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Contingency Planning Guidelines: A Practical Guide for Field Staff

Focusing on contingency planning, these guidelines examines the following issues:

Purpose: Popular misconceptions, relationship to early warning, operations planning and needs assessment, indicators to suggest initiation of planning process.

Process: Emphases importance of process to arrive at an effective plan, describes a participatory approach and suggests mechanisms established in-country to update the plan and maintain the preparedness process.

Partners: Identifies, and considers the role of, various agencies in the planning process and appropriate actors
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Impact of Armed Conflict on Children: Note by the Secretary-General (A/51/306)

To improve the protection and care of children in conflict situations and prevent these conflicts from occurring, this study proposes an agenda for action by Member States and the international community. The following issues are considered:

- Mitigating the impact of armed conflict on children
- Relevance and adequacy of existing standards
- Reconstruction and reconciliation
- Conflict prevention
- Implementation mechanisms

Submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 48/157 of 20 December 1993, the study was undertaken with the support of