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28 Sep 2016 description
report Insecurity Insight

Between January 2015 and June 2016, open sources reported 356 severe events in which 816 aid workers were reported killed (308), kidnapped (204) or assaulted or injured (304) in 35 countries. The highest number of severe events was reported from South Sudan (55), whilst the highest number of affected staff was reported from Afghanistan (196 individuals), followed by Syria (122 individuals). You can find the geographic distribution of aid worker casualties on our world maps.

28 Sep 2016 description

In 2015 and until August 2016, an increasing number of people risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety. More than 1 million people arrived by boats in 2015 and more than 280,000 people between January and August 2016.
A 61 per cent come from the world’s top 10 refugee-producing countries.

Main trends:

28 Sep 2016 description


2015 was a year of transformation for the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC). The adoption of the ETC2020 Strategy in the first half of the year, radically expanding the vision, scope and approach of the cluster, set the network on a much more impactful, but challenging, trajectory. 2015 was characterised by the adoption and commenced implementation of ETC2020 as well as the most concurrent emergencies ever responded to; and the invaluable contributions of its members and partners without which, the ETC would not exist.

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  • The SNFI Cluster IM Unit has been collected August data. During August, the Cluster reached 47,279 individuals throughout Shelter and NFI activities. 18 sub-districts in 2 governorates have been reached by 10 cluster members. During summer the reach is generally lower than in winter but during August 2016 the Cluster membership recorded the lowest reach since summer 2014. This is mainly due to the current access.
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Across Iraq, 98,291 Syrian refugees living in 10 camps continued to benefit from routine access to water, sanitation and hygiene services, while 17,967 Syrian Refugee children in camp schools and CFS continued to benefit from access to functional latrines. 1,320 Refugees living in the community benefited from access to water, bringing the total number of off camp refugees assisted in 2016 to a total of 30,358 people.

28 Sep 2016 description

Manbij, Syria | AFP | Wednesday 9/28/2016 - 09:51 GMT |

by Ayham al-Mohammad

Children rushed out into the schoolyard for break time on the first day of classes in the Syrian town of Manbij, ignoring the Islamic State group insignia on a nearby wall.

They were savouring more than just the late September sun: it was their first normal schoolday after two years of brutal jihadist rule over their hometown.

28 Sep 2016 description

Aleppo, Syria | AFP | Wednesday 9/28/2016 - 13:24 GMT |

by Karam al-Masri with Maya Gebeily in Beirut

An air strike and artillery fire hit the two largest hospitals in rebel-held parts of Syria's Aleppo on Wednesday, in what rights groups said was a deliberate strategy of targeting civilian infrastructure.

President Bashar al-Assad's forces and his ally Moscow have carried out a barrage of air strikes on opposition-controlled eastern Aleppo since Syria's regime announced a bid last week to retake all of the divided city.

28 Sep 2016 description

Washington, United States | AFP | Wednesday 9/28/2016 - 07:13 GMT |

The World Bank announced Tuesday it will release $300 million in loans to help facilitate the labor market for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The funds will be used to attract investors and create reforms that will help grant access to the Syrian labor force, the Bank said in a statement.

More Syrians will receive work permits and be able to "access formal jobs and decent labor conditions," the statement said.

28 Sep 2016 description
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September 28th, 2016 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have concluded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen cooperation in humanitarian projects serving Syrian and Palestinian refugees as well as the host communities.

Building upon the successful bilateral coordination in 2015, the new deal is a step towards better joint planning and cooperation between the two parties.

The MoU was signed by Marco Succi, Deputy Head of ICRC Delegation in Beirut, and Omar Katerji, head of QRCS mission in Lebanon.

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Key Figures
arrivals by sea in 2016*
dead/missing in 2016*

Trends of Sea Arrivals

28 Sep 2016 description
report Voice of America

By Masood Farivar

With the abrupt collapse of a cease-fire in Syria last week, international migration officials expect no letup in a wave of migration out of the Middle East that has set off the worst global migrant crisis in 70 years.

The five-year conflict in Syria has displaced half its population, driving more than 6 million Syrians out of the country. Though more than 1 million Syrians have escaped to Europe, the majority live in camps in neighboring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

28 Sep 2016 description

73% of targeted children (aged 5-17) (boys/girls) are enrolled in formal education (primary or secondary)


Schools are currently closed and refugee summer school activities are being conducted throughout KRG, including catch-up classes, sports competitions, art and drama. At the same time and in preparation for the upcoming school year, a Back-to-School campaign including banners, radio and social media messaging is being implemented.

28 Sep 2016 description

58,624 Syrian refugees received food assistance:

• Food vouchers : in 8 camps (Domiz 1&2, Arbat, Basirma, Darashakran, Gawilan, Kawergosk and Qushtapa).

• Unrestricted cash: Distributions at Akre Castle camp.

• Food Parcels: Ad hoc distributions in all 9 camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and to some families in urban areas in Basra


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3,995 Syrians arrived in KR-I through Pheshkabour border; no new arrival has been admitted into KRI on asylum grounds since June 2016.

UNHCR and Zerka Reformatory Centre of Duhok agreed to strengthen coordination of information sharing on Syrian POCs and information campaign for legal assistance among the detainees and their families.

ICRC, Duhok pledged to work closely with UNHCR to reach refugee families in need of family tracing.

Community Based Protection

28 Sep 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

Strong Security Council Action Needed

(New York) – Syrian government forces apparently used toxic chemicals in two recent attacks in Aleppo, Syria that killed five civilians and injured dozens. New information also indicates that the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) has recently used chemicals as a weapon.

28 Sep 2016 description

Special Briefing Anne C. Richard Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Washington, DC September 27, 2016

MR TONER: Hey, everyone.

QUESTION: Good afternoon.

MR TONER: Hey. Happy Tuesday. Welcome to the State Department. So before I get to your questions, I just – we have with us today Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Population, Migration, and Refugees Anne Richard here to talk a little bit about humanitarian assistance to Syrians as well as refugees.

So without further ado, Anne, thank you.