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27 Jun 2017 description


2015 and 2016 have been landmark years in the development or renewal of global commitments relative to humanitarian aid, development and disaster risk reduction. After extensive consultation and negotiation processes, international consensus was reached in the form of frameworks for sustainable development (SDGs), disaster risk reduction (Sendai Framework), climate change mitigation (Paris Agreement) etc.

27 Jun 2017 description
report Chatham House

Executive Summary

27 Jun 2017 description

By Jonathan Fowler

PARIS, 27 June 2017 – Early warning technology is vital to save lives if a tsunami strikes, but public awareness of how to react is the critical factor, according to experts at an international meeting.

“Exposed communities need tsunami literacy,” Mr. Andi Eka Sakya of Indonesia’s BMKG Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency told the assembly of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO).

27 Jun 2017 description


In the former Kasai region, 55,000 new IDPs who have fled violence were recorded in Tshikapa, Kasai province so far in June. Ethnic violence has been reported, with concerns about Bana Mura, a militia backed by the government, targeting Luba and Lulua. For those that fled violence between Batwa and Luba in Haut-Katanga, the humanitarian situation is dire: extremely high WASH, food, shelter, and education needs are reported in Kalemie, Tanganyika. In Nord-Kivu, tensions are increasing. A new coalition of armed groups attacked Beni on 22 June.

27 Jun 2017 description

Earlier this month, Britain’s Prime Minister called for human rights laws to be overturned if they were to "get in the way" in the fight against terrorism.

27 Jun 2017 description
report Voice of America

MADRID — Two people were found dead as more than 200 migrants adrift in two dinghies off the Libyan coast were rescued by the Spanish navy on Sunday, the Spanish Defense Ministry said on Monday.

In total, 229 people were picked up after a Spanish navy ship was dispatched to help the boats struggling to stay afloat.

After the rescue mission was completed the migrants were transferred to a Swedish ship, which is also part of a wider European response to tackle human smuggling and trafficking networks in the Mediterranean Sea, and taken to Italy.

27 Jun 2017 description

Libyans reluctant to see more migrants turned back

  • Coastguard sees European support as paltry

  • Libyans reluctant to see more migrants turned back

  • U.N.-backed government in Tripoli has little control

  • Abuse widespread in migrant detention centres

By Aidan Lewis

27 Jun 2017 description
report African Union

In March 2017, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and partners established the Regional Integrated Surveillance and Laboratory Networks (Africa CDC RISLNET). These surveillance and laboratory networks will be supported by the Africa CDC’s five Regional Collaborating Centers (RCCs) in Egypt, Nigeria, Gabon, Zambia, and Kenya in collaboration with all available public health assets in their regions.

27 Jun 2017 description
report RESET

Written by Julian, 27-06-2017

The medical startup AIME has successfully combined public health data and artificial intelligence to come up with a method of predicting the outbreak of epidemics before they even happen.

27 Jun 2017 description

Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Operations Update no. 4 aims to report on the progress of the operation since the last Operations Update (published on 24 March 2017) for the period of 7 March and 10 June 2017, as well as to indicate the no-cost extension of the operation`s timeframe until 30 September 2017.

The extension of timeframe was decided based on the following factors:

27 Jun 2017 description
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Arrivals VS Corruption - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.
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Arrivals VS Development - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.
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Arrivals VS Peace - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.

The Migration Country Profiles project aspires to contribute to a better understanding of migratory trends across Africa and the Middle East towards Europe. The project focuses specifically on the 2016 top-ten countries of origin of migrants and six key countries of transit that migrants are likely to take before embarking on the Mediterranean or Aegean sea journeys.

The profiles take particular consideration the push factors of migration, including human rights, conflict, and development contexts of each country of origin and transit.

27 Jun 2017 description
infographic World Food Programme





UNHRD is a network of depots around the world (in Ghana, Italy, UAE, Malaysia, Panama, Spain) that procures, stores, manages and transports emergency items on behalf of the humanitarian community.

Since the beginnings of the response operations to the European Refugee Crisis, relief items and support equipment have been sent to Austria, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey.

27 Jun 2017 description
report European Union
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On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture we call once again to stop torture in all its form and to respond the plight of all those that have been exposed to this terrible and inhumane practice, and of their families and loved ones. Our thoughts also go to all those who engage tirelessly in combatting torture, raising awareness and caring for its victims, sometimes putting their own safety and lives at risk. Listening to the victims of torture makes us understand better how to fight it.

27 Jun 2017 description

In 2016, GICHD staff visited and supported 57 countries to improve mine action globally and locally.

Read stories in the annual report about how we have supported countries such as Zimbabwe to develop a national mine action strategy; Thailand to conduct a non-technical survey project; and, Ukraine to train operators on the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA).

27 Jun 2017 description

Les acteurs clés du secteur public, du secteur privé et de la société civile venus d’Afrique et d’ailleurs dans le monde se réuniront du 28 au 30 juin 2017 à Cotonou au Benin, afin de faire avancer l’action climatique collaborative pour le développement durable dans la région.

26 Jun 2017 description
report RedR UK

RedR UK’s recent use of simulation in its training has demonstrated that there is a strong argument for the value of this methodology. A new learning paper aims to outline the benefits.