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26 May 2016 description


The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) was responsible for 296 civilian abductions during Quarter 1 2016 (Q1 2016), covering the months of January–March 2016. The 296 abductions, the most by the LRA in a single quarter since Quarter 3 2010, highlighted a significant surge in LRA violence. 14 long­term abductees escaped from the LRA in Q1 2016, including three adult male Ugandan fighters.

Senior LRA leaders reportedly order child abductions in eastern CAR

03 Mar 2016 description


En 2015, les forces de l’Armée de Résistance du Seigneur (LRA) étaient actives en République Centrafricaine (RCA), dans la République Démocratique du Congo (Congo/RDC), au Soudan du Sud, et dans l’enclave disputée de Kafia Kingi à la frontière entre le Soudan et le Soudan du Sud. La LRA a enlevé 612 personnes dans 203 attaques en 2015, une légère diminution par rapport à 2014, bien que le nombre d’enlèvements était plus élevé qu’ils ne l’étaient en 2012 ou 2013.

03 Mar 2016 description


In 2015, Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) forces were active in the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo), South Sudan, and in Sudanese-controlled areas of South Darfur and the disputed Kafia Kingi enclave. The LRA abducted 612 people in 203 attacks in 2015, a slight reduction compared to 2014, though the number of abductions was higher than in both 2012 and 2013.

08 Oct 2015 description

Trends in Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) violence in eastern Central African Republic (CAR) and northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo) diverged sharply in the first eight months of 2015. In Congo, LRA groups utilized bold tactics rarely employed in recent years, killing at least six Congolese soldiers and conducting a series of large-scale looting raids that led to a surge in civilian abductions.

13 May 2015 description
  1. Total LRA attacks and abductions increased in 2014, reversing years of decline

  2. Trends in LRA violence varied dramatically at the local level

  3. The LRA’s command structure is in upheaval

  4. The LRA’s fighting capacity is dropping (slowly)

  5. The LRA is losing its most experienced women and children captives

  6. The LRA is using collaborators to traffic illicit resources

  7. The LRA and Seleka have a complicated relationship

  8. The LRA is not the only armed group attacking civilians

24 Nov 2014 description

In partnership with The Resolve, we’ve just released a new reportfrom the LRA Crisis Tracker, which demonstrates important trends in LRA activity over the last six months. Our friend Paul Ronan does a great job at summarizing this data, which points to a spike in LRA abductions in DR Congo and Central African Republic (CAR).

19 Nov 2014 description
  • Kony ordered LRA elephant poaching mission to DRC’s Garamba National Park

  • LRA fighters collecting gold and diamonds in eastern Central African Republic

  • Illicit ivory, gold, and diamonds reportedly sent to Kony’s hideout in Sudanese-controlled Kafia Kingi enclave

05 Nov 2014 description

Tracking Kony across central Africa

By Paul Ronan

03 Jul 2014 description
report Resolve

By Paul Ronan

Reuters reports that Ugandan and Seleka troops have clashed several times this week in eastern Central African Republic, leaving over a dozen Seleka soldiers and several Ugandan troops dead. The clashes have taken place near Nzako, a small mining town located in the CAR’s Mbomou prefecture that has been a hotbed of LRA activity in the past year.

02 May 2014 description

Executive Summary: Seasonal spike in LRA attacks, more defections in CAR

12 Feb 2014 description

Résumé: Les cinq évolutions les plus importantes de la LRA en 2013

12 Feb 2014 description
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Security brief
Press release

Today, Invisible Children and The Resolve released the 2013 LRA Crisis Tracker Security Brief. This annual report provides analysis on all data collected as part of the LRA Crisis Tracker, providing actionable intelligence for counter-LRA actors and valuable information for the public.

The report identifies five key findings from the 2013 data:


11 Feb 2014 description
report Resolve
  • La LRA serait en train d’utiliser des raids de pillage dans la situation déstabilisée de la RCA comme moyen de survie pour Joseph Kony
  • Les efforts régionaux affaiblissent la LRA, qui a perdu près d'un cinquième de ses combattants de base en 2013

KAMPALA, OUGANDA (le 11 février 2014) – Des raids à grande échelle par le groupe rebelle Ougandais, l'Armée de résistance du Seigneur (LRA), se sont multipliés dans les zones de l'est de la République centrafricaine (RCA), zones sous l'autorité de combattants Séléka qui ont renversé le gouvernement …

11 Feb 2014 description
report Resolve
  • LRA likely using looting raids in destabilized CAR as lifeline for Joseph Kony
  • Regional efforts are weakening the LRA, which lost nearly one-fifth of its core fighters in 2013

WASHINGTON, DC (February 11, 2014) – Large-scale raids by the Ugandan rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), have surged in areas of eastern Central African Republic (CAR) under the authority of Seleka fighters who overthrew the country’s central government last March.

31 Jul 2013 description
report Resolve
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Executive Summary

New report: How to dismantle the LRA from the bottom-up

By Michael Poffenberger

We’ve long argued that Joseph Kony’s leadership is central to the LRA’s survival, and that a solution to the LRA’s atrocity crimes is nearly inconceivable without dealing with him.

10 Jun 2013 description

Executive Summary

Early 2013 shows cyclical uptick in attacks

The LRA committed 58 attacks between January and March 2013 (Quarter 1 of 2013, or Q1 2013), compared to 36 attacks between October and December 2012 (Q4 2012).

The increase in LRA attacks in early 2013 continues a trend seen in early 2012 and early 2011, in which the number of LRA attacks rose compared to the last three months of the previous year. Despite the rise in attacks, the LRA committed fewer abductions in early 2013 (69) than in late 2012 (111).

03 Jun 2013 description

Posted by Cody Leblanc

A new report and video by the Enough Project and the Satellite Sentinel Project, co-produced by Invisible Children and The Resolve, confirms that the Lord’s Resistance Army,or LRA, has turned to poaching elephants as a means to fund its atrocities.

26 Apr 2013 description


A growing body of evidence indicates that from 2009 until at least early 2013 the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group has periodically operated in the Kafia Kingi enclave, one of the disputed areas on the border between Sudan and South Sudan. The enclave is currently controlled by Sudan, and numerous eyewitness reports indicate that elements of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in Kafia Kingi have actively sheltered senior LRA commanders there and provided them with limited material support.

29 Mar 2013 description
report Resolve

On March 21, we heard the great news that 28 women and children were released from LRA captivity. As the LRA Crisis Tracker reports, the group was actually escorted and purposefully let go by four LRA fighters near the town of Digba in Bas-Uele district of northern DRC. This is the largest return of long-term LRA members in at least three years, and is a truly encouraging achievement for efforts to incentivize LRA defections, which have been expanded in the past year.