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12 Feb 2016 description

Highlights 1-31 January 2016

  • Bangladesh: During January, IOM provided return assistance, including food and onward transportation, to 51 Bangladeshis returning from Thailand under IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Programme. To date, IOM has provided return assistance to 2,433 Bangladeshis. A total of 1,642 returnees have been provided psychosocial counselling through 62 sessions all over the country.

18 Jan 2016 description


The number of displaced families in North Cotabato province temporarily increased from 186 families to about 600 families (2,800 people) following armed conflict over land between two clans associated with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on 7 Jan. About 60 per cent of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) returned home by 12 Jan. Remaining IDPs are staying with friends or relatives. Initial assistance was provided by municipal authorities.

2,800 people displaced

12 Jan 2016 description

Highlights 1-31 December 2015

  • Bangladesh: During December, IOM provided return assistance including food and onward transportation to 116 Bangladeshis under IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Programme. As of 31 December, the total number of returnees is 2,382. To date IOM has provided return assistance to 2,326 Bangladeshi nationals including reinsertion grant for 1,642 Bangladeshis.

29 Dec 2015 description


  • An estimated 1 million people in Burma require humanitarian assistance

  • HCT requests $190 million through newly launched 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan

  • USG contributes additional $5 million for food assistance to IDPs and conflict-affected people


10 Dec 2015 description

Highlights 1-30 November 2015

  • Bangladesh: In November IOM provided return assistance including food and onward transportation to 61 Bangladeshis under IOM’s AVR programme. As of 30 November, the total number of returnees is 2,266. To date IOM has provided return assistance to 2,210 Bangladeshi nationals including a reinsertion grant for 1,197 Bangladeshis.

26 Nov 2015 description
South East Asia and the Pacific
Technical Annex - version 4

AMOUNT: EUR 25 500 000


13 Nov 2015 description

• The Rohingya are the largest group of stateless persons in the world. Systematic discrimination and human rights abuses in Myanmar has led to mass migration; most aim to reach Malaysia in risky sea voyages, falling prey to human trafficking. Many don’t make it to their destination and end up detained in transit countries, many die on the way. Protection is by far the largest concern, including gender based violence and child protection.

09 Nov 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

Bang Saphan is 4 hours away and has our most vulnerable families that we work with.

The trip had several aims:

• Operate our field medical clinic to provide much needed medical care
• Equip the school children with bikes; helmets and school bags so they can ride to school instead of walk 7km each way.
• Pass on donations of clothes, mosquito nets, rice, canned fish and dog food
• Donate the 3 months supply of medicines to the qualified nurse living in the village

14 Oct 2015 description

In Australia, the language will be different.
In Australia, the values will be different.
In Australia, the people will be different.
In Australia, everything will be different.

12 Oct 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

The September trip to Baan Pa La U was the first time Jungle Aid has spent three consecutive days on a single visit to a village. There was a lot to be done…..

The village has 30 houses with 200 people who have limited medical care and education and virtually no access to basics of life such as clean water, electricity, toilets and waste disposal facilities.

The trip had several aims:

• Operate our field medical clinic to provide much needed medical care

07 Oct 2015 description


The word ‘labs’ is sometimes confl ated with the fashionable nomenclature of innovators, and innovative organizations. For others, the word ‘lab’ may conjure up images of men and women wearing large plastic goggles, and white coats, almost certainly holding test tubes full of colorful – possibly fi zzing – liquid.

06 Oct 2015 description
report Bangkok Post

Downpours triggered by tropical depression Mujigae are replenishing reservoirs in Chachoengsao but flooding homes and farmland in other provinces, prompting alerts to residents.

Mujigae, which on Sunday developed from a tropical storm into a typhoon before being downgraded yesterday morning, is causing rainfall across the upper parts of the country.

14 Sep 2015 description

Highlights August 2015

  • Bangladesh: IOM provided food, non-food-items, health screenings and onward transportation to 494 Bangladeshis. 204 returned under IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Programme and 290 were repatriated with the assistance of the Government of Bangladesh. This includes 75 unaccompanied minors returning in August.

11 Sep 2015 description


With the elections in Burma/Myanmar set for November 8, 2015, the political climate was focused on preparations leading up to the polls. The Union Election Commission tried to address some of the issues encountered in 2010 general elections, and competition between and within registered political parties intensified. However, the ongoing repression of rights to peaceful assembly, expression, and association undermines the potential for free and fair elections.

04 Sep 2015 description

NAN, 04 September 2015, (NNT) - Heavy rain continued to pour in the North and Northeast, increasing Mekong River water levels in Nong Khai and Nakhon Phanom provinces and flooding more than 200 homes in Nan province.

Nan officials distributed drinking water, medicine and leptospirosis vaccines to flood-affected locals in Chiang Klang district. The latest official reports on Thursday showed flood levels were as high 1m. Runoff also damaged more 1,000 rai of farmland.

01 Sep 2015 description


  • At least 5,000 refugees and migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh found themselves stranded at sea in May, when the people smugglers and ship crews who had promised to take them to Malaysia abandoned them en masse in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. An additional 1,000 people who were thought to be at sea in May and remain unaccounted for may have unofficially disembarked without the knowledge of authorities.