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British Government in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council

The British Government, already a key humanitarian actor in the Syrian crisis, has further increased its engagement through a two-year partnership with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Syria and Lebanon. £21 million will ensure vital emergency relief operations during this two-year period.

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IOM Humanitarian Compendium 2014 - Revised Requirements

IOM’s updated Humanitarian Compendium is now available in a new online platform: The Humanitarian Compendium charts the humanitarian needs and strategic priorities of IOM in more than 30 countries for 2014, as coordinated at the inter-agency level, and reflected in Inter-Agency Response Plans and IOM Appeals. The Humanitarian Compendium will be updated on a rolling basis to reflect changes in requirements and funding received.

International Organization for Migration:

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The Crisis in Yarmouk Camp, 19 October 2014

UNRWA remains deeply concerned about the desperate humanitarian situation in Yarmouk and the fact that increasing tensions and resort to armed force have disrupted its efforts to alleviate the desperate plight of civilians. UNRWA demands that all parties cease hostilities and seek to resolve their differences exclusively by peaceful means. UNRWA also urges all concerned parties to immediately allow and facilitate the resumption of food distribution to civilians inside Yarmouk. UNRWA further demands that continuous, substantial and safe humanitarian access will follow.

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In Syria and neighbouring countries “winter puts Syrian families at risk of disease and death”


People affected by the conflict have to survive the upcoming cold winter weather with meagre assistance, CARE supports with blankets, winter clothes and cash assistance.

Amman, Jordan (XX, 2014) - As another harsh winter season approaches in the Middle East, CARE International calls for the immediate release of further funding to support millions of people caught up in the conflict in Syria and in neighbouring countries.

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Humanitarian aid for Kobani’s Kurds from Syria

Islamic Relief

Amidst increasingly complex conflict in the region, Islamic Relief has provided life-saving aid to Kurds fleeing armed groups in northern Syria.

In late September, over 138,000 people – mainly Kurds – crossed the Turkish border from northern Syria, according to the UN refugee agency. Most of the refugees are women, children, and elderly people, who are exhausted after having walked several kilometres on dusty roads with their luggage.

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United Nations Development Group affirms support for Arab Region at a “turning point”

Amman, 14 October – Today the regional leadership of the United Nations Development Group met in Amman and confirmed its support for the Arab States, Middle East and North Africa region at the critical juncture it faces.

“We meet today at a turning point, between progress and crisis, between development and regression, between a brighter future and a darkness that is terrible to contemplate,” said Sima Bahous, Chair of the Regional United Nations Development Group. “We come together today to ensure that this turning point we face, is a turning point for the better.”

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The Crisis in Yarmouk Camp, 16 October 2014

Our spokesperson Chris Gunness has the following to say on the situation in Yarmouk Camp

"UNRWA distributed 200 food parcels and 200 hygiene kits to civilians in Yarmouk today, 16 October. The Agency also provided primary health services to 180 civilian patients from Yarmouk and completed the delivery of textbooks for Grades 5 to 9. The UNRWA team arrived at the distribution point at 12:05, with distributions commencing at 12:40. All activities came to a close at 16:00 and the team departed the area safely.

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Cash assistance in Syria: a vital lifeline for the most vulnerable

“Without the cash assistance we receive we would be lost,” says double amputee Imad Ali Mdardas. Like the majority of Palestine refugees living in Syria, Imad and his family have been left in desperate circumstances by the ongoing armed conflict. Before escaping the besieged area of Yarmouk in Damascus, Imad could not access the healthcare or medicine he needed to treat his condition. As a result, his second leg was amputated in a makeshift clinic in Yarmouk to prevent the spread of a serious infection. He is now wheelchair-bound.

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Egypt: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Food Security

US$2.8 million injected into the local economy through food vouchers in August


• Food voucher distribution commenced on 17 August and finished on 23 August. WFP reached over 63,000 beneficiaries in Greater Cairo, 22,900 in Alexandria, 11,100 in Damietta, 2,700 in Mansoura, 600 in Marsa Matrouh and 500 in Tanta. Over US$2.8 million was injected into the local economy through food vouchers.

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Jihadists take heavy losses in battle for Syria's Kobane

10/19/2014 - 18:50 GMT


by Fulya Ozerkan with Sara Hussein in Beirut

The Islamic State group took heavy losses Sunday in the Syrian battleground of Kobane as Iraqi forces fought the jihadists buoyed by US backing for top government security appointments.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the appointment of defence and interior ministers after weeks of delay was a "very positive step forward" in the fightback against IS in Iraq, which Washington has made its priority.

Agence France-Presse:

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UNDP Reponse in Syria: Restoration and Stabilization of Livelihoods Mid-Year Report, January - July 2014


Since the beginning of 2014, UNDP scaled up its early recovery and resilience interventions targeting 12 highly affected governorates in Syria. Relying on its area-based approach in planning and programming, UNDP is currently implementing 47 recovery, resilience and livelihoods projects. Until July 2014, a total of 1,527,977 crisis affected people all over Syria benefitted from UNDP’s support.

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Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Social Cohesion and Livelihoods


In Lebanon, armed clashes in Arsal in early August have had an important impact on social cohesion, particularly in the Bekaa. The armed incidents and heightened security situation have further raised tensions and defiance between communities. In addition to a rise in evictions, incidents and restrictive measures imposed on refugees, local NGOs and partners are reporting increasing defiance from local institutions and communities against the international response and assistance.

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Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014 (WASH)


In Lebanon, through its private sector partnerships and in collaboration with the Water Establishments, the sector has installed 19 chlorinators in the most vulnerable municipalities of Beirut-Mount Lebanon region to benefit 114,000 Lebanese and 28,000 Syrian refugees. Through such simple interventions, chlorinated drinking water is provided and the risk of water borne disease is mitigated significantly.

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Lebanon + 5 others
Regional: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014 (Health)


Polio vaccination continues to be provided to children across the region. In Jordan, a sub-national polio immunization campaign for hard-to-reach areas was successfully conducted in August, with the total number of vaccinated Syrian children inside and outside the camps being 68,274. In Iraq, a subnational mass polio vaccination was conducted in 13 high risk governorates over five days in August, reaching a total of 3.73 million children under 5 years, representing 94 per cent of the targeted children.