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02 Sep 2015 description


In the sunlight from the door opening of her bamboo hut, Naw Sodo Shoko shows us pictures of what she does at her job: neatly folded elephants and swans from towels and bed sheets and colourful flower ornaments ready to ornate a fancy dinner table or hotel reception.

02 Sep 2015 description

AYUTTHAYA, 02 September 2015, (NNT) - Ayutthaya Provincial Administrative and Agricultural offices are working to help fish farm owners, as continuous rains have spoilt rice crops, polluted water in farmland and subsequently killed tens of thousand of fish in the farms.

Director of the Provincial Office for Natural Resources and the Environment Pranakornsriayutthaya, Wittaya Hadnil, said the event was reported in Maha Rat District.

02 Sep 2015 description

La FAO y el PNUD unen fuerzas en una iniciativa financiada por Alemania para dar prioridad a la agricultura en la planificación ante las variaciones del clima

1 de septiembre de 2015, Roma/Bangkok - Un nuevo programa de las Naciones Unidas financiado por Alemania apoyará a ocho países en desarrollo para que renueven y fortalezcan sus estrategias de adaptación frente al cambio climático.

01 Sep 2015 description

August 2015 – Trends

  • Deteriorated situations

Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Colombia/Venezuela, Guatemala, Kashmir, Lebanon, Nepal, Yemen

  • Improved situations

Guinea, South Sudan, Sri Lanka

September 2015 – Watchlist

  • Conflict risk alerts

Colombia/Venezuela, Guatemala, Iraq, Nepal, Yemen

  • Conflict resolution opportunities

    South Sudan

01 Sep 2015 description

L'initiative est financée par l'Allemagne

1er septembre 2015, Rome/Bangkok – Un nouveau programme des Nations Unies financé par l'Allemagne aidera huit pays en développement à réorganiser et à renforcer leurs stratégies d'adaptation au changement climatique.

01 Sep 2015 description

On this edition:

  • ASEAN Suports Myanmar Flood relief efforts

  • ACE Programme Second Batch Graduation

  • One ASEAN One Response Roadshow in Manila and many more

01 Sep 2015 description

FAO and UNDP join forces under German-funded initiative to raise profile of agriculture in climate change planning

1 September 2015, Rome/Bangkok - A new UN programme funded by Germany will help eight developing countries revamp and strengthen their adaptation responses to climate change.

01 Sep 2015 description


  • At least 5,000 refugees and migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh found themselves stranded at sea in May, when the people smugglers and ship crews who had promised to take them to Malaysia abandoned them en masse in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. An additional 1,000 people who were thought to be at sea in May and remain unaccounted for may have unofficially disembarked without the knowledge of authorities.

01 Sep 2015 description
report Jungle Aid

The village has approximately 110 people and they are the most displaced and most vulnerable group we support. Once again, we were reminded of how difficult it is for residents this widely scattered and displaced community to access basic requirements and towns. People have to walk for 2 days to reach Baan Bang Charoen to attend our medical clinic.

31 Aug 2015 description

BANGKOK, August 31, 2015 — The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today launched “SERVIR-Mekong,” a project to promote the use of satellite imagery to help Asia’s Lower Mekong region better predict and cope with floods and other natural disasters and increase resilience to the negative effects of climate change.

31 Aug 2015 description

YALA, 31 August 2015, (NNT) - Yala Provincial Administrative Office officials have visited locals affected by storm.

Muang Yala District Chief Preecha Chanakitkamjorn yesterday led a team of military, administrative officials, and village chiefs to visit Ta Sae Sub-district of Muang Yala District, which had been hard hit by a tropical storm earlier; where they distributed survival kits and offered various kinds of assistance to the affected locals. The storm wrecked 74 homes, several schools, hospitals and farmlands.

31 Aug 2015 description

YALA, 30 August 2015 (NNT) – The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre (SBPAC) receives development recommendations from religious leaders in the southern border provinces, hoping to implement them for practical development.

The SBPAC Secretary-General Phanu Uthairat has revealed the result of a seminar with religious leaders in the southern border provinces on regional development and other related issues that the religious leaders have provided suggestions which can be practically implemented in the area.

28 Aug 2015 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today’s Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva. Further information can be found on the UNHCR websites, www.unhcr.org and www.unhcr.fr, which should also be checked for regular media updates on non-briefing days.

UNHCR is calling for urgent action before the end of the monsoon season unleashes a new wave of people leaving on boats from the Bay of Bengal.

28 Aug 2015 description

By Ko Moe

Yangon, 27 Aug— A medical team from Thailand arrived at Mindaladon airbase on Thursday morning and flew to Hinthada to provide healthcare assistance for flood victims in the delta region over the next week.

The team includes surgeons, pediatricians, specialists, GPs, nurses and 29 other health staff and it will work in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

The team will treat patients at Kyatkun Station Hospital, Dabi Station Hospital as well as in Zalun, Myanaung, Laymyethna, Ingapu and Kyangin Townships.

27 Aug 2015 description

As a major regional meeting on migration health opens in the Thai capital today, Reuben Lim reports on the challenges migrants face in accessing healthcare in Asia and the efforts made to include them in national health systems.

By Reuben Lim

25 Aug 2015 description
report Bangkok Post


Thai authorities are to hold a preliminary round of peace talks Wednesday with a newly-formed alliance of southern insurgent groups.

Setting up safety zones in the far South will be among priority items for discussion during the talks to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Gen Aksara Kerdpol, head of the Thai negotiation team said Monday.

25 Aug 2015 description
report Human Rights Watch

Court Orders Compensation, but Abusive Troops Never Prosecuted