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14 Jul 2015 description

Port-au-Prince, Haïti | AFP | mardi 14/07/2015 - 23:12 GMT

Le nouveau palais de la Cour de cassation a été inauguré mardi à Port-au-Prince par le président taïwanais Ma Ying-Jeou, dont le pays a financé la reconstruction du bâtiment entièrement détruit lors du séisme de 2010.

Deux ans après la pose de la première pierre, le chef de l'Etat taïwanais --actuellement en visite officielle en Haïti-- est revenu sur la place du Champ de Mars, au coeur de la capitale haïtienne, pour inaugurer le bâtiment en compagnie de son homologue haïtien Michel Martelly.

14 Jul 2015 description

Port-au-Prince, Haiti | AFP | Tuesday 7/14/2015 - 23:31 GMT

A top Haitian court reopened its doors for the first time in more than five years Tuesday, after getting help from Taiwan reconstructing the building, shattered in a devastating earthquake.

Two years after the first stone was laid for the new Court of Cassation, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou inaugurated the building while hailing his country's ties with Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas.

10 Jul 2015 description

Tokyo, Japan | AFP | Saturday 7/11/2015 - 01:49 GMT

Super typhoon Chan-hom barrelled towards eastern China near commercial hub Shanghai on Saturday, prompting the evacuation of more than 865,000 people after earlier lashing Japan's Okinawa island chain and Taiwan.

The powerful storm could be the strongest typhoon to make landfall in Zhejiang province, which borders Shanghai to the south, for the month of July since 1949, China's National Meteorological Centre (NMC) said.

07 Jul 2015 description

Marshall Islands - Tropical Cyclone NANGKA
NANGKA formed over the northern Pacific Ocean on 3 July. On 6 July, at 6.00 UTC, its centre was located 360km west of Enewetak atoll and it was a Typhoon.
• Over the next 48h, NANGKA is forecast to continue moving north-west towards the Northern Mariana Islands, intensifying further. According to the data of 6 July (6.00 UTC), its track will approach only scarcely populated or uninhabited places.

11 May 2015 description

5/11/2015 - 06:47 GMT

by Joel GUINTO

Two people have been killed in a powerful typhoon that grazed the Philippines' northeastern tip, according to authorities who said Monday that the evacuation of coastal villages and volcanic slopes averted a higher toll.

Many of the thousands who fled the storm's path started to return home after typhoon Noul -- the fourth and strongest storm to hit the Philippines this year -- whipped the coast with wind gusts of up to 220 kilometres (137 miles) per hour.

10 May 2015 description

Manila, Philippines | AFP | Sunday 5/10/2015 - 10:39 GMT

by Mynardo MACARAIG

More than 2,000 people were fleeing their homes as Typhoon Noul struck the northern Philippines Sunday, triggering warnings of possible flash floods, landslides and tsunami-like storm surges.

The storm's movement has slowed slightly but it has also strengthened to pack gusts of 220 kilometres (137 miles) per hour, said Esperanza Cayanan, chief of the government's weather monitoring division.

26 Apr 2015 description

Hong Kong, China | AFP | Sunday 4/26/2015 - 06:17 GMT

by Jennifer O'MAHONY

International aid groups and governments intensified efforts to get rescuers and supplies into earthquake-hit Nepal on Sunday, but severed communications and landslides in the Himalayan nation posed formidable challenges to the relief effort.

06 Feb 2015 description

En el marco de toma de posesión de la Presidencia Pro Témpore del Consejo de Representantes del CEPREDENAC, se realizó la inauguración del Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia –COE- Regional, así como de la Sede Departamental de CONRED en Quetzaltenango.

31 Dec 2014 description

Volcanic Explosivity in Asia-Pacific

This map shows the density of volcanic eruptions based on the explosivity index for each eruption and the time period of the eruption. Eruption information is spread to 100km beyond point source to indicate areas that could be affected by volcanic emissions or ground shaking.

