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27 May 2015 description

Haiti - Drought

• Due to below-average rainfall, Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) "Crisis" level has been reached in parts of Haiti, severely affecting 180 000 people. Between 60% and 80% loss of the main local crops and vegetables in these areas has been confirmed. • Difficulties in accessing water results in the reduction of daily meals or leads to community conflicts. • Livestock has been severely affected and pressure has been put on alternative food resources (fishery).

27 May 2015 description

PORT SUDAN – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a new food contribution from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that is enough to feed 1.8 people for three months.

Today the U.S. vessel Liberty Grace docked in Port Sudan carrying 47,500 metric tons of sorghum, a household food staple in Sudan.

27 May 2015 description

1) USA, MEXICO - Severe weather

• Heavy rains, winds and tornadoes are still affecting central and southern USA (mostly Oklahoma and Texas), as well as north-eastern Mexico, causing damage and deaths.

• In USA: media reported four dead in Oklahoma and three in Texas, with another 12 missing in Texas.
Hundreds of homes and roads have been destroyed in these two states. A Disaster Declaration has been issued for several counties in Texas over the last three weeks (see map).

26 May 2015 description


  • Relief agencies report 2.8 million Nepalis in need of humanitarian assistance.

  • Delivering relief supplies in advance of monsoon season remains an earthquake response priority.

  • USAID/OFDA provides an additional $4 million to support earthquake response efforts.

26 May 2015 description

Washington, United States | AFP | Tuesday 5/26/2015 - 19:58 GMT

US researchers believe they may have pinpointed the Achilles heel of the Ebola virus, which could hold the key to developing an effective preventative vaccine, a study reported Tuesday.

Research published in the latest issue of mBio, the online journal of the American Society for Microbiology, said scientists believed a protein called Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1) was critical for Ebola to infect a host.

26 May 2015 description

Port Sudan, Sudan | AFP | Tuesday 5/26/2015 - 18:55 GMT

Nearly 50,000 tonnes of US food aid bound for areas of Sudan affected by conflict arrived in the country on Tuesday, the UN World Food Programme said.

"The US vessel Liberty Grace docked in Port Sudan carrying 47,500 tonnes of sorghum, a household food staple in Sudan," the WFP said in a statement.

The aid from the United States Agency for International Development would help "conflict-affected communities and other food insecure and vulnerable groups," the WFP said.

25 May 2015 description

Mexico City, Mexico | AFP | Monday 5/25/2015 - 20:01 GMT

by Leticia PINEDA

A tornado ripped into a town in northern Mexico on Monday, killing at least 13 people and flattening hundreds of homes in a deadly six-second blast of carnage, officials said.

The savage twister roared through the Mexican border town of Ciudad Acuna at dawn, tossing cars and big rig trucks into the air before they smashed into houses and buildings.

22 May 2015 description


  • Humanitarian community augments response during five-day pause in hostilities; conflict and resource constraints limit operations

  • Figures of fatalities, injuries, and IDPs since March 26 significantly increase

  • Re-animating commercial shipping to Yemen remains essential to averting a comprehensive humanitarian catastrophe


22 May 2015 description


  • USAID/FFP provides 1,640 metric tons (MT) of emergency food assistance to the UN World Food Program (WFP).

  • Debris and other obstacles hinder humanitarian access and assistance in some affected districts.

  • Relief actors initiate district-level contingency planning in preparation for the monsoon season.

USG Humanitarian Assistance for the Nepal Earthquake (Last updated 05/22/2015)

21 May 2015 description

CIUDAD DE PANAMÁ –El Programa Mundial de Alimentos de las Naciones Unidas (PMA) ha recibido una contribución de US$5 millones del Programa de Alimentos para la Paz de USAID (USAID/FFP) para proporcionar asistencia alimentaria a 87,145 personas y ayudar a la recuperación de los efectos prolongados de la sequía del año pasado en Honduras y Guatemala.

21 May 2015 description

PANAMA CITY –The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has received a contribution of US$5 million from the USAID’s Food for Peace Programme (USAID/FFP) to provide food assistance to 87,145 people to help them recover from the prolonged impact of last year’s drought in Honduras and Guatemala.

20 May 2015 description


  • USAID/OFDA announces an additional $9 million in humanitarian assistance for the Nepal earthquake response.

  • U.S. military concludes earthquake relief operations in Nepal.

  • An additional 1,840 rolls of USAID/OFDA plastic sheeting arrive in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu

19 May 2015 description


  • Al-Shabaabattackscontinuetotarget civilians, humanitarian workers, and government officials

  • Nearly 1 million Somalis are experiencing acute food insecurity, with conditions projected to deteriorate in some areas of southern Somalia through June

  • April-to-July gu rains are likely to improve pasture, water availability in parts of northern Somalia


19 May 2015 description

Office of Press Relations
For Immediate Release
May 19, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced an additional $9 million in assistance dedicated to earthquake response and recovery efforts. The announcement brings the total amount of U.S. humanitarian assistance for the disaster to nearly $47 million, including: $32.5 million in funding from USAID and $14.3 million from the U.S. Department of Defense.

19 May 2015 description


  • BRAZIL: About 750,000 cases of dengue virus were confirmed in Brazil. The Brazilian Health Minister declared that the country is “technically” facing a dengue epidemic.

  • HONDURAS: At least 57,602 Honduran children and adults who illegally entered the United States are awaiting a decision on their migrant status.

  • CHILE: A red alert is active for the municipality of Chaitén and a yellow alert for the rest of the Lake Region.

19 May 2015 description


  • BRASIL: Este año se han confirmado unos 750,000 casos de dengue en Brasil.
    El Ministro Brasileño de Salud declaró que Brasil enfrenta “técnicamente” una epidemia de dengue.

  • HONDURAS: Un total de 57,602 hondureños, entre niños y adultos que ingresaron ilegalmente en Estados Unidos, aguardan la decisión de un juez para definir su condición migratoria en este país.

  • CHILE: Las autoridades declararon Alerta Roja en la comuna de Chaitén y Alerta Amarilla en el resto de la Región de Los Lagos.

19 May 2015 description


  • Urban search-and-rescue (USAR) specialists on the USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) complete operations and depart Nepal.

  • Three shipments containing 1,840 rolls of USAID/OFDA-procured plastic sheeting arrive in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu.

16 May 2015 description


  • The GoN reports additional damaged and destroyed houses due to the April 25 earthquake and May 12 aftershock.

  • USAID/OFDA airlifts 1,820 additional rolls of plastic sheeting into Nepal.

  • Relief agencies continue to assess earthquake-affected areas and evaluate response priorities and strategies.

USG Humanitarian Assistance for the Nepal Earthquake (Last updated 05/15/2015)