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01 Oct 2003 description

The main purpose of this paper is to assess the principle advances made over the past years in nutrition in conflicts and crises and to propose direction for further advances in the field. The term 'advances' refers to developments in technical knowledge and nutrition policy and practice. The Project Cycle Management is used as a framework for presenting these advances and the challenges that remain.

01 Oct 2003 description

In March, 2003 an inter-agency meeting, the WFP-Partner Consultation on Emergency Needs Assessment (ENA), was held in Castel Gandolfo, Italy. The meeting explored current issues in the assessment of food security in emergencies and formulated a number of tentative conclusions and recommendations. One of the next steps identified by the Partner Consultation participants was to hold technical meetings to address key outstanding issues in ENA.

01 Oct 2003 description

The year in review

In 2002-03 AusAID encountered a rapidly changing international and regional environment marked by rising concerns over security. The aid program played an important part in Australia's responses to the Bali bombings, the war against Iraq and the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

01 Oct 2003 description

The Secretary-General, for the purpose of preventing and addressing cases of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and taking into consideration General Assembly resolution 57/306 of 15 April 2003, "Investigation into sexual exploitation of refugees by aid workers in West Africa", promulgates the following document in consultation with Executive Heads of separately administered organs and programmes of the United Nations.

01 Oct 2003 description
report UN Population Fund

The annual report for 2003 examines the challenges and risks faced by the largest generation of adolescents in history. For this purpose, it includes the following chapters:

- Overview of adolescent
- Gender inequality and reproductive health
- HIV/AIDS and adolescents
- Promoting healthier
- Meeting reproductivehealth service

01 Oct 2003 description

This paper highlights the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for food aid and strategy and programming.

For this purpose, it emphasises the need for viewing food aid programs through an 'HIV/AIDS' lens and in the context of a livelihoods approach in order to design effective interventions reducing both susceptibility to HIV and vulnerability to AIDS impacts.

01 Oct 2003 description
report UN General Assembly

This report highlights key activities undertaken to respond to natural disasters and reflects some of the initiatives undertaken to strengthen disaster management efforts at the national and regional levels, as well as provides information on the funding trends for natural disaster response.

The report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 57/152, as well as subsequent decisions of the General Assembly on this subject matter.

01 Oct 2003 description
report Oxfam

 The report summarises the papers, presentations and discussions of a workshop on failures and achievements at securing women's land rights. In particular, it addresses the following issues:
 - Land rights and legal reforms
 - Legal aid and land administration practice
 - Women's land rights in an HIV/AIDS context

30 Sep 2003 description
report Welthungerhilfe

"I am pleased that 26 development policy and humanitarian organisations have joined together in the aid campaign "Together for Africa" to help needy people in Africa," declared German President Johannes Rau upon the occasion of his assuming patronage of the Africa Campaign in Berlin.

30 Sep 2003 description

Launches partnership with Japanese jazz artist Keiko Matsui

30 Sep 2003 description
report AlertNet

Tim Hayward, training manager of UK-based Red R, which trains and provides humanitarian workers, takes issue with statements by aid staff interviewed in an AlertNet story on the revised People In Aid code.

30 Sep 2003 description
report UN Children's Fund

"As Sebastião Salgado's luminous photographs attest, there are few more heartbreaking illustrations of the world's negligence towards children than polio." - Kofi A. Annan, United Nations Secretary General

30 Sep 2003 description

Poul Nielson, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid
Annual ECHO Experts' Seminar
29 September 2003
Good morning,

I am very happy to have the privilege of opening this seminar and of welcoming you here.

Recognition of ECHO experts' role

Once again, I would like to start by acknowledging the excellent work you do for us. ECHO needs your first-hand knowledge and your experience in the field to perform in the best possible way and achieve its targets. Thank you for your work and your commitment.

30 Sep 2003 description

Researched, written and published by the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI
James Darcy
Charles-Antoine Hofmann

29 Sep 2003 description

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi disclosed today that Japan aims to extend US$1 billion in grant aid to Africa over the next five years for health and medical care, including measures against HIV/AIDS, education, water and food security. He made the announcement at the opening of the Third Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD III).

26 Sep 2003 description

26 September 2003, TOKYO, GENEVA, NEW-YORK -- An innovative Japanese product that has the potential to save millions of people from malaria every year is for the first time being manufactured in Africa - the continent where 90 per cent of the world's malaria deaths occur.

25 Sep 2003 description

25 September 2003, GENEVA -- An inexpensive new meningitis vaccine has been made available in record time, and now the World Health Organization is issuing an appeal to buy millions of doses of the vaccine before the meningitis season strikes.