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09 Feb 2015 description

BANGKOK, 9 February 2015 (NNT) - Drought crisis has worsened in many provinces while the temperature begins dropping again in the upper part of Thailand.

The same situation is reported in the southern province of Phang-nga. Boh San residents are forced to store water in large containers as the water level in Boh San dyke has plunged so significantly that there is not enough water for consumption for the surrounding communities.

Crops in more than 3,600 rai of farmlands are now at risk of a water shortage.

16 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 16 January 2015 (NNT)-The Meteorological Department has advised people to keep warm as the weather will remain cold for many days.

In Yasothon, 500 blankets have been distributed to the residents affected by the icy weather. The 16th Infantry Division of the Royal Thai Army will deliver more blankets to people in the surrounding areas particularly the elderly and poor families.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 14 January 2015 (NNT) – The Minister of Interior has urged authorities to provide aid to the public affected by the winter disaster in the 24 provinces of Thailand.

The Minister of Interior Gen. Anupong Paojinda has updated the current situation of the winter disaster, stating that a total of 265 districts in 24 provinces in the northern and northeastern region of Thailand are now declared winter disaster zones.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 12 January 2015 (NNT) – The Minister of Interior has called all related provinces to provide aid to the affected public from the cold weather and to come up with prevention measures for the upcoming hazardous cold weather.

The Ministry of Interior Gen. Anupong Paojinda stated that the current winter situation has forced up to 250 districts from 23 provinces to be declared as winter disaster zones in the northern and northeastern region of Thailand.

14 Jan 2015 description

TAK, 13 January 2015 (NNT) – The northern province of Tak is set to declare several more districts as cold disaster areas if the temperature in the region keeps on dropping for a few more days.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 13 January 2015 (NNT) - Pol Gen Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS), has reiterated to all related units to expedite the delivery of necessary assistance to people affected by the cold disaster in various provinces of the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand.

14 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 14 January 2015 (NNT) – As many as 265 districts in 24 provinces have been declared as cold disaster areas since December 1, 2014, whereas 27 districts in 7 provinces have been declared as drought-afflicted areas during the same period.

13 Jan 2015 description

BANGKOK, 13 January 2015 (NNT) - A sudden drop in temperature in upper Thailand has affected more than 2 million people and prompted many provinces to be declared disaster zones.

In Chiang Mai, 400,000 families in 25 districts have been enduring the cold weather after the temperature dropped to 12-14 degrees Celsius. The financial aid of 33 million baht has already been sought to assist winter stricken residents.

Warm clothes have been distributed to people in Phitsanulok as the temperature has gone below 15 degrees Celsius for 3 consecutive days.

08 Jan 2015 description

PHIJIT, 7 Jan 2015 (NNT) - The Provincial Administration of Phichit yesterday handed out warm clothes to cold-affected locals in two districts.

According to Deputy Governor Suttha Saiwanitch, the distribution was supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security which has prepared a total of 15,000 blankets for affected people in the 12 districts of the province.

26 Dec 2014 description

PHAYAO, 26 Dec 2014 (NNT) – The Phayao Provincial Administrative Organization, together with several local social clubs yesterday donated 700 blankets to students and senior citizens in the cold struck Phusang District of Phayao.

Aside from the winter clothes, the team also gave sports equipment and stationery to schools in the area, which is being hit by a cold spell due to its high hilly terrain.

24 Dec 2014 description

NAKHON PHANOM, 24 Dec 2014 (NNT) – With the cold weather covering the North and the Northeast of the Kingdom, Nakhon Phanom has already reported one death from the harsh weather.

Nakhon Phanom locals can be seen sitting around bonfire to warm themselves amid the average temperature of 13-14 degrees Celsius. Officials have reported that a senior citizen of 93 years old succumbed to the harsh weather conditions, adding that authorities have been dispatched to provide assistance to all of the province’s 12 districts. Half of them have been declared cold disaster areas.

24 Dec 2014 description

BANGKOK, 21 December 2014 (NNT) -- The Department of Disaster Prevention and Relief has declared six provinces to be cold disaster areas; meanwhile, six areas in the Northeast have been declared drought hit zones.

Since the beginning of November, the department has listed 28 districts in Mae Hong Song, Leoi, Chiang Mai, Petchabun, Nan and Utharadith as cold disaster areas, entitling those districts to emergency assistance funds.

18 Dec 2014 description

SAKON NAKHON, 18 December 2014 (NNT) – Cold weather still lingers over the North and Northeast, while the South is still being battered by heavy rain.

In Sakon Nakhon, the temperature has dropped to below 15 degrees Celsius for several consecutive days. This has contributed to an increase in the number of patients getting treated for respiratory tract illnesses. Medical officials said the elderly and children aged less than five are especially vulnerable. In Phrae's Mueng district, an 82-year-old man died from heart failure as he was sleeping through the cold weather.

16 Dec 2014 description

BANGKOK, 16 December 2014 (NNT) – Provinces in the North will remain cold throughout this week, whereas the southern provinces will continue to experience heavy raining, according to the Meteorological Department.

The weather bureau on Monday issued an announcement stating that the temperature in upper Thailand will drop by another 3-5 degrees Celsius due to influence from a high pressure area that continues to prevail over the region. This situation is expected to continue until Friday.

11 Dec 2014 description

BANGKOK, 11 December 2014 (NNT) - The Interior Ministry has declared three provinces in the upper part of Thailand emergency disaster-hit zones due to the cold weather.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior Sutee Markboon revealed that the three provinces are Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai in the North and Loei in the Northeast. The announcement takes effect in 10 districts, 45 sub districts and 512 villages in total.

02 Dec 2014 description

BANGKOK, 1 November 2014 (NNT) - Mae Hong Son province has declared Mueang and Pang Ma Pha districts disaster zones due to coldness. More than 22,000 people have been affected.

Governor of Mae Hong Son Suraphon Phanat-amphon said seven Tambon in Mueang district and four Tambon in Pang Ma Pha were hit by a cold spell. The province was urgently assisting people in the affected areas in terms of agriculture, livestock and fishery.

28 Nov 2014 description

CHIANG MAI, 28 Nov 2014 (NNT) - More visitors flocked to Chiang Mai’s famous Doi Inthanont, while cold snap in Nan Province prompted the military to send aid to the affected locals.

A frozen ground phenomena can be spotted around the vicinity of Doi Inthanont in Chiang Mai, as the temperature in the area has dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. The icy weather is much welcomed by the tourists evidenced by their sheer number visiting the area recently.

30 Oct 2014 description

BANGKOK, 30 October 2014 (NNT) – The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) is conducting a campaign to assist people in provinces susceptible to extreme cold weather by supplying them with blankets.

11 Sep 2014 description


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16 May 2014 description


Food price inflation in the region increased to 4.5 percent in March from 4 percent in February but still weaker than general inflation, which slowed to 5.7 percent.

  • FAO estimates China’s 2013 aggregate cereal production was 547.4 million tonnes in 2013, 1.4 percent higher than the 2012 record crop, even with a 1 percent smaller rice harvest.

  • In Indonesia, the price of rice has increased by 11.2 percent year-on-year despite record paddy production of 71 million tonnes in 2013.