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Uruguay + 6 others
Fleeing war, Syrians find refuge in Latin America

09/30/2014 05:30 GMT

by Hugo DI ZAZZO, Ana Inés CIBILS

MONTEVIDEO, September 30, 2014 (AFP) - Forced to flee the war raging in his native Syria, 22-year-old Hussein Al Fleig Al Ali first tried neighboring Lebanon before discovering he had more opportunity in far-away Uruguay.

While most of the more than three million refugees who have fled the Syrian conflict have flooded into neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey, a growing number are defying language barriers and distance to try their luck in Latin America.

Agence France-Presse:

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Venezuelan people and government fight together dengue and chikungunya

Caracas, 29 Sep. AVN.- Heeding President Nicolas Maduro's call, the Venezuelan people joined Sunday the National Plan of Dengue and Chikungunya prevention.

"Remember all that is very important to stop the breeding of mosquitoes that are vehicles of these diseases," he said through his Twitter account @NicolasMaduro.

The Staff of Health launched Sunday the second phase of the plan called 'People on the streets against Dengue and Chikungunya', across the country, in order to reinforce the actions and measures implemented by the government to address these viruses.

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World + 4 others
Chikungunya se propaga rápidamente en América Latina


Fuente: La Prensa Gráfica

En El Salvador, las autoridades de salud han informado de casi 30,000 casos sospechosos, cuando a principios de agosto reportaron 2,300, y los hospitales están llenos de personas con síntomas de la enfermedad, como un dolor intenso en las articulaciones que dificulta caminar a las víctimas.

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“El pueblo en la calle contra el Dengue y Chikungunya”

Caracas, 25.09.14 (Prensa MPPS).- El Epidemiólogo del Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Salud (MPPS), Doctor Luis Montiel, informó durante su participación en el programa Mesa Informativa, transmitido por Venezolana de Televisión, informó que el próximo 28 de septiembre comienza el Plan Nacional contra el Dengue y la fiebre Chikungunya, con el firme propósito de eliminar los criaderos.

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Colombia + 15 others
Virus del chikunguya se extiende por América con 10.845 casos confirmados

El Espectador

Colombia tiene 42 casos autóctonos confirmados, según datos de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud.

El virus del chikunguya llegó ya al corazón de Suramérica después de haberse extendido desde el Caribe a Centroamérica y Norteamérica, y, según la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), ya hay 10.845 casos confirmados de esta enfermedad y al menos 113 muertes en todo el continente.

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Guatemala + 21 others
Boletín Trimestral de la Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional - Abril a Junio 2014


Producción de cereales de América Latina y el Caribe se mantendrá alta a pesar de leve caída

Producción regional alcanzaría las 220 millones de toneladas para la temporada 2014/2015.

Santiago de Chile, 23 de septiembre de 2014 – Según los pronósticos de la FAO, la producción de cereales en América Latina y el Caribe en la temporada 2014/15 se mantendrá en un nivel alto, superando las 220 millones de toneladas, aunque será 1,4% menor que durante temporada anterior.

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World + 19 others
World’s Most Unequal Region Sets Example in Fight Against Hunger

By Marianela Jarroud

SANTIAGO, Sep 17 2014 (IPS) - Latin America and the Caribbean, the world’s most unequal region, has made the greatest progress towards improving food security and has become the region with the largest number of countries to have reached the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving the proportion of undernourished people.

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Venezuela sends second humanitarian aid freight to Palestine

Caracas, 12 Sep. AVN.- A freight with 50 tons of humanitarian aid departed last Thursday from Venezuela's International Airport Simon Bolivar, in Vargas state, to El Cairo, Egypt, the second consignment made by the South American country to the Palestinian people.

In a commercial flight of Solar airline, license YV524T, are transported the 50 tons distributed among food, clothing and medical supplies, informed vice-minister to Asia, Middle East and Oceania, Xoan Noya, at the Simon Bolivar airport.

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World + 30 others
Cachée sous nos yeux : Une analyse statistique de la violence envers les enfants

De nouvelles données recueillies au niveau mondial mettent en évidence la prévalence de la violence envers les enfants, déclare l’UNICEF

NEW YORK, 4 septembre 2014 – La plus importante collecte de données jamais effectuée sur la violence envers les enfants révèle l’ampleur stupéfiante des sévices physiques, sexuels et psychologiques qu’ils subissent et met en évidence les attitudes qui perpétuent et justifient cette violence, véritablement « cachée sous nos yeux » dans chaque pays et communauté du monde.

