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The Market Monitor - Trends and impacts of staple food prices in vulnerable countries, Issue 24 - July 2014

Global Highlights

• During the first quarter of 2014, the global cereal price index decreased by 12% year-on-year, and slightly increased by 2% compared to the previous quarter.

• Real prices of maize were relatively stable and only 2% higher than the previous quarter of 2014.
Compared to the same period of the previous year, maize prices are low (-28%).

• Real prices of wheat increased significantly by 9% from Q1 to Q2-2014. More recently, for June, prices are down due to an increase in global supply and production.

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Drug-resistant malaria spreading fast in SE Asia

07/30/2014 22:12 GMT

PARIS, July 30, 2014 (AFP) - Drug-resistant malaria parasites are now firmly established in border regions in four Southeast Asian countries, imperilling global efforts to control the disease, experts warned on Wednesday.

Blood samples taken from 1,241 malaria patients found that parasites which are resistant to the frontline drug artemisinin have spread to border areas in western and northern Cambodia, eastern Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, they said.

Agence France-Presse:

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“Marriage Migration” Significant Factor in Trafficking in Viet Nam: IOM

Coinciding with the first World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, IOM Viet Nam, funded by the State of Kuwait, and supported the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, today convened a conference on illegal international marriage brokerage as a means of human trafficking.

Over 18,000 Vietnamese citizens migrate to get married every year, with a significant number making use of illegal brokers. The resultant lack of proper registration leaves women exposed to abandonment, violence and abuse, which in turn can lead to depression and suicide.

International Organization for Migration:

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A global-to-local modelling approach to land use dynamics in Vietnam: Potential effects of a high climate impact and a high economic growth scenario

Land plays a crucial role in the development process of Vietnam. Not only does the agricultural land using sector in Vietnam account for a substantial share of GDP (approximately twenty per cent including forestry and fisheries), a large part of the Vietnamese population (over sixty per cent) resides in rural areas, mostly consisting of poor and small-scale farmers involved in the production of paddy rice, making the agricultural sector key to poverty reduction and food security.

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Land Use, Food Security and Climate Change in Vietnam

Land Use, Food Security and Climate Change in Vietnam

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USAID continues to support climate resilient urban planning

VGP - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Viet Nam Institute for Urban-Rural Planning (VIUP) under the Ministry of Construction jointly held a workshop on July 24 to introduce a new urban planning tool that protects communities and critical infrastructure from the impacts of climate change.

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Quang Binh gets support for war-era mine clearance

VGP – Quang Binh province and the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) inked a memorandum of understanding on bomb and mine clearance project in the 2015-2017 period.

MAG Country Director Portia Stratton and Vice Chairman of the Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee Tran Tien Dung signed the document on July 24.

The US$3.9 million project will be disbursed in three years.

Quang Binh is one of the six central provinces which are heavily suffering from pollution of bomb, mine and unexploded ordnances left over from wars.

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Dengue Situation Update, 15 July 2014

Update on countries experiencing a large increase in Dengue cases

Southern Hemisphere

Pacific Islands

Currently there are reports of dengue cases occurring in the Pacific including New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Solomon Islands and Fiji.


No update available

French Polynesia

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GIEWS Country Brief : Viet Nam 23-July-2014


  • The 2014 aggregate rice production forecast at a record level

  • Rice exports expected to increase in 2014

  • Domestic prices of rice continued to decline in June

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Vietnam says extreme weather linked to typhoon kills 27

07/22/2014 07:13 GMT

HANOI, July 22, 2014 (AFP) - Extreme weather caused by Typhoon Rammasun has killed 27 people in Vietnam, with the storm unleashing flash floods, landslides and lightning strikes, authorities said Tuesday.

Heavy rain flooded 7,200 houses and 4,200 hectares (10,300 acres) of cropland, with the north of the country worst hit, the national flood and storm control committee said.

The cost of the damage was estimated at around $6 million.

Agence France-Presse:

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21 July 2014: Asia and Pacific Ocean - Tropical cyclones


• PHILIPPINES: as of 21 July (NDRRMC), there were 97 dead, 437 injured, six missing, 1 600 298 people affected in seven regions, 518 764 people inside 1 264 evacuation centres and 111 372 houses damaged.

• CHINA: as of 21 July, the government reports nine dead in Guangxi, 13 in Hainan and four in Yunnan; 25 people are missing.

• VIETNAM: as of 21 July, media report 11 dead in Vietnam, several people missing and damages in several provinces of northern Vietnam. In terms of damage, the province of Quang Ninh has been affected the most.

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Asia Pacific Region: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot 15 - 21 July 2014

In the Philippines, 54 people were reported dead, 100 were injured and three are still missing. Around 525,800 people were displaced and seeking shelter in 1,200 evacuation centres.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Typhoon Rammasun makes landfall in Quang Ninh

VGP - Typhoon Rammasun made its landfall in Quang Ninh province in the noon of July 19, causing whirlwind and heavy rain in a number of Viet Nam’s northern localities.

Strongest wind power recorded in the eye of the typhoon, which was in the north of Quang Ninh, was up to 102 kilometers per hour. About 109mm rainfall was also seen in Mong Cai city.

Torrential rains have hit many cities and provinces in the northern region. Rainfalls of more than 100mm blanket the northern provinces of Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Lang Son and Ha Giang.

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Typhoon Rammasun kills at least four in VN

VGP – Four people were killed and two others are missing after powerful storm Rammasun swept through the Northern Viet Nam.

The information was released on Sunday at the meeting of the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control.

Of the death toll, three people were thunderstruck in Lao Cai province and one was killed in Lang Son.

Quang Ninh was the most affected locality but final statistics have not been completed.

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Sheltering From a Gathering Storm: The Cost and Benefits of Climate Resilient Shelter

The 'Sheltering From a Gathering Storm' project has produced substantive information that will contribute to the transformative changes necessary to make communities more resilient to future disasters.

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Typhoon 09W "Rammasun" – Short Summary, Report #1


Preferred Hazard Information Description:

On 15/16 July

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17 July 2014: World - ECHO Flash Events

Gaza - Israel – Conflict

• Both parties agreed to respect a humanitarian pause of 5 hours after 9 days of fighting. This must allow safe access for humanitarian assistance.

• Since the start of Operation “Protective Edge” on 7 July 2014, over 200 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and more than thousand have been injured.

Syria – Humanitarian access / assistance

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Asia Pacific Food Price and Policy Monitor, June 2014 - Issue 11


  • Regional general inflation was 6.1 percent in May and food price inflation 5 percent, ending five consecutive months in which the pace of inflation slowed.

  • Regional rice price index increased by 5.3 percent in nominal terms as prices continued to rise in South Asia (including India), East Asia and South East Asia.

  • Wheat price indices in South Asia fell by 6.8 percent driven by an 8.3 percent drop in Pakistan.