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24 Jun 2016 description
report Inter Press Service

By Lyndal Rowlands

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 23 2016 (IPS) - Despite their extreme vulnerability, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) refugees often do not seek the assistance they need, since revealing their sexual or gender identities can put them in grave danger.

23 Jun 2016 description
  • Intensive fighting continues in South Sudan forcing the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians in a country where almost 1.7 million people are internally displaced.

17 Jun 2016 description
report UN News Service

17 June 2016 – The global stockpile of the yellow fever vaccine may not be sufficient if simultaneous outbreaks hit the densely populated areas not covered by emergency responses, the United Nations health agency has warned, noting that by mid-June 2016, almost 18 million doses have been distributed in Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Uganda this year.

17 Jun 2016 description

Six evidence-based projects in developing world to scale-up with Canadian government help;

CDN$4.1 million matched by partners creates total investment of $8.7 million To date: 100,000+ people reached by Grand Challenges Canada’s Global Mental Health program, 10,000+ treated

In trial, Kenya’s traditional healers and community health workers refer 1,600 to clinics, 500 diagnoses result;

Zimbabwe’s low-cost ‘Friendship Bench’ has powerful impact reducing depression

17 Jun 2016 description

GENEVA - 17 June 2016: The yellow fever vaccine given as one fifth of the regular dose could be used to control an outbreak in case of vaccine shortages.

Experts agreed with this proposal at a meeting convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider potential shortages in yellow fever vaccine due to the outbreak in Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo.

16 Jun 2016 description
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News in Brief

The Congolese opposition parties who gathered for two days in Brussels last week, decided to unite under a new umbrella organisation, called “Rassemblement” (“Rally”). They rejected dialogue with current President Kabila and demanded the organisation of presidential elections before December 19 this year, along with the President’s departure.

15 Jun 2016 description

United Nations, United States | AFP | Wednesday 6/15/2016 - 20:52 GMT

The rebel Lord's Resistance Army is stepping up attacks, expanding into new areas and abducting more children in the Central African Republic, a UN envoy said Wednesday.

The LRA "appears now to be deviating from what had been for a certain period of time a low-profile posture," Abdoulaye Bathily told the UN Security Council.

15 Jun 2016 description

By Samuel Okiror

ISINGIRO, Uganda, 15 June 2016 – Uganda is developing base maps for refugee settlements that host thousands of people in the east African country, with the goal being to support risk-informed development and land use planning and thereby build community resilience.

14 Jun 2016 description

GINEBRA, 13 de junio de 2016 (ACNUR) - Debido a la multitud de conflictos y crisis que causan una cantidad record de desplazamientos alrededor del mundo, el reasentamiento ha asumido un papel cada vez más vital en los esfuerzos del ACNUR para encontrar soluciones y abogar por un reparto de responsabilidades más justo para los refugiados, de acuerdo con un informe emitido hoy en una reunión anual en Ginebra.

14 Jun 2016 description
report IRIN

Influx from South Sudan pushes Uganda’s progressive system to breaking point

by Rajiv Golla
ADJUMANI, 13 June 2016

South Sudanese refugees, driven by food insecurity, a collapsing economy, and ongoing violence continue to arrive in northern Uganda despite the formation of a unity government back home in Juba.

The return of Riek Machar, former vice president-cum-rebel leader, in April to take up the post of First Vice President has not improved the fortunes of the battered economy, or unlocked more aid money.

13 Jun 2016 description

Avec une multitude de conflits et de crises générant des déplacements de populations sans précédent à travers le monde, la réinstallation s’avère essentielle dans les efforts du HCR pour trouver des solutions et plaider pour un partage équitable des responsabilités dans l’aide aux réfugiés, peut-on lire dans un rapport publié aujourd’hui par le HCR.

10 Jun 2016 description
report IRIN

Nigeria and Kenya get poor marks in new survey

By Obi Anyadike

Public approval in Nigeria and Kenya for their governments’ handling of jihadist violence is low, and citizens have a poor opinion of the security forces that are supposed to protect them, according to a survey-based report released this week by Afrobarometer, a pan-African research network.

08 Jun 2016 description

The Government of the Republic of Uganda recently commissioned the Ntungamo Water Supply and Sanitation System, financed by the African Development Fund (ADF). It is part of the second phase of the regional Lake Victoria Water Supply and Sanitation Program (LVWATSAN II). This follows an ADF grant of UA 72.98 million (about USD 102 million) approved by the African Development Bank (AfDB) in 2010 to implement the LVWATSAN II program in the five East African Community partner states - Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

07 Jun 2016 description

New Automatic Weather Stations Installed on Cell-Phone Towers Improve Storm Forecasts and Protect Lives

By Pascal Onegiu Okello

KAMPALA - Uganda’s weather reporting is destined to become one of the best in the East African region after the installation of a network of five all-in-one Total Solutions Automatic Weather Stations (TSAWS).

07 Jun 2016 description
report African Union

Le Conseil de paix et de sécurité (CPS) de l'Union africaine (UA), en sa 601ème réunion, tenue à Addis Abéba, le 30 mai 2016, a adopté la décision qui suit sur la mise en œuvre de l'Initiative de coopération régionale pour l'élimination de l'Armée de Résistance du Seigneur (ICR-LRA) : Le Conseil,

02 Jun 2016 description
report World Bank


  • Around 25% of the 60 million forcibly displaced people across the globe are in Africa, where some countries have hosted large refugee populations for over 20 years

  • The World Bank and its partners are providing long term, sustainable development solutions to help address this issue

  • New support is arriving in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region of Africa, home to more than 12.9 million displaced people

02 Jun 2016 description
report World Bank


  • Sur les 60 millions de personnes contraintes à l’exode dans le monde, environ 25 % se trouvent en Afrique où plusieurs pays accueillent de nombreux réfugiés depuis plus de vingt ans.

  • La Corne de l’Afrique et la région des Grands Lacs, qui abritent près de 13 millions de personnes déplacées, vont bénéficier d’un nouveau plan d’aide.

01 Jun 2016 description
report World Bank

WASHINGTON, 31 mai 2016 – Le Conseil des administrateurs de la Banque mondiale a approuvé aujourd’hui un financement de 175 millions de dollars pour atténuer l’impact des déplacements forcés sur les communautés d’accueil des réfugiés dans la Corne de l’Afrique.

01 Jun 2016 description

Facts & Figures

  • Over 262,000 Burundian refugees fled to neighbouring countries since April 2015 (UNHCR)

  • Number of new Burundian refugees in Tanzania since 1st April – 138,440 (UNHCR)

  • Number of new Burundian refugees in Rwanda since 1st April – 77,678 (UNHCR)

  • Number of new Burundian rsehfuogrteaegsein DRC since 1st April – 22,905)

  • Number of new Burundian refugees in Uganda since 1st January –23,773 (UNHCR)

  • Number of internally displaced in Burundi – 41,752

01 Jun 2016 description

An appraisal of community-led HIV prevention and care interventions for men who have sex with men (MSM) in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe offers key tips for practical success when implementing sexual health and rights programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.