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25 Jul 2017 description
report ECOWAS

Lomé, le 21 juillet 2017. Le ministre togolais des Affaires étrangères et de la Coopération régionale, et président du Conseil des ministres de la Communauté économique des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (Cedeao), Robert Dussey, et le président de la Commission de cette Communauté, Marcel de Souza, ont magnifié les succès de l’Agence régionale pour l’agriculture et l’alimentation (ARAA), dans la mise en œuvre de la politique agricole régionale.

25 Jul 2017 description
report Give2Asia


Since January 2014, Give2Asia has partnered with community-based organizations (CBOs) in South and Southeast Asia to understand best practices and learnings for locally-led disaster preparedness and community resilience. This work has helped Give2Asia to identify specific CBO partners as part of an extensive effort to make Disaster Preparedness a larger part of the portfolio of international philanthropists and corporate foundations.

This Paper’s Intended Audience

24 Jul 2017 description
report European Commission

Commission européenne - Déclaration

Tunis, le 24 juillet 2017

24 Jul 2017 description

July 14, 2017 - The creation of an emergency hub in Nairobi by World Health organization has been well received by the Kenyan government and partners.

The initiative was recently introduced in Nairobi by Dr Ibrahima-Soce Fall, the WHO AFRO director for Emergencies when he met the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for health Dr Cleopa Mailu, MOH officials and various partners. These included CDC, Office for coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA), World Bank, UNICEF, USAID, and UNHCR, International Federation for the Red Cross and Red Crescent and GIZ.

24 Jul 2017 description

Executive summary

Understanding labour migration in the East African Community

24 Jul 2017 description

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has released a new report highlighting the drastic deterioration of the care and protection for vulnerable people in Lesbos, Greece, who have fled from violence and wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and further afield. “Vulnerable people are falling through the cracks and are not been adequately identified and cared for,” says MSF …

24 Jul 2017 description

Key Findings

Most of the migrants are men (97%).

7% of migrants recorded at Gao and Benena FMPs are minors.

35,577 migrants were counted in Gao and Benena, representing an average of 97 migrants per day.

The majority of the migrants surveyed indicate their intention to travel to Algeria and Libya while 40% say they want to go to Europe, mainly Spain and Italy.

Migratory routes map Algeria, Burkina Faso and Niger are major transit points after Mali.

24 Jul 2017 description


Le Centre européen de gestion des politiques de développement (ECDPM) est un centre indépendant de réflexion et d’action œuvrant dans le domaine de la coopération internationale et de la politique de développement en Europe et en Afrique.

24 Jul 2017 description


The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is an independent ‘think and do tank’ working on international cooperation and development policy in Europe and Africa.
Our staff members provide research and analysis, advice and practical support to policymakers and practitioners in Europe,

Africa and beyond – to make policies work for sustainable and inclusive global development. We bring people together and collaborate with a broad range of partners to address policy implementation challenges.

24 Jul 2017 description

La plupart de migrants sont des hommes (97%)

7% des migrants enregistrés à Gao et Benena sont des mineurs.

35, 577 migrants ont été comptabilisés à Gao et Benena, représentant une moyenne de 97 migrants par jour

La majorité de migrants sortant du Mali indiquent vouloir se rendre en Algérie et en Libye pendant que 40% déclarent vouloir se rendre en Europe,principalement en Espagne et en Italie.

L'Algérie, le Niger et le Burkina Faso consituent d'importants pays de transits après le Mali.

24 Jul 2017 description


221 Incoming individuals detected at Mali FMPs

2,701 Outgoing individuals detected at Mali FMPs

3 active FMPs in Mali

Assessment type : 7/7 days

*Migrants recorded at Wabaria, which is a transit point, are not included in this total as those migrants will only be transiting through Gao for a couple of days and will be counted when departing from Place Kidal.

24 Jul 2017 description


212 Individus entrants au Mali par les FMPs *

2 247 Individus sortants du Mali par les FMPs *

3 FMPs actifs au Mali

Type d'évaluation : 7 jours sur 7

24 Jul 2017 description

New York - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, launches today (24/7) an online forum for members of diaspora communities to contribute their opinions to the first, intergovernmental agreement on international migration, “the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).”

“The iDiaspora Forum is a platform designed to initiate ideas, learn lessons, and share best practices. Diaspora engagement is a booming industry,” says iDiaspora Forum Moderator, Dr. Martin Russell.

24 Jul 2017 description

New York – Member State representatives, UN agencies, civil society, migrants and diaspora leaders are convening at UN Headquarters 24-25 July for the fourth thematic consultation of the Member State-led process to develop a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM). The theme “Contributions of migrants and diasporas to all dimensions of sustainable development, including remittances and portability of earned benefits” will examine the challenges and opportunities in leveraging the economic and social contributions of migrants to countries of origin and destination.

24 Jul 2017 description
report Save the Children


Images – both photographs and films – are fundamental to how Save the Children communicates its work. Images are used for fundraising, campaigning and advocacy and in these ways support the aims and objectives of the organisation.

24 Jul 2017 description

Our Pacific Journey to UNFCCC COP23, Message from SPREP Director General, Mr Kosi Latu.

The Director General of SPREP attended the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Pacific and European Union joint parliamentary session this week in Port Vila Vanuatu. Mr Latu presented a perspective on the 'Need for Accelerated Climate Change Action' at the 14th Regional Meeting (Pacific Region) of the ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly, 19 – 21 July, Vanuatu. Calling for support to be scaled up in the Pacific, this was his message.