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02 Dec 2016 description


  • Insecurity increases population displacement, humanitarian needs in Greater Equatoria, Unity

  • Relief actors continue cholera response efforts across South Sudan

  • Ongoing conflict increases number of South Sudanese refugees


01 Dec 2016 description




In the second quarter of 2016, the humanitarian situation in South Sudan remained critical, with the onset of the lean season, fighting and displacement in new locations, the spread of measles and the beginning of a cholera outbreak in June.

24 Nov 2016 description
report Voice of America

By Natalia Jidovanu and Katarina Höije

YUMBE, UGANDA — Once a safe haven for those trying to escape South Sudan’s conflict, Yei is the latest town to be engulfed by violence in the country’s civil war.

In Yei, the population often falls asleep to gunfire and wakes up to soldiers patrolling the streets. The army, made up primarily of soldiers belonging to the Dinka ethnic group of President Salva Kiir, controls all roads leading out of town.

22 Nov 2016 description


South Sudanese arrivals since 8 July 2016, based on field reports (as of 31 Oct)

Total South Sudanese refugees as of 31 Oct (both pre and post Dec 2013 caseload and new arrivals)

Refugees in South Sudan

1.73 M
Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in South Sudan, including 202,019 people in UNMISS Protection of Civilians site

22 Nov 2016 description



260,453 Refugees in South Sudan

1,8 M IDPs in South Sudan, including 204,370 people in UNMISS Protection of Civilians site

US $276 million Funding requested for comprehensive needs in 2016

US $132 million Funding requested for priority needs in 2016


22 Nov 2016 description

Situation Overview

As of end of August 2016, nearly 2.5 million people had fled their homes in South Sudan since fighting broke out in December 2013, with over 1.6 million displaced people inside the country and 882,200 who had fled as refugees to neighbouring countries. There were about 196,960 people sheltering in Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites in United Nations bases.

21 Nov 2016 description


• Close to three million South Sudanese have now fled their homes since December 2013.

• Thousands displaced by clashes in Unity.

• Food security experts warn of unprecedented levels of food insecurity in South Sudan in 2017.

• Communities along the River Nile are worst affected by the cholera outbreak and account for 91 per cent of reported cholera cases.

Displacement spikes following insecurity

19 Nov 2016 description

In Numbers

  • 1.87 million internally displaced people (OCHA est.)

  • 1,221,084 South Sudanese refugees (UNHCR est.)

  • 204,520 people seeking shelter with the UN (UNMISS est.)

  • 3.6 million people facing acute food insecurity from October-December (WFP est.)


18 Nov 2016 description

By the end of October 2016, the number of internally displaced people in South Sudan had risen to more than 1.8 million, primarily as a result of continued clashes and displacement in the Greater Equatoria region, including in Eastern Equatoria, where some 158,000 people are thought to be displaced, tens of thousands of whom have fled to mountainous and remote areas in search of safety. During the month, an average of 3,500 people fled to neighbouring countries - Uganda, DRC, Ethiopia and Sudan - each day.

16 Nov 2016 description
report UN Security Council
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I. Introduction

1. The present report is submitted pursuant to paragraph 18 of Security Council resolution 2304 (2016), in which the Council requested me to present, within 90 days, recommendations on the steps to adapt the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to the situation on the ground and to increase the efficiency of the implementation of its mandate, including with respect to strengthening the safety and security of United Nations personnel and facilities.

15 Nov 2016 description


  • In the first half of October, close to 50,000 South Sudanese arrivals have sought asylum in countries in the region. Over 320,000 new arrivals have been recorded since 8 July, 2016. Uganda continues to receive the highest number of new arrivals, followed by Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • UNHCR financial requirements for the South Sudan situation remain only 24% funded. In multiple locations, ongoing assistance has been put on hold to redirect resources and ensure life-saving assistance to the new arrivals.

14 Nov 2016 description


This is the eighth Protection Trends report prepared by the South Sudan Protection Cluster (PC) in close collaboration with Child Protection, SGBV and Land Mines and Explosive Remnants of War sub-clusters, and other protection actors.

The report provides an overview of the protection situation highlighting the main threats to civilians that have caused displacement, and describes trends on issues reported and observed in the second and third quarters of 2016 (1 April through 30 September).

11 Nov 2016 description

The European Commission will provide €78 million in emergency aid to help those affected by the South Sudan crisis both within the country and in the region. Over 1 million refugees from South Sudan have fled to neighbouring countries, with the number expected to grow. There are currently 2 million displaced people within the country. The funding was announced today by Commissioner Christos Stylianides who is currently in Uganda, one of the largest refugee and asylum-seekers hosting country in the world.

09 Nov 2016 description

649.0 M required for 2016
167.6 M contributions received, representing 25% of requirements
481.4 M funding gap for the South Sudan Situation

08 Nov 2016 description



Refugees in South Sudan

1,61 M
IDPs in South Sudan, including 202,019 people in UNMISS Protection of Civilians site

US $276 million
Funding requested for comprehensive needs in 2016

US $128 million
Funding requested for priority needs in 2016


06 Nov 2016 description


• The exodus of South Sudanese to neighbouring countries continues, with Uganda hosting the largest number.

• Aid convoy arrives in Yei to deliver assistance for 52,000 people.

• Partners are responding to malaria, with nearly 1.9 million cases reported this year.

• Aid agencies are scaling up operations to assist nearly 40,000 displaced people in Wau.

• Armed forces and armed groups have been urged to release child soldiers.

Equatorias: South Sudanese continue to flee