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06 Oct 2015 description

The Bahamas, Bermuda - Tropical Cyclone JOAQUIN
• Hurricane JOAQUIN is moving off the coast of Bermuda, as a Category 1 Hurricane. Previously it affected several Caribbean islands with heavy rains and winds, causing floods in the Bahamas and killing one person in Haiti.
• Over the next 24 h it is forecast to move north-east over the Atlantic Ocean, away from Bermuda, weakening.

01 Oct 2015 description

According to the Council decision on 22/09, 66 000 out of 120,000 persons will be relocated from Italy and Greece (15,600 from Italy and 50,400 from Greece). The remaining 54,000 persons will be relocated from Italy and Greece in the same proportion after one year of the entry into force of the decision.

ECHO contribution in the Western Balkans

30 Sep 2015 description

Central America - Food Insecurity
• Guatemala - a food insecure population of 1 to 2.49 million people from February until next main harvest in August 2016.
• Honduras, many poor households will have very limited maize reserves after the 2015 drought and will be facing a food crisis by March.
• El Salvador & Nicaragua - the number of people affected is lower but still of concern with critical numbers being reached from March 2016.

24 Sep 2015 description

UCPM activation

Hungary 11/09

• Hungary requested tents, heaters, mattresses, bed-sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.

• DK, BG, FI, SI and PL have fulfilled the Request for Assistance

Serbia 21/09

• Serbia requested vehicles, fuel, heaters, shelters, beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, mobile showers and toilets, hygiene items, food, etc.

• For now HU have fulfilled part of the Request for Assistance

Humanitarian Aid funding

21 Sep 2015 description

Western Balkans route ECHO contribution

• The Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) activated by Hungary (11 September) requesting shelters (252), beddings (1000) and blankets (3000); as 17 September 15, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland and Slovenia had responded with items requested, including the totality of the shelter requirements.

06 Sep 2015 description

Azerbaijan - Earthquake

• An earthquake of magnitude 5.4M and depth 15km occurred in northern Azerbaijan on 4 September at 4.49 UTC. The epicentre was located approx. 10 km south of Oghuz (pop. 7 000). Several aftershocks have been reported.

• According to media the earthquake was felt in some areas of northern and central Azerbaijan, causing panic. As of 4 September morning, there were no reports of damage or casualties.

• Sources: ECHO, GDACS, EMSC, USGS, Republican Seismic Survey CenterAzerbaijan,
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04 Sep 2015 description

Western Balkan - Regional Overview

• Currently Greece, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia are transit countries for migrants and refugees trying to re-enter the Schengen area in Hungary.

• Due to the construction of the fence in the Hungarian southern border with Serbia, migrants/refugees may seek alternative routes: for example from Albania to Italy or through Croatia to the Schengen area.

ECHO involvement