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23 Sep 2016 description

By: William Spindler

The number of people fleeing violence, threats, extrajudicial killings, abduction, torture and persecution in Burundi has passed the 300,000 mark some 18 months after the political crisis in the central African nation erupted in April last year.

23 Sep 2016 description

Food insecurity in northeastern bimodal areas is likely to continue

Key Messages

22 Sep 2016 description


  • A joint (Government, UN and NGO) needs assessment is ongoing in five districts.
  • ~16,600 buildings are reported destroyed or severely damaged
  • Urgent need for temporary shelter is reported.

Situation Overview

22 Sep 2016 description

Drones in Humanitarian Action - Case Study No.1

This case study highlights the role drones can play in providing high-resolution and up-to-date imagery that is essential to the development of exposure maps and for modelling flood risks in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In fact, Over 70 per cent of the people live in informal, unplanned settlements with inadequate infrastructure. In addition, heavy rainfalls twice a year result in significant flood risks.

21 Sep 2016 description

There are 795 million hungry people in the world. The large majority live in Asia and Africa. They very often live in degraded, fragile, and shock-prone environments, with an alarmingly low asset base. Environmental degradation, resource scarcity, climate change and price volatility, together with other risks, make food and nutrition security a hard goal to accomplish. Increasing levels of risk have resulted in repeated needs for humanitarian emergency response to address the impacts of climate and other shocks.

21 Sep 2016 description


The SADC region is experiencing a devastating drought episode associated with the 2015/2016 El Nino event which threatens to impact negatively on livelihoods and quality of lives. The region experienced a delayed onset of the 2015/2016, rainfall season, followed by erratic rains. Analysis of rainfall performance shows that the October to December 2015 period, which represents the first half of the cropping season, was the driest in more than 35 years in several southern parts of the region

Recommendations (Short-Term)

21 Sep 2016 description


In contrast to the southern part of the region, El Niño usually brings above average rainfall to Tanzania. The country received above normal rainfall over the past eight months, and flooding was reported, affecting infrastructure and agriculture and leading to displacement of people into camps. The country is also battling a large cholera outbreak, with more than 25,000 cases and 400 deaths since August 2015, although new cases are showing a downward trend.

21 Sep 2016 description

Executive Summary

The region experienced in many parts of the countries, the below normal rainfall conditions depicted by the devastating drought episode associated with the 2015/2016 El Nino event which threatens to impact negatively on livelihoods and quality of lives in the Region.

The SADC Climate Services Centre (CSC) had predicted, in August 2015, during SARCOF-19 the below normal rainfall conditions. This was consistent with the observed poor rainfall performance.

The current rainfall 2016/17 outlook is the opposite (reverse) of the last season.

20 Sep 2016 description

180.6 M required for 2016
79.6 M contributions received, representing 44% of requirements
101.0 M funding gap for the Burundi Situation

20 Sep 2016 description

Washington, DC - Today the U.S. Agency for International Development announced funding to help educate children impacted by humanitarian crises in Africa and called on innovators to develop solutions to global hunger. The two announcements, which coincided with the 71st UN General Assembly and President Obama's Leaders' Summit on Refugees, demonstrate USAID's ongoing commitment to improving livelihoods and creating opportunities for people around the world.