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13 Mar 2015 description

Executive summary

The normalisation of Burma/Myanmar’s international relations reached new heights in November 2014 with foreign leaders coming to Naypyidaw for the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit. The democratic transition appears to be on track for national elections to be held in the last quarter of 2015. However, the reform process seems increasingly fragile on a number of fronts.

12 Mar 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

We do not currently have access to this remote village but as always when there is a problem with access we try to overcome it. The village has approximately 70 people still and they are our most displaced and most vulnerable group we support. Our volunteers met as usual at 7am with 2 trucks loaded with over 500kg of rice, many clothes, flip flops, mosquito nets and toothbrushes. Our volunteers included two new doctors, our nurse and our fantastic translators without which no trip would be possible.

11 Feb 2015 description



In 2014, Asia and the Pacific experienced 126 natural disasters, which affected a total of 85 million people. Significantly, casualties were a quarter of what they were in 2013, with nearly 4,000 people killed by disasters in the region. Floods and landslides were the primary causes of death according to the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED).

29 Jan 2015 description
report Irrawaddy


CHIANG MAI, Thailand — Karen rebels have teamed up with the Burmese government to build a new “model village” for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in southeastern Karen State, The Irrawaddy has confirmed.

The village, built from scratch and named Lay Kay Kaw, is located in Kawkareik Township near the Thai—Burma border, according to Maj. Saw Zorro, a liaison officer for the Karen National Union (KNU) who is based in Myawaddy. The new settlement is under the authority of the KNU’s 6th Brigade.

16 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 16 January 2015 (NNT)-The Meteorological Department has advised people to keep warm as the weather will remain cold for many days.

In Yasothon, 500 blankets have been distributed to the residents affected by the icy weather. The 16th Infantry Division of the Royal Thai Army will deliver more blankets to people in the surrounding areas particularly the elderly and poor families.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 14 January 2015 (NNT) – The Minister of Interior has urged authorities to provide aid to the public affected by the winter disaster in the 24 provinces of Thailand.

The Minister of Interior Gen. Anupong Paojinda has updated the current situation of the winter disaster, stating that a total of 265 districts in 24 provinces in the northern and northeastern region of Thailand are now declared winter disaster zones.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 12 January 2015 (NNT) – The Minister of Interior has called all related provinces to provide aid to the affected public from the cold weather and to come up with prevention measures for the upcoming hazardous cold weather.

The Ministry of Interior Gen. Anupong Paojinda stated that the current winter situation has forced up to 250 districts from 23 provinces to be declared as winter disaster zones in the northern and northeastern region of Thailand.

14 Jan 2015 description

TAK, 13 January 2015 (NNT) – The northern province of Tak is set to declare several more districts as cold disaster areas if the temperature in the region keeps on dropping for a few more days.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 13 January 2015 (NNT) - Pol Gen Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS), has reiterated to all related units to expedite the delivery of necessary assistance to people affected by the cold disaster in various provinces of the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand.

13 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 13 January 2015 (NNT) - A sudden drop in temperature in upper Thailand has affected more than 2 million people and prompted many provinces to be declared disaster zones.

In Chiang Mai, 400,000 families in 25 districts have been enduring the cold weather after the temperature dropped to 12-14 degrees Celsius. The financial aid of 33 million baht has already been sought to assist winter stricken residents.

Warm clothes have been distributed to people in Phitsanulok as the temperature has gone below 15 degrees Celsius for 3 consecutive days.

08 Jan 2015 description

PHIJIT, 7 Jan 2015 (NNT) - The Provincial Administration of Phichit yesterday handed out warm clothes to cold-affected locals in two districts.

According to Deputy Governor Suttha Saiwanitch, the distribution was supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security which has prepared a total of 15,000 blankets for affected people in the 12 districts of the province.

26 Dec 2014 description

PHAYAO, 26 Dec 2014 (NNT) – The Phayao Provincial Administrative Organization, together with several local social clubs yesterday donated 700 blankets to students and senior citizens in the cold struck Phusang District of Phayao.

Aside from the winter clothes, the team also gave sports equipment and stationery to schools in the area, which is being hit by a cold spell due to its high hilly terrain.

24 Dec 2014 description

NAKHON PHANOM, 24 Dec 2014 (NNT) – With the cold weather covering the North and the Northeast of the Kingdom, Nakhon Phanom has already reported one death from the harsh weather.

Nakhon Phanom locals can be seen sitting around bonfire to warm themselves amid the average temperature of 13-14 degrees Celsius. Officials have reported that a senior citizen of 93 years old succumbed to the harsh weather conditions, adding that authorities have been dispatched to provide assistance to all of the province’s 12 districts. Half of them have been declared cold disaster areas.

24 Dec 2014 description

Hope abounds for families who increased their income or gained dignity in life; young people can dream of fulfilling their ambitions

BANGKOK (19 December 2014) - The 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was known as one of the most devastating disasters of recent times. The tsunami was caused by a 9-magnitude undersea earthquake that struck off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. More than 230,000 died and 1.7 million people were displaced as the tsunami affected more than a dozen countries from Thailand to Madagascar.

23 Dec 2014 description

PATTANI, 23 December 2014 (NNT) – Pattani province has declared 10 districts as flood disaster zones, affecting 10,098 households and 5,000 rais of farm land, said the governor.

The governor of Pattani Werapong Kaewsuwan today announced that the province has declared flood disaster zones in 10 districts of the province, covering 193 villages and affected 37,790 persons.

Until now, 5,000 rais of farmland has been inundated, 7 roads damaged, one house damaged entirely, and one casualty has been reported, while the damage reports are still pending in some other areas.

14 Dec 2014 description
report Malteser

Help for body, mind and soul

On 26 December 2004, the most devastating tsunami in history brought death, misery and immense suffering to the people on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In its aftermath, 250,000 people were dead or missing, and nearly 1.7 million lost their homes. Immediately, Malteser International ran to the aid of the survivors – with both material as well as psychological assistance. A large-scale, sustainable reconstruction and reintegration program followed.