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30 Jun 2015 description


  • Fighing continues in Hasakeh city

  • The Department of Social Affairs estimates that 120,000 people have been displaced as a result of the fighting

  • Almost 23,300 IDPs identified/registerd by parterns in the northern districts

  • The authorities establish a new camp in Gre Rash/Tal Aswad

30 Jun 2015 description
  • More than 40,000 displaced due to clashes and sustained aerial bombardement.

  • Trauma health needs to become critical as pre-positioned supplies run out if Ramtha border remains closed due to the intensity of aerial bombing at the crossing.

  • Lack of shelter and water are the top remaining uncovered needs apart from trauma.

29 Jun 2015 description

As Delivered by Assistant Secretary-General Kyung-wha Kang

Mr. President,

Distinguished members of the Security Council,

I have the honour to deliver the following statement that has been prepared by the Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mr. Stephen O’Brien. He deeply regrets that he is unable to present it himself in person today, due to long-scheduled travel that could not be changed, but assures you that he will do so on the next occasion.

28 Jun 2015 description


Fighting continued in Al-Hasekeh city.

The Department of Social Affairs estimates that 120,000 people have been displaced - 90,000 within the city and to surrounding villages, with 30,000 seeking refuge in the northern districts of the Governorate.
Electricity was cut in Al-Hasekeh city on 27 June, forcing the national hospital to operate below capacity.
The Kurdish autonomous administration announced the establishment of a new camp for IDPs in Gere Rash/Tal Aswad village.

26 Jun 2015 description


Fighting in Al-Hasakeh city continued on 26 June, although reportedly with less intensity than during the previous day. Displacement nevertheless continued and the Department of Social Affairs estimates that 120,000 people have been displaced within the city and to surrounding villages, as well as to the northern districts of the Governorate.

In response to the displacement, partners began to register IDPs and provide assistance in Qamishli, Amuda, Ras Al-Ain, Derbassiyeh and Tal Tamer.

25 Jun 2015 description


  • On 25 June, ISIL advances inside of Al-Hasakeh city which according to DoSA and local partners has resulted in the displacement of an estimated 60,000 people, including 50,000 within the city and another 10,000 having left the city toward Amuda.

  • An estimated 200,000 people may try to flee the city in the coming hours to northern areas of the governorate, most likely towards Amuda and Qamishli.

22 Jun 2015 description


  • Deliberate targeting of health facilities increases in Idleb, while displacement also rises

  • Over a half a million people have been newly displaced in the first four months of the year

  • Devastating levels of unexploded ordinance (UXOs) in Ayn al Arab (Kobane)

  • New initiatives to help children get access to take school exams

  • Jordan-based response partners prepare for evolving humanitarian needs in southern Syria

22 Jun 2015 description


The conflict continued unabated. Some 220,000 people are estimated to have been killed and over a million have been injured since 2011.

Humanitarian action continued to take place in a context of increased conflict and insecurity. Of the 77 humanitarian workers killed since the beginning of the conflict, 10 have been killed since 1 January 2015.

16 Jun 2015 description

Executive Summary

Intensifying conflict and slow and sudden-onset disaster are taking their toll. The result is that global financial requirements for the remainder of 2015 have risen by $2.4 billion. In early June 2015 they stand at $18.8 billion, to meet the needs of 78.9 million vulnerable people in 37 countries.

15 Jun 2015 description


  • Rapid ISIL advancement since May 31 has resulted in the takeover of Souran city and other areas in northern Aleppo governorate

  • Conflict in Aleppo city remained intense, including aerial bombardment and shelling, resulting in the deaths of at least 247 civilians, including 46 children, killed in both GoS and NSAG controlled neighborhoods during May alone

  • Since April 1 there have been 11 attacks on hospitals and other health facilities in Aleppo governorate with unconfirmed reports of another on June 8

11 Jun 2015 description

“Since I started attending psycho-social sessions, I have learned a lot... I now realize how strong I can be and the important role I can play in my family and community,” said Nawal, a mother of nine children, two of whom are disabled. Due to the conflict, she and her family have had to move from the southern town of Dara'a, further north to Daraya and subsequently to Sahnaya, in the outskirts of Damascus.

Read more on the OCHA website.

09 Jun 2015 description
Annex 1: ERF Accountability Framework
Annex 2: TOR, Review Bodies for the Syria ERF

l. Rationale

This strategy paper is issued by the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) and endorsed by the Advisory Board to set the general direction and programmatic focus of the Emergency Response Fund in Syria (hereafter “ERF” or “the Fund”).

It provides an overview of the allocation criteria, parameters and processes underpinning the project cycle (see workflow charts in section VI), meant to:

(i) guide implementing partners; and

(ii) Facilitate the role of OCHA, members of the Advisory Board, Review Bodies and sectoral experts.