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26 Apr 2015 description


  • International community concerned over lack of access to civilians in Yarmouk.

  • At least 195,000 people fled escalating or imminent violence during reporting period.

  • Number of people living in besieged areas more than doubled

  • Vulnerable populations benefit from Syria Emergency Response Fund

  • 14 projects approved by Central Emergency Relief Fund

26 Apr 2015 description


  • Ishan hospital in Saraqab was damaged during an airstrike on 18 April, rendering it non-functional.

  • The SARC Idleb facilities at Carlton Hotel in Idleb city were extensively damaged in an airstrike on 17 April, with key assets, including nine SARC ambulances and vehicles damaged or destroyed. No SARC personnel were injured.

  • Non-state armed groups announced on 22 April the launch of new military campaigns along the route connecting Idleb city to Hama.

Situation Overview

19 Apr 2015 description

The Syria Emergency Response Fund for Jordan (ERF) mobilises and channels resources to humanitarian partners to respond to the current situation of the Syrian refugees in Jordan and initiate life-saving humanitarian activities.

18 Apr 2015 description


  • The humanitarian community remains extremely concerned about the protection of civilians given reports of intense fighting, shelling and aerial bombardment of Idleb city and surrounding areas. There are unconfirmed reports of 1,500 people injured in the past week.