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19 May 2016 description

by Abby Stoddard, Adele Harmer, and Katherine Haver

09 May 2016 description

by Paul Currion

At the end of 2015 I stepped down from the Grants Advisory Panel of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund. The Panel needed fresh eyes: after four years and nine rounds of grant applications, a sense of déjà vu had started to settle upon me. One of the last things the HIF asked me to do was to participate in a one-day Humanitarian Innovation conference in June 2015. I was asked to talk about my own experiences in innovation – and it was at that point that I realised that I’d never really talked about those experiences.

09 May 2016 description

by Eric James and Laura James

09 May 2016 description

by Kim Scriven

The issue of innovation in humanitarian response has risen up the humanitarian policy agenda with remarkable speed. Recent years have seen a flurry of new initiatives to promote innovation within and across organisations, new collaborations and increased investment in developing and testing innovations at the operational level. As more of these initiatives and projects reach some form of maturity, this is an opportune time to reflect on the implications of the rise of innovation more broadly.

24 Jan 2016 description

by Sara McHattie and Anne-Sophie Laenkholm

What is integrated programming?

24 Jan 2016 description

by Yves Daccord

A new approach to risk in favour of crisis-affected people

Humanitarians have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately – and a certain amount of handwringing. Practitioners, policy-makers and academics alike are worried about the future of humanitarian response and whether or not it will be fit for purpose in a dramatically changing landscape.

09 Dec 2015 description

by John Borton, Norah Niland and Fotini Rantsiou

A summary report of a roundtable meeting on the humanitarian and policy responses to the 2015 refugee and migrant movements through Lesvos, Greece and into the European Union.

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15 Oct 2015 description

Good Practice Review launch

Coinciding with the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR2015) on 13th October 2015, Dr John Twigg launched his revised edition of the Good Practice Review (GPR) for Disaster Risk Reduction microsite, with the support of the Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN).

17 Jul 2015 description

Although national institutions and local organisations can help improve humanitarian responses to particular crises, they have often been kept at arm's length by the international humanitarian community.

For example, national NGOs currently only receive 1.6% of international humanitarian funding, according to the Financial Tracking Service. Where local aid agencies are drawn upon, it is often as sub-contractors for international NGOs.

12 Nov 2014 description

by Jessica Burniske, Naz Modirzadeh and Dustin Lewis

Over the past two decades, states and inter-governmental bodies have adopted increasingly robust counter-terrorism laws and policies.

31 May 2014 description

The theme of the 61st edition of Humanitarian Exchange is the humanitarian situation in Yemen. Despite a political transition process, conflict between state and non-state armed actors has exacerbated the country's long-standing humanitarian challenges and restricted access to people in need.

27 Mar 2014 description

The current Ebola (filovirus) outbreak in West Africa has focused attention once again on the detection of and response to the disease. By late March some 60 people had died in Guinea – the first recognised outbreak of the virus in the country – with suspected cases reported in neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia.

20 Feb 2014 description

Primary collection of household food security data is typically both expensive and cumbersome. As a result, decisions on humanitarian assistance are often based on information that is out of date, or on unsatisfactory aggregate proxy indicators. However, thanks to increasingly widespread access to mobile telephony, many survey respondents can now be contacted through their mobile phones, offering the possibility of much cheaper, faster and more timely data collection.

13 Feb 2014 description

The special feature of this edition of Humanitarian Exchange focuses on gender-based violence (GBV) in humanitarian crises.