31 Dec 2014 description

Earthquake Intensity Risk Zones

This map shows earthquake intensity zones in accordance with the 1956 version of the Modified Mercalli Scale (MM), describing the effects of an earthquake on the surface of the earth and integrating numerous parameters such as ground acceleration, duration of an earthquake, and subsoil effects. It also includes historical earthquake reports.

31 Dec 2014 description

Tropical Storm Risk Zones

This map was derived from the Munich Reinsurance Company's World Map of Natural Hazards and shows tropical storm intensity based on the five wind speeds of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

31 Dec 2014 description

Physical Exposure to Drought

Drought is a phenomenon that affects more people globally than any other natural hazard. Unlike aridity, which refers to a semi-permanent condition of low precipitation (desert regions), drought results from the accumulated effect of deficient precipitation over a prolonged period of time.

The units used in this product refer to the expected average annual population (2010 as the year of reference) exposed (inhabitants). The dataset includes an estimate of the annual physical exposure to drought. It is based on three sources:

31 Dec 2014 description

Sixteen years of wildfires in Asia-Pacific

Wild land fires and other biomass fires annually burn a total land area of between 3.5 and 4.5 million km2, equivalent to the surface area of India and Pakistan together, or more than half of Australia. This makes it one of the most spatially prevalent hazards after drought.

17 Dec 2014 description
report Redhum

Nicaragua, 16 de Diciembre 2014

Fuente: El 19 digital

Los fenómenos naturales dejaron un panorama de destrucción en Nicaragua durante este 2014, siendo solo superados por el terremoto de 1972 y el Huracán Mitch, en 1998. Ante ello el Gobierno de Taiwán está demostrando su solidaridad al donar 30 millones de dólares para apoyar al Gobierno de Nicaragua en las diferentes tareas de reconstrucción emprendidas a partir de cada una de las emergencias que enfrentó el país.

28 Nov 2014 description


  • El Programa Mundial de Alimentos –PMA-, en coordinación con instituciones de Gobierno ONGs y agencias de Naciones Unidas, realizó una evaluación de seguridad alimentaria y nutricional en emergencia (ESAE).

  • 1.2 millones de personas en municipios adicionales (no contemplados en evaluación de Gobierno) afectados de las zonas de Oriente y Occidente podrían estar en inseguridad alimentaria moderada o severa según la ESAE.

12 Nov 2014 description

El monto se destinará a la compra de insecticidas de amplio espectro

La República de China Taiwán, a través de su embajadora en Nicaragua, Ingrid Hsing, donó este martes 20 mil dólares al país para la lucha contra el chikungunya, una enfermedad que ha afectado a 582 personas.

El monto será destinado a la compra de Cipertetrina al 25 por ciento, un insecticida de amplio espectro, el cual se utilizará para fortalecer la lucha contra la enfermedad.

03 Nov 2014 description

Altos precios, agotamiento de reservas, e ingresos limitados afectan la seguridad alimentaria


  • En Honduras, impactos recurrentes en los cultivos de granos básicos incluyendo perdidas de la cosecha de Primera de este año, alza de precios de los alimentos básicos, y limitado empleo en el café, pondrán a los hogares más pobres en Estrés (Fase 2, CIF) durante octubre 2014 a marzo 2015.

22 Oct 2014 description
report Xinhua

TAIPEI, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Health departments in Taiwan are gearing up for potential Ebola cases as the fatal virus rages through West Africa.

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou urged the island's health departments to map out a pandemic prevention plan and check medical resources while asking the public to stay calm at a meeting on Tuesday.

"There is no need to panic since we have rich experience in dealing with epidemics," Ma said, also stressing that Ebola spreads through body fluids, unlike airborne SARS.

15 Oct 2014 description

Un aporte económico de más de 2 millones de quetzales para fortalecer la entrega de asistencia alimentaria a familias afectadas por la sequía prolongada, fue recibido este martes por la vicepresidenta Roxana Baldetti, de parte del Gobiernno de la República de China-Taiwán. La vicemandataria en compañía de Adolfo Sun, embajador de China-Taiwán, dieron a conocer en el acto realizado en el Palacio Nacional de la Cultura que con ese aporte se beneficiarán más de cinco mil familias que perdieron sus cosechas.