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16 Mar 2017 description
report UN Security Council

I. Introduction

  1. The present report is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2277 (2016), in which the Council requested me to report on the implementation of the commitments under the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Region.

It covers developments since the issuance of my report of 4 October 2016 (S/2016/840) and provides information on peace and security developments in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes region until 28 February 2017.

17 Feb 2017 description

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, clashes between security forces and Bundu Dia Mayala elements erupted in Kinshasa on February 13 and continued the next day. Reportedly, four people were killed and about 30 others injured. Again, many provinces saw attacks by armed groups over the past weeks.

08 Feb 2017 description

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, fears continue to grow about the alleged reappearance of ex-M23 rebels in the eastern part of the country. The DRC again witnessed a lot of armed group activity over the past weeks.

28 Jan 2017 description
report IRIN

KAMPALA, 27 January 2017

Samuel Okiror
A regular IRIN contributor based in Kampala

The Democratic Republic of Congo has accused neighbouring Uganda of allowing former M23 rebels to cross the common border, sparking fears of a new armed rebellion and yet more humanitarian suffering in a region long used to violence.

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20 Jan 2017 description

News in Brief

Congolese authorities are concerned about rumours that hundreds of ex-M23 elements came from Uganda to resettle in east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Meanwhile, negotiations continued between the Alliance of the Presidential Majority and the Rassemblement about what the Congolese government should look like.

22 Dec 2016 description

News in Brief

On Monday, December 19, President Joseph Kabila’s second term ended in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Earlier mediation efforts by the Catholic Church (CENCO) between ruling and opposition parties did not yield any results, meaning Kabila remains in power. Amid fears of unrest in the wake of December 19, military and police deployed heavily and certain media channels were blocked. Demonstrations indeed erupted across the country, reportedly causing about 31 deaths, nine of which in the capital Kinshasa.

16 Dec 2016 description

Key Figure
Refugees: 449,764
Internally Displaced Persons: 1,960,198
Returnees: 45,561

15 Dec 2016 description

News in Brief

On Thursday, December 8, the Catholic Church (CENCO) initiated a new attempt at mediating a national dialogue between presidential majority and opposition in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On Tuesday, December 13, about a dozen youth activists were arrested during the negotiations in Kinshasa, according to Human Rights Watch. Meanwhile, the United States and European Union announced sanctions against top DRC officials who are in their view responsible for violent repression.

09 Dec 2016 description

News in Brief

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the alliance behind current President, Joseph Kabila, left the mediation efforts by the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) between the alliance and the opposition coalition “Rassemblement”. Kabila’s mandate is set to end on December 19 and the Rassemblement already called for demonstrations should the President not step down from power.

01 Dec 2016 description

News in Brief

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, political tensions persist. The term of current President Joseph Kabila will come to an end on December 19. With the elections being postponed, Kabila will stay in power beyond his term. The fear grows on the national and international level that this would lead to a worsening security situation in the country due to violent protests and repression.

In North Kivu, about 35 people died on Sunday, November 27, when Mai Mai rebels attacked Luhanga village in Lubero territory.

24 Nov 2016 description

News in Brief

On Thursday, November 17, Samy Badibanga was appointed as the new Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The opposition platform “Rassemblement” called for nationwide demonstrations on Saturday, asking President Joseph Kabila to respect the end of his term. The police locked down opposition figure Etienne Tshisekedi’s residence and the opposition’s gathering location. Although not many responded to the call for protest, 24 people were arrested in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, and Bunia.