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World + 66 others
CrisisWatch N°133 - 1 September 2014

The fight for control of Libya between the Misrata-led Islamist-leaning coalition and the Zintan-led forces is escalating by the day. Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced in over six weeks of clashes and heavy artillery fire. The Misrata side emerged victorious in the battle over Tripoli’s international airport, taking control of the capital, and made advances around Benghazi, but the larger political divide remains unresolved.

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Ya son 195 casos de chikungunya


Venezuela, 27 de Agosto 2014
Fuente: El Universal

Entre el 16 y el 22 de agosto se diagnosticaron 35 nuevos pacientes.

Entre el 16 y el 22 de agosto fueron detectados 35 nuevos casos de chikungunya en Venezuela, todos confirmados por el Instituto Nacional de Higiene Rafael Rangel.

La información la suministró el director general de Salud Ambiental del Ministerio de Salud, Jesús Toro, quien aseguró que. con estos 35, el total de casos de fiebre chikungunya en Venezuela se eleva a 195.

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Venezuelan plane with humanitarian supplies for Palestine arrived in Egypt

Caracas, 18 Ago. AVN.- The plane with 12 tons of humanitarian supplies of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba) for the Palestinian people arrived Monday at 6:05 pm local time in Egypt, where supplies will be transferred to the Gaza Strip.

The information was released by the Venezuelan Minister for Defense, Carmen Melendez, through her Twitter account @gestionperfecta, in which she detailed the path of the plane that departed on 12 August from the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela, and passed by Brazil, Senegal, Algeria and Malta.

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Venezuela sends 12 tons of emergency aid to Palestine

Caracas, 12 Ago. AVN.- Drugs, medical-surgical supplies, drinking water, nonperishable food, clothing and shoes, blankets, pillows, family tents, flashlights, batteries, mats, among other items, are part of the batch of more than 12 tons leaving Tuesday the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia, Vargas state for the Palestinian people.

A C-130 Hercules aircraft of the Venezuelan Military Aviation, will transport the cargo to the Arab Republic of Egypt, which Minister for Foreign Affairs, Elias Jaua visited last week to coordinate the shipment.

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Casos locales de Chikungunya superaron a los importados


Fuente: El Universal

Entre el 1 y el 8 de agosto se reportaron 58 nuevos casos; 47 son autóctonos

Por primera vez desde que se detectó la enfermedad en Venezuela, la cantidad de casos nacionales de chikungunya han superado a los importados.

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Palestinian children arrive in Venezuela in the coming hours

Caracas, 08 Ago. AVN.- Minister for Foreign Affairs, Elias Jaua, envisages that the first Palestinian children victims of Israeli aggression, could be arriving in Venezuela in the coming days, to be house in shelters named Hugo Chavez aimed at hosting children who have lost their parents after Israeli bombs.

In an interview with local media, he said that "a number of Palestinian children orphaned or in need of medical treatment that can be provided by Venezuela will arrive in Venezuela in the coming hours, maybe the weekend."

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Colombia + 1 other
Venezuela dará alimentos básicos a indígenas colombianos afectados por sequía

El Espectador

El anuncio fue hecho por el ministro de Minas y Energía, Amylkar Acosta, después de la reunión entre Maduro y Santos en Cartagena.

El Gobierno de Venezuela suministrará de forma indefinida alimentos básicos a hasta 180.000 miembros de la comunidad indígena Wayúu para paliar los efectos de la sequía que azota al departamento colombiano de La Guajira, fronterizo con ese país, donde esta etnia reside.

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World + 70 others
CrisisWatch N°132 - 1 August 2014

Increasing Israeli-Palestinian tensions culminated in Israel launching "Operation Protective Edge" in Gaza in early July (see our latest report and commentary). The assault, which started as an aerial campaign and was later extended to include ground operations, reportedly killed more than 1,400 Palestinians throughout the month while 64 Israelis were killed in clashes inside the Gaza Strip and by Hamas rocket fire. Several attempts at reaching a ceasefire agreement failed in July.

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Venezuela - Drought (ECHO Daily Flash 31 July 2014)

According to the Minister of Environment, the country is suffering the worst drought registered in 60 years. Water service is being restricted in several states.

The government informed that 12 reservoirs are in critical condition due to the minimum water level.
Most affected states are Miranda, Anzoátegui, Falcón, Monagas, Guaricó, Aragua, Cojedes, Lara, Zulia, and Apure. In some states where the situation is extreme, such as Falcón and Zulia, water restriction is about 5 days with 2 days of water service.