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16 Aug 2017 description


KAMENSK-SHAKHTINSKIY, Russian Federation. The Observer Mission (OM) continues to operate 24/7 at both Border Crossing Points (BCPs). The overall number of border crossings by persons increased at both BCPs.


The OM is currently operating with 20 permanent international staff members, including the Acting Chief Observer (CO). The Mission is supported administratively by a Vienna-based staff member.


16 Aug 2017 description


The WASH Cluster is informed by Voda Donbasa water company, that on the evening of August 3rd ( at 7 p.m.) a projectile fell within the territory of the Donetsk Filter station (DFS) between bomb shelter and the administrative building. As a result, the windows of the administration building were broken and a new crater formed between the two buildings.

15 Aug 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • An agreement was reached on 19 July in Minsk by all parties to the conflict to create safety zones around critical civilian infrastructure including water installations. However the number of ceasefire violations increased over the last two weeks of July.3

  • UNICEF reached almost 335,000 children and their caregivers with life -saving Mine Risk Education (MRE) through dissemination of child friendly content through electronic media.

15 Aug 2017 description
report People in Need

Prague (15th August 2017) – While millions of people flee war-torn countries trying to find safe havens for themselves and their families, a far larger number of them are forced to remain, despite the continued fighting, and they often fall victim to the attacks. According to UN data, more than 32,000 civilians were killed or injured by explosive weapons in armed conflicts in 2016. In 90 per cent of these cases, the attacks happened in populated civilian areas.

15 Aug 2017 description


Despite relative decrease in hostilities following the renewed ceasefire arrangements reached on 21 June, localized sporadic clashes are reported daily and continue to generate more casualties among the civilian population and damage to their properties. OHCHR verifies that at least seven civilians were killed and 42 injured in July. While usually, shelling is the major cause, mines, explosive remnants of war and unexploded ordnances represented at least 43 per cent of total casualties.

15 Aug 2017 description


  • Evolving security environment increases needs

  • Water supply interruptions become a new normal

  • Winter looms, as key clusters advance in winterization plans

  • Protection concerns are widespread, impacting the most vulnerable

  • Underfunding may further degrade situation of millions of people depending on aid

Fighting lingers despite renewed ceasefire

13 Aug 2017 description

This report is for the media and the general public.

On 13 August at 09:45, an SMM patrol consisting of four members was on foot immediately south of the broken section of the pedestrian bridge south of government-controlled Stanytsia Luhanska (16km north-east of Luhansk), next to a forward “LPR” position inside the disengagement area.

12 Aug 2017 description


Violent conflict upends and polarizes societies, disrupting social structures and gender roles.
Projects and policies intended to assist communities that are fragile or affected by violence are more successful if they consider conflict’s different effects on men, women, boys, and girls.
Approaches to conflict resolution that account for gender issues and include a broader array of society reduce gender-based violence, enhance gender equality, defuse conflict, and lead to more sustainable peace.


11 Aug 2017 description

“We carry our tragedy inside”

The 2017 Participatory Assessment Report for refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons in Ukraine


11 Aug 2017 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

As the conflict enters its fourth year, nearly 1.6 million internally displaced Ukrainians struggle to find safety, adequate housing and access to employment.

11 Aug 2017 description
report Protection Cluster
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Security situation: In July 2017, OHCHR recorded 49 conflict-related civilian casualties: 42 killed and 9 injured.
On July 7, two explosions occurred in the central square of Luhansk city (NGCA) killing one and injuring five people.

11 Aug 2017 description

As the devastating conflict in Ukraine enters its fourth year, crossing points between areas in the east of the country are tearing families apart

Valentina, 70, can barely walk with a stick. Her husband Gennadiy grasps her hand tightly to help, but he too has difficulties walking. Together, like thousands of other Ukrainians, they must cross a de facto border in the east of the country just to visit family, receive social payments and seek medical treatment.

11 Aug 2017 description

*The SMM recorded more ceasefire violations in both Donetsk and Luhansk regions compared with the previous reporting period. The SMM observed bullet impacts to one of its newly installed cameras at the Donetsk Filtration Station which rendered the camera inoperable. Near Vasylivka it heard shots and bursts of small-arms fire in the area where it was flying its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), assessed as being aimed at the UAV.

11 Aug 2017 description

With hundreds of thousands of people living in towns and villages close to the front line in eastern Ukraine, survival is a daily fight. The ICRC has been helping such people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

We also support the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross by boosting its capacity to respond to violence and other emergencies.