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29 Jun 2015 description

Ces dernières années ont été marquées par des crises humanitaires majeures en République Centrafricaine, au Sud Soudan, en Syrie, en Irak, et dans les régions touchées par le virus Ebola. Plus près de chez nous, l’est de l’Ukraine est en proie au chaos, suspendu à un fragile cessez-le-feu. Ces crises mobilisent comme jamais jusqu’alors l’ensemble de la communauté humanitaire qui doit faire face à de multiples conflits inscrits dans la durée.

Les ressources humaines et financières de nos organisations sont durement éprouvées alors même que les besoins grandissent.

19 Jun 2015 description


WFP focuses on developing the capacity of the Government of Timor-Leste in managing supplementary feeding through the Ministry of Health’s Mother and Child Health and Nutrition Programme. Technical assistance, capacity development and a strategy for handover of a sustainable food based programme to the Government are key priorities.

Targeted boys and girls between 6-59 months and pregnant women and nursing mothers will benefit from the project.

WFP has been present in Timor-Leste since 1999.

10 Jun 2015 description
report UN Population Fund

On the 8th of June 2015, the General Directorate of Statistics (GDS), in association with the Government of Timor-Leste and the Ministry of Finance, with support from UNFPA and UN Women, launched the National Census of Population and Housing Timor-Leste Campaign at Government Palace, Dili. The campaign aims to distribute information concerning the Nation's third census since the restoration of independence in 2002, which is due to begin on the 11th of July 2015.

08 Jun 2015 description


The Asia Pacific zone (APZ) of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) comprises the zone office in Kuala Lumpur, four regional offices in Suva (Pacific), Bangkok (Southeast Asia), Delhi (South Asia) and Beijing (East Asia) and 12 country offices, adopting a “best-positioned” strategy to support the national societies (NSs) in the zone according to their needs. Through this decentralized management structure, the Asia Pacific zone office directs the work of the regional and country offices.

29 May 2015 description

By Hervé Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General for the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Eighteen months ago, Bentiu, like most towns in South Sudan, was bustling with the restlessness of markets, people trading and children going to school. UNMISS, the UN Mission in South Sudan, was busy supporting development and growth in the world's youngest nation.

07 May 2015 description

Aide humanitaire aux réfugiés sahraouis, la crise oubliée

L'année 2015 marque les 40 ans de cette crise oubliée. Les réfugiés sahraouis, estimés à plus de 165 000 personnes par les autorités algériennes, vivent depuis plusieurs générations dans des camps répartis autour de la ville de Tindouf, au sud-ouest de l'Algérie, et dépendent intégralement de l'aide internationale pour l'accès aux services essentiels (eau, assainissement, hygiène, alimentation/nutrition, soins de santé, soutien aux personnes vulnérables...).

06 May 2015 description
report CARE

When CARE Australia’s Lydia Hanna met Leonora in Timor-Leste, it was easy to see why CARE partners with women to improve the lives of whole communities.

28 Apr 2015 description


  • Main 2015 season paddy and maize crops forecast to increase

  • Cereal imports projected to rise in 2014/15 marketing year

  • Overall food security conditions improving but localized food insecurity still persists

Main 2015 season paddy and maize crops forecast to increase

27 Apr 2015 description


Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) achieved a number of significant milestones in 2014 that further reinforces their development towards becoming a stronger and more financially sustainable National Society.

13 Apr 2015 description

WFP will focus on building the capacity of the Government of Timor-Leste to manage supplementary feeding through the Ministry of Health’s Mother and Child Health and Nutrition programme. Technical assistance, capacity development, and a strategy to handover a sustainable food-based programme to the Government are key priorities.

The capacity building component targets boys and girls between 6-59 months and pregnant and lactating women. WFP has been present in Timor-Leste since 1999.

23 Mar 2015 description

This paper reviews the available data on men’s and women’s land rights, identifies what can and cannot be measured by these data, and uses these measures to assess the gaps in the land rights of women and men. Building on the conceptual framework developed in 2014 by Doss et al., we utilize nationally representative individual- and plot-level data from Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Timor-Leste to calculate five indicators: incidence of ownership by sex; distribution of ownership by sex; and distribution of plots, mean plot size, and distribution of land area, all by sex of owner.

16 Mar 2015 description
report Voice of America

Jacob Achiek, Lucy Poni

Last updated on: March 14, 2015 5:31 PM

BOR— Asia's newest nation and one of its oldest are stepping up to help Africa's -- and the world's -- youngest country, South Sudan.

On Friday, more than half of a $150,000 grant from the government of Timor-Leste, which became independent from Indonesia in May 2002, was released to officials in Jonglei state. The $80,000 is to be used to build a school in Bor County. Many schools in the county have been shut down by the 15-month-old conflict in South Sudan.

14 Mar 2015 description

Six countries in Asia are taking the lead in collaboration with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization to deliver “blue growth” – a regional initiative which aims to promote the intensification of aquaculture production in an ecological and sustainable way, FAO officials announced today.

The six countries, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and Viet Nam are taking the lead to pilot plans to upgrade aquaculture in order to help meet the food security needs of a growing global population – expected to top nine billion people by 2050.

09 Mar 2015 description

By Lucia Cipullo, Regional Disaster Law Delegate for South East Asia

February was an exciting month in Timor Leste, as Disaster Law Programme developments kicked off for the first time. From 25- 26 February, IFRC and Cruz Vermelha de Timor Leste (Timor Leste Red Cross, also known as ‘CVTL’) participated in the Humanitarian Country Team disaster response simulation exercise, the outcomes of which recommended strengthening the national legal and policy framework for disaster management and response.

03 Mar 2015 description
report Inter Press Service

By Kanya D'Almeida

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 3 2015 (IPS) - Nearly half of the four billion people who reside in the Asia-Pacific region are women. They comprise two-thirds of the region’s poor, with millions either confined to their homes or pushed into the informal labour market where they work without any safeguards for paltry daily wages. Millions more become victims of trafficking and are forced into prostitution or sexual slavery.

12 Feb 2015 description


523,592 Refugees and asylumseekers
2,361 Identified unaccompanied minors
1,393,736 Stateless persons
20,000 Estimated irregular maritime departures in 2014

Population of concern

A total of 2.7 million people of concern including 1.4 million stateless and over 700,000 internally displaced.