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29 Aug 2015 description

Resumen: Desde el 21 de agosto, 1.088 colombianos fueron deportados desde Venezuela (844 adultos, 244 menores). Según otras fuentes, más personas han cruzado la frontera a través de puntos informales.

27 Feb 2014 description


Central America – Food Insecurity Crisis

• There has been a drastic deterioration of food security in the last three years, exacerbated by coffee rust in 2013/2014.

• El Salvador and Guatemala are affected the most. Families are exhausting their coping capacities and local response is insufficient.

• The current crisis is expected to last at least until September. High levels of vulnerability will persist for another three years.

• Food assistance operations may be constraint by armed groups controlling entire areas. (ECHO)

20 Feb 2014 description

ARGENTINA–Heavy rains/Landslides

• Heavy rains and floods caused severe damages in San Juan province: at least 3 000 persons evacuated to temporary shelters in schools. In Mendoza province: at least 100 families evacuated as a consequence of rivers overflowing in San Juan.
Source: ECHO

BOLIVIA – Floods/Heavy rains

18 Aug 2011 description

43. 7 million people worldwide fled their homes by the end of 2010 due to conflict, persecution and other abuses. While many refugees and asylum seekers ed their country seeking protection abroad, many more people were forcibly displaced within their own country. Most did not receive adequate protection from their government, and some were stateless and not recognized as citizens by any government. These populations of concern to the U.S. government are the principal recipients of U.S.

27 Apr 2011 description

Qué es UNDAC?
La Evaluacion y Coordinacion ante Desastres de las Naciones Unidas (UNDAC, para su siglas en ingles) es parte del sistema internacional de respuesta a emergencias repentinas.
UNDAC fue creado en 1993. Es diseñado para apoyar a las Naciones Unidas y los gobiernos de paises afectados por desastres durante la primer fase de una emergencia repentina. Ademas, UNDAC apoya en la coordinación de la llegada de socorro internacional al nivel nacional y/o al sitio de la emergencia.

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21 Apr 2011 description

What is UNDAC?
The United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) is part of the international emergency response system for sudden-onset emergencies.
UNDAC was created in 1993. It is designed to help the United Nations and governments of disaster-affected countries during the first phase of a sudden-onset emergency. UNDAC also assists in the coordination of incoming international relief at national level and/or at the site of the emergency.

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01 Dec 2010 description

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30 Jun 2010 description
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