale, in some cases. Aside from emergency situations, cash transfers are increasingly being considered by governments and sponsors in national poverty reduction plans, often as part of national strategies and social protection policies.

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Pas de « rentrée des classes » pour 30 millions d’enfants touchés par des conflits et des crises, rappelle L’UNICEF

Une grave pénurie de fonds entrave encore davantage les efforts déployés pour que les enfants continuent à apprendre

NEW YORK, 8 septembre 2014 – Alors que les élèves un peu partout dans le monde retournent à l’école, un chiffre record de conflits et de crises privent des millions d’enfants de leur droit à l’éducation.

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No “back to school” for 30 million children affected by conflict and crisis: UNICEF

A record number of emergencies means that more children than ever are at risk. Even though education is a life line in times of crisis, emergency education programs are severely underfunded.