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Humanitarian Exchange Magazine No. 3 - Relief and Rehabilitation Network Newsletter

Some six years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, international political and aid systems are struggling to redefine their roles. Major changes in the financing and organisation of the aid system are taking place in the post-Cold War era. Overall aid budgets are declining- at the same time the proportion of funds allocated to relief is rising. This change in financing reflects in part the growing number of complex emergencies and the trend for increasing international intervention, which themselves are raising new questions and challenges for relief and development agencies.
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Sexual Violence Against Refugees: Guidelines on Prevention and Response

These guidelines provide a primer on when and how sexual violence can occur in the refugee context and the physical, psychological and social effects it can have on those exposed.

Addressing ways to combat the occurrence of sexual violence and how to respond when incidents occur, the guidelines emphasise the need for education, training and information campaigns as well as the need for legal awareness training, leadership and skills training, and education.

The intention is to provide UNHCR, NGOs and