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25 Mar 2017 description

by Adela Suliman | Thomson Reuters Foundation
Friday, 24 March 2017 07:00 GMT

Many women have lost male relatives to war and find themselves in the role of sole breadwinner. One in four Syrian refugee families is now headed by a woman.

By Adela Suliman

LONDON, March 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Islamic State militants brutally invaded her hometown of Kobani in Syria, Shorash didn't initially see it as a career opportunity.

24 Mar 2017 description



A UN-International Committee of the Red Cross-Syrian Arab Red Crescent inter-agency convoy is delivering multi-sectoral assistance to the Wadi Barada area in Rural Damascus for 24,500 people in need.

This is the first ever inter-agency convoy to reach the area, and follows several attempts to reach the area over the last few months that were unsuccessful, due to administrative and security hurdles.

24 Mar 2017 description

Rescuers managed to save seven people from the stricken vessel and the coast guard was searching for any other survivors

By Tuvan Gumrukcu

ANKARA, March 24 (Reuters) - Five children were among 11 Syrians killed after their plastic boat sank off Turkey's Aegean coast on Friday, the Dogan news agency said, the first such reported incident in months on an illegal migrant route meant to have been all but shut down.

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24 Mar 2017 description

Switzerland - This World TB Day (24/03), IOM reiterates the call for proactive national and international multi-sectoral cooperation, in order to reach tuberculosis targets set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) End TB Strategy and by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

24 Mar 2017 description

Al-Hussein, 24 March 2017 - ‘Aisha’ is a special name in the Arab world and has a range of meanings from ‘she who lives’ to ‘philosophical one’. When Aisha was born eighteen years ago in Homs in Syria, she was a gift to her parents. As she grew up, she had dreams and hopes for a good education, a happy family, and a comfortable and prosperous life.

24 Mar 2017 description
report PAX, The Syria Institute

Executive Summary

This report is the fifth in a series of quarterly reports by Siege Watch – a joint initiative of PAX and The Syria Institute that aims to provide the international community with timely and accurate information on conditions in Syria’s besieged communities. This report focuses on developments from November 2016 to January 2017. Data collected during the quarter from an extensive network of contacts on the ground shows that:

23 Mar 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

AMMAN, 23 March 2017 – "As another round of peace talks starts in Geneva today, we are appalled that children throughout Syria continue to come under attack.

"Reports yesterday of an attack on a school in Ar-Raqqa in the north east of Syria remind us once again that we are failing the children of Syria. We have been failing them for more than 2,200 days already.

23 Mar 2017 description

Au Liban, la crise syrienne a un impact important sur la sécurité alimentaire : plus de 1,5 millions de personnes auraient besoin d’une aide alimentaire, d’après les estimations du Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP). L’aide alimentaire au Liban a déjà été réduite des suites de la baisse des financements et des ressources limitées. Les communautés du gouvernorat du Mont-Liban, ont du mal à se procurer des aliments nutritifs et de qualité, et à accéder à une alimentation diversifiée.

23 Mar 2017 description

In Numbers

10 million people in need of humanitarian assistance (OCHA)

18 governorates affected

3.1 million people displaced (IOM)

938,000 people food insecure (WFP, CFSVA)

233,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq (UNHCR)


  • Since 19 February, WFP has provided emergency assistance to over 360,000 people from western Mosul.

23 Mar 2017 description

After increasing Germany’s support for humanitarian assistance and stabilisation in Iraq and Syria by 235 million euros, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel made the following comments in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the occasion of the meeting in Washington of the Global Coalition working to defeat ISIS:

IS is on the retreat everywhere. In Iraq alone, more than one and a half million people have been able to return to areas freed from the clutches of the terrorist militia.

23 Mar 2017 description


273,720 Iraqis currently internally displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since military operations to retake the city began on 17 October 20161

34,514 core relief item kits distributed to families in camps, assisting some 182,000 IDPs from Mosul and surrounding areas

7,990 family plots currently occupied out of 12,497 family plots (for some 75,000 people) in UNHCR built camps ready to receive IDPs displaced from the Mosul corridor

3 million IDPs since January 20142

23 Mar 2017 description

The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, is pleased to note that all invitees to the fifth round of intra-Syrian talks have arrived in Geneva. Deputy Special Envoy, Ramzy E. Ramzy, has begun preliminary informal consultations with them today.

The Special Envoy is returning later today to Geneva, having completed a series of consultations with international and regional stakeholders. He looks forward to formally engaging the invitees to the talks starting tomorrow, 24 March.

23 Mar 2017 description

The undersigned international and national NGOs and respective NGO coordination fora welcome the fact that the international community, under the impetus of the EU, is convening in Brussels to address and respond to the Syria crisis.

23 Mar 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


• The number of refugees and migrants attempting to cross into Europe continued to drop to its lowest levels since the beginning of the crisis – less than 1,100 people made the dangerous sea journey from Turkey to Greece in February, while 719 more were rescued or apprehended.

• UNICEF and NGO partner IMPR launched an education outreach campaign in 6 provinces along the South-East to monitor and evaluate the coverage of educational opportunities available to refugee children in Turkey.

23 Mar 2017 description

62 countries - representing almost two-thirds of the world's population - still recognise only female victims of rape

By Anna Pujol-Mazzini

LONDON, March 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sexual violence against men in conflict-torn countries from Syria to the Democratic Republic of Congo is an "invisible" crime, with victims reluctant to speak out for fear of being ostracised and mocked, researchers said.

23 Mar 2017 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid welcomes The Home Office announcement to grant Syrians resettling in the UK refugee status, saying Britain should be proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and conflict.

Thousands of people who have fled Syria and resettled in the UK under the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VPRS) will now have access to rights, including higher education and overseas travel documents, promoting dignity and stability among people who have experienced violence and trauma.

23 Mar 2017 description

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be here with you today to discuss solutions to prevent child marriages in Lebanon, a subject very dear to my heart as a father of 3 young girls.

23 Mar 2017 description

Key Points
- Inadequate level of food consumption is more prevalent in urban areas.
- More IDP households are buying food on credit and spending savings in order to obtain food.
Basic food commodity prices decreased in Deir-ez-Zor city. Elsewhere, in Madaya and Az-Zabadani, prices continue to increase as conflict intensifies.

Situation Update

23 Mar 2017 description

World Water Day, celebrated on March 22 of every year, was designated by the United Nations to focus on the importance of fresh water and promote the sustainable management of freshwater resources in the world.