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30 Jun 2016 description

In July 2014, the increased operational complexity and scale of the Syria crisis led to the establishment of four separate Humanitarian Funds (HFs) in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. The Funds are led and managed by the respective Humanitarian Coordinators with OCHA offices in each country supporting the delivery of country-led response plans.

29 Jun 2016 description

Turkey will deliver 10.000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Palesitinian people in Gaza ahead of the Eid Al-Fitr.

June 28, 2016 – Ankara / Coordinated by Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), humanitarian relief supplies consisting of flour, sugar, rice, food packages and toys will be sailed on Friday from the Mersin Port.

29 Jun 2016 description

Those Who Believe In Justice Never Give Up

Defending human rights is slow, hard work. Across the globe, those who kill civilians, torture detainees, and use rape as a weapon of war all too often act in the belief that they will never have to pay for their crimes. It can take years of painstaking, often dangerous investigation for the perpetrators of such atrocities to be brought to justice.

28 Jun 2016 description

KAHRAMANMARAŞ, Turkey – The Danish Refugee Council on Tuesday opened the first Community Centre (CC) in Kahramanmaraş province, Turkey, hosting more than 80,000 Syrian refugees.

The new ECHO-funded CC is part of a bigger programme of centers that DRC is implementing in center Turkey. Through all type of services, DRC supported more than 137,000 Syrian refugees in 2015 alone, in close collaboration with the authorities.

"Our top priority is to provide essential support to both the refugee and Turkish host community," said DRC Secretary General Andreas Kamm.

28 Jun 2016 description
report Save the Children

Asylum seekers reporting unlawful practices in detention centres on the Greek islands

As leaders meet for the European Council meeting today, Save the Children warns of a growing body of evidence confirming that the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal is breaching international human rights laws.

Syrian families whose asylum claims were rejected and are awaiting deportation to Turkey have shared grave concerns with Save the Children regarding the legality of the asylum process sanctioned by the EU-Turkey agreement.

27 Jun 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Aleksandar Dimishkovski

When I first met Samira Azizi, she was overjoyed by the return of her mother with a three-day-old baby girl – the latest member of the Azizi family and Samira’s new sister. Her mother had just returned to the Tabanovce refugee and migrant transit centre, only four days after giving birth to her fifth child at a nearby hospital in Kumanovo.

27 Jun 2016 description

Joint NGO statement ahead of the European Council of 28-29 June 2016 NGOs strongly condemn new EU policies to contain migration

At the upcoming European Council, European Union (EU) leaders will discuss the European Commission’s Communication on a new Partnership Framework with third countries. The Communication proposes an approach which aims to leverage existing EU and Member States' external cooperation instruments and tools in order to stem migration to Europe.

27 Jun 2016 description

214.861 llegadas por mar en 2016
2.861 muertos/deasaparecidos
publicado a las 10:00 hs. (horario Europa Central) 24/6/16
1.011.712 llegadas en 2015

24 Jun 2016 description
report Caritas

“In the past, we have witnessed a practice that differentiates people based on their nationality. Those coming from subSaharan African countries, for instance, are typically considered ‘safe’ and are thus issued deportation orders as soon as they arrive on the EU territory. In many cases, they are not informed of their protection possibilities, and the national authorities and European agencies present, thus effectively refrain from giving them opportunities to claim asylum.

24 Jun 2016 description

​The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 19-25 June 2016 and includes updates on poliomyelitis, public health risks associated with refugee movements, Zika virus, yellow fever and West Nile fever.

24 Jun 2016 description
report Inter Press Service

By Lyndal Rowlands

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 23 2016 (IPS) - Despite their extreme vulnerability, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) refugees often do not seek the assistance they need, since revealing their sexual or gender identities can put them in grave danger.

23 Jun 2016 description


  • By the end of May, 130,966 vulnerable Syrians living outside camps have been identified as eligible for the e-food card programme. WFP continued to support 155,000 Syrians through its e-card programme in eleven camps in Turkey.

  • WFP is working with its strategic partner the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC), in coordination with the Government of Turkey, to assist off-camp Syrians, scaling up to add an additional 100,000 people monthly to a total of 585,000 people assisted.

Operational Updates

23 Jun 2016 description

214.691 llegadas por mar en 2016
2.861 muertos/desaparecidos

publicado a las 10:00 hs. (horario Europa Central) 21/6/16
1.011.712 llegadas en 2015

23 Jun 2016 description

Turkish businessman provides Syrian refugees with shelter and food, and helps them clear the bureaucratic hurdles to obtain work permits.

By Don Murray

TORBALI, Turkey, June 22, 2016 – One man can change lives. Just ask the Syrian refugees in Torbali, near Izmir, about the work of Levent Topçu.

Levent, known to the refugees simply by his first name, is the 52-year-old general manager of Ege, a Turkish company that makes leather goods and employs 60 people.