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U.N. Adviser: Somalia Violence Threatens Horn of Africa

Voice of America
Peter Clottey

An adviser to the United Nations on the conflict in Somalia warns the country's ongoing crisis is encouraging terrorism activities in Kenya and other neighboring countries, which he says could destabilize the entire Horn of Africa region.

Mustapha Ali, who is also the Secretary General of the African Council of Religious Leaders, says Kenyans are expressing concern after police named 11 suspects under investigation for terrorism activities.

"It seems that the goings on in Somalia and across to the Kenyan border is now spilling over in terms of

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Somalia + 1 other
AU Summit to Broaden Rules for Somalia Peacekeepers

Voice of America
Preliminary meetings are under way for a summit of African leaders in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, a little more than a week after the city was shocked by twin suicide bombings that killed 76 people. The bombings have placed Somalia at the top of an agenda nominally dedicated to improving health care for Africa's infants and pregnant women.

The theme of this week's gathering is about saving the lives of women in childbirth. One in 16 women in sub-Saharan Africa dies while giving birth, compared to one in 4,000 in the developed world.

But with memories still fresh of the