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27 Feb 2015 description

Nearly two billion people worldwide live in rural areas and are heavily dependent upon small-scale subsistence farming, and the majority of these smallholder farmers are women. As the demand for crops from developing countries increases, more smallholder farmers have ramped up their production and attempted to connect with the global supply chain. However, these farmers often lack the technical and managerial skills to effectively navigate finances, production costs, fluctuating market prices, and crop pests and diseases.

27 Feb 2015 description

KAMPALA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today announced that new contributions from the United States and Australia will enable the agency to resume distribution of full-size food rations to all refugees in Uganda.

WFP welcomed the contributions of US$15.4 million from the United States and US$2.3 million from Australia. The generous funding from both nations will support refugees, and the US gift will also support extremely food insecure households in Karamoja by helping to fill their food gap between April and July.

26 Feb 2015 description


  • Child recruitment: Scores of children abducted last week in Upper Nile State are reportedly undergoing military training, UNICEF said on 24 February. 'Witnesses have said they are in a training camp,” near Wau Shilluk town (20 km northeast of Malakal), said John Budd, UNICEF communications officer for South Sudan.

26 Feb 2015 description

Kampala - The Country Sustainable land management Investment Framework (CSIF) for Uganda has today been launched at a ceremony in Kampala.

The ten year Strategic Framework will guide the government of Uganda in addressing land management issues in a sustainable manner.

Hon. Zerubabel Nyiira, the state Minister for Agriculture who launched the framework said it comes at an opportune time when urgent action is needed to address the challenges of land degradation across the country.

26 Feb 2015 description

Ongwen capturé mais les luttes pour le pouvoir éclipsent le conflit de la LRA

L'année a commencé avec l'annonce de la reddition de Domininc Ongwen. C'est un considérable pas en avant dans les efforts en vue de mettre fin à la notoire Armée de résistance du Seigneur (LRA).

Cependant, la région se heurte à de nombreux défis sur le plan de la sécurité et de la situation politique, y compris la LRA, qui est encore active. Cette édition de Voix de Paix dévoile la réalité inquiétante de la région.

26 Feb 2015 description

Ongwen captured but power struggles overshadow LRA conflict

The year has begun with the news of Dominic Ongwen’s surrender. This is a major step towards the end of the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

However, the region is still facing grave security and political challenges, including the still active LRA. This edition of Voice of Peace exposes the troubling reality of the region.

25 Feb 2015 description

KAMPALA – 24/02/2015 - The Ministry of Health together with KCCA has mounted an aggressive response against the Typhoid Outbreak that hit Kampala City and parts of the neighboring districts of Wakiso and Mukono last month.

24 Feb 2015 description

Snapshot 18-24 February 2015

Myanmar: 90,000 people are now reported to have been displaced by continuing violence between government troops and multiple armed groups in Kokang, Shan state. Aid organisations have been subject to attack – seven people were wounded in two separate incidents.

24 Feb 2015 description


Recognizing the challenges of food insecurity in certain areas in Uganda, WFP in consultation with the Government and partners developed a Country Strategy (2009–2014). The Strategy identifies three priority areas:

  • Emergency humanitarian action
  • Food and nutrition security
  • Agriculture and market support

A second generation Country Strategy is being developed and will be available in December 2015.
WFP has been present in Uganda since 1963.

24 Feb 2015 description
report UN University

World Must Achieve International Water Goals to Preempt Looming Conflicts Born of Desperation: UN Report

Expect water supply of 2.9 billion people in 48 countries to fall short of needs in as little as 10 years

Corruption, siphoning 30% of water sector funding, must end for world development and security

Hold agriculture, energy sectors more accountable for water inefficiencies

20 Feb 2015 description

Summary: CHF 116,006 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) in delivering assistance to 999,068 children from 6 months to 15 years vulnerable to a measles outbreak.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Uganda confirmed an outbreak of measles in Kamwenge district on 9 August, 2013.

20 Feb 2015 description
report Small Arms Survey

Describes events through 12 February 2015

20 Feb 2015 description

Summary: CHF 184,804 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 30 August, 2013 to support the Ugandan Red Cross national society (URCS) in delivering assistance to some 900,500 beneficiaries.

20 Feb 2015 description

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Director General of Health Services

The Ministry of Health and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) would like to inform the general public that there is an outbreak of Typhoid in Kampala and some parts of the neighbouring districts of Wakiso and Mukono.

19 Feb 2015 description

This Indicator Report provides a monthly snapshot of the regional response to the South Sudan Situation. The indicators included report on the Post 15 December 2013 South Sudan caseload only. The report is prepared through collaboration with the reporting country and the Regional Support Hub, Nairobi.

The notes below provide further contextual information on various sector indicators. Please note that Kampala is an urban area where refugees are not directly supported by UNHCR and its partners, so many of the indicators are not applicable to Kampala.

18 Feb 2015 description

- UNHCR Representative, senior Government officials visit Unity State: On a 14-16 February visit to Pariang County, the UNHCR Representative and the Commissioner for Refugee Affairs, as well as other senior Government officials, agreed to allow the expansion of Ajuong Thok refugee camp to accommodate up to 40,000 people. The two sides also identified Pamyr (8 km southeast of Yida) as the next potential refugee camp for the Yida caseload. Pamyr, which has yet to be built, would be allowed to accommodate up to 20,000 refugees.