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22 Feb 2017 description

Turkey hosts more than 2.8 million Syrian refugees, including one million displaced Syrians between the ages of 18 and under. Syrians make up nearly 95% of the total population in Kil is province, and nearly a quarter of the total population in Hatay and Şanlıurfa provinces.

22 Feb 2017 description

Syrians fleeing conflict and violence and insecurity are being internally and externally displaced. This map identifies IDP sites in Syria, official refugee camp locations in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as areas in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq where sizable concentrations of Syrians are living in urban areas. It also shows numbers of externally displaced Syrians reported in the neighboring countries, as well as in Egypt and North Africa with charts to illustrate numbers of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and living in camps or outside camps.

22 Feb 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The trend of increased numbers of refugees and migrants on the Central Mediterranean route continues in 2017 - more than 80 per cent of all sea arrivals during the first 6 weeks of the year were registered in Italy.

  • Major risks confronted by refugee and migrant children and women along this route remain to be detention, extortion, gender-based violence, abuse, exploitation and drowning at sea.

22 Feb 2017 description

‘Politics of demonization’ breeding division and fear

21 Feb 2017 description

"The kids love the concept that they're talking to a television"

By Adela Suliman

LONDON, Feb 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As a university graduate, Korvi Rakshand wanted nothing more than to help break the cycle of poverty in his native Bangladesh by teaching children on the margins of society.

He rented a single room in a slum for his lessons and provided half a kilo of rice a day to parents as a way of encouraging them to send their children to class.

21 Feb 2017 description

Syria Crisis: Digital support for schools at the heart of the conflict

For over 6 years, Syrian children have been going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern world, to such an extent that its consequences go far beyond the country's frontiers. As the civil unrest continues to shake Syria, more and more children have no choice but to abandon their schooling. Whilst many have sought refuge outside of the country, over 30% (representing some 1.75 million children) remain out-of-school within Syria.

21 Feb 2017 description

2016 Key Figures

1: Turkey is the top refugee-hosting country in the world

28,901: Refugees submitted by UNHCR for resettlement (since 1 January 2016)

15,140: Refugees counselled on the work permit regulation by UNHCR and partners (Since March 2016)

24,703: Non-Syrian refugees and asylum seekers with specific needs identified by UNHCR and referred for assistance (since 1 January 2016)

32,047: Refugees and asylum-seekers received counselling from UNHCR Ankara (since 1 January 2016)

20 Feb 2017 description

Humanitarian Overview

Six years of conflict in Syria have resulted in one of the largest humanitarian crises since World War II.

The situation in Syria is a global humanitarian crisis demanding an extraordinary response to meet the needs of those affected.

19 Feb 2017 description
report IsraAID

ANKARA -- “The living conditions aren’t easy at all” shares Aisha, 13 years old from Iraq, "but that’s not the hard part. The real hard part is feeling like a stranger, all the time".

IsraAID’s relief team has returned from a mission in Turkey, with open hearts and torn stomachs.

19 Feb 2017 description

As part of President Erdoğan Visit to Qatar

February 18th, 2017 ― Doha: A high-profile delegation of the Turkish Red Crescent visited Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS) to hold meetings with QRCS top officials and sign a framework agreement for further humanitarian cooperation.

The Turkish delegation was in Doha as part of the visit of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to deepen bilateral diplomatic relations between the two nations.

17 Feb 2017 description

Trends of Sea Arrivals

Between 06 and 12 February, 207 refugees and migrants arrived to Greece by sea – a decrease from the 460 who arrived the previous week. The number of sea arrivals fluctuated between 0 arrivals (09-12 February) and 57 (07 February). Kastelorizo recorded the majority of estimated sea arrivals (85), followed by Lesvos (54). Comparing with the previous week the average number of daily arrivals decreased from 66 to 30.

16 Feb 2017 description

Key Figures

Total Number of Persons of Concern

Total Number of Afghan Refugees

Total Number of Afghan Asylum-Seekers

Afghans Registered in January

16 Feb 2017 description

Key Figures

Total Number of Persons of Concern

Total Number of Iraqi Refugees

Total Number of Iraqi Asylum-Seekers

Iraqis Registered in January