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Afghanistan + 20 others
WFP Emergency Report No. 04 of 2002

This report includes:
(A) Central Africa Region: (1) Democratic Republic of Congo, (2) Angola, (3) Namibia

(B) East and Southern Africa: (1) Ethiopia, (2) Kenya, (3) Tanzania, (4) Uganda

(C) West Africa: (1) Guinea

(D) West and Central Asia Region: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Pakistan

(E) Asia Region: (1) DPR Korea

(F) Latin America and the Caribbean Region: (1) Guatemala, (2) El Salvador, (3) Honduras

(G) Eastern Europe Region: (1) Northern Caucasus, (2) Balkans

From Francesco Strippoli, Director of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs; available on the Internet on the WFP

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Afghanistan + 23 others
US DOS/US NIC: Global humanitarian emergencies: Trends and projections, 2001-2002

The U.S. National Intelligence Council (NIC) has released a report identifying 20 humanitarian emergencies worldwide, affecting approximately 42 million people. "Global Humanitarian Emergencies: Trends and Projections, 2001-2002" predicts that the international community will continue to respond and provide aid to these countries, but that resources will remain below needs.
The total of 20 emergencies is an improvement over the previous year's finding of 25 humanitarian emergencies. Internal conflict, severe government repression, and natural disaster are some of