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29 Sep 2015 description


  • The number of arrivals in Greece so far in September reached over 122,000 and exceeds the number of arrivals during August (107,800). Two tragedies took place off the coasts of Lesvos, 2 people died and 37-39 people, including many children, were estimated to have gone missing. While some improvements were reported, the registration process continues to vary by island and accommodation still fall short of the needs.

26 Sep 2015 description
report Deutsche Welle

Date 26.09.2015

Hungary says it has removed a razor wire barrier it set up Thursday near its border with Slovenia to deter refugees. Pressure had mounted on Hungary to stick to Europe's policy of open internal borders.

The Hungarian state news agency MTI said three spools of razor wire laid out Thursday at Tornyiszentmiklos, just inside Hungary's border with Slovenia, were removed Saturday.

26 Sep 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

GENÈVE/NEW YORK, 25 septembre 2015 – L’UNICEF lance un appel de fonds de 14 millions de dollars afin de venir en aide aux enfants réfugiés et migrants en Europe, face à l’augmentation de 80% du nombre d’enfants arrivés sur le continent – dont beaucoup fuient les conflits en Syrie, en Irak et en Afghanistan.

Au total, 133 000 enfants ont trouvé refuge dans l’Union européenne entre janvier et juillet 2015 – soit en moyenne 19 000 enfants chaque mois, selon les dernières données disponibles d’Eurostat. Une personne sur 4 en quête de refuge est un enfant.

25 Sep 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

US$14 million needed to care for children on the move

GENEVA / NEW YORK, 25 September – UNICEF is appealing for US$14 million to assist refugee and migrant children in Europe, following an 80 per cent increase in the number of children on the move into the continent – many escaping conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

24 Sep 2015 description

Budapest, Hungary | AFP | Thursday 9/24/2015 - 17:39 GMT |

Hungary announced Thursday it had started to roll out barbed wire along its border with Slovenia, after it set up similar barriers along its frontiers with Serbia and Croatia to keep refugees out.

This is the first such known measure to take place in countries belonging to the EU's cherished Schengen passport-free zone, which has already come under intense pressure as states reintroduce border checks to stem the flow of migrants.

24 Sep 2015 description

Budapest, Hongrie | AFP | vendredidi 25/09/2015 - 03:00 GMT

par Peter MURPHY / Geza Molnar

Les relations se sont envenimées jeudi entre Etats des Balkans sur fond de crise des migrants, la Croatie et la Serbie bloquant un peu plus leur frontière commune et la Hongrie déployant des barbelés à sa frontière slovène, une première entre pays de l'espace Schengen.

24 Sep 2015 description

Budapest, Hungary | AFP | Thursday 9/24/2015 - 12:01 GMT

by Peter Murphy with Hui Min Neo in Berlin

Thousands of migrants streamed through the Balkans Thursday as German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned after an emergency summit that Europe still had to get to grips with its biggest post-war refugee crisis.

French officials meanwhile said a young African was killed by a Channel Tunnel train while trying to get to Britain, the latest of thousands of deaths this year of people desperate to start a new life in Europe.

23 Sep 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

UNICEF is appealing for US$14 million to respond to the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe, with US$6.5 urgently needed for the immediate response in the next 6 months.

Humanitarian Situation

23 Sep 2015 description
report European Commission

What is the European Agenda on Migration and what is its state of play?

Tackling migration is one of the ten political priorities of this Commission. The European Agenda on Migration develops the political guidelines of President Juncker into tailored initiatives aimed at managing migration better in all its aspects. The Agenda, adopted on 13 May 2015 put forward concrete actions to respond to the immediate crisis and save lives at sea, and proposed structural responses for the medium and long term.

22 Sep 2015 description
report IRIN

TOVARNIK/OBREZJE, 22 September 2015 (IRIN) - Since Hungary sealed its border with Serbia last week, refugees and migrants determined to reach northern Europe have started forging a new route through Croatia. But the small country has struggled to manage the sudden arrival of tens of thousands of people at its borders.

21 Sep 2015 description

Western Balkans route ECHO contribution

• The Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) activated by Hungary (11 September) requesting shelters (252), beddings (1000) and blankets (3000); as 17 September 15, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland and Slovenia had responded with items requested, including the totality of the shelter requirements.

20 Sep 2015 description

Bregana, Croatia | AFP | Sunday 9/20/2015 - 15:40 GMT

by Simon VALMARY

Hundreds of men fleeing war and misery without their loved ones found themselves stuck at the Croatian border with Slovenia Sunday, as families travelling together continued on their long, muddy route to a new life in western Europe.

"The families with children have gone through. There are five more places on the bus!" shouts an interpreter, triggering a rush for a seat among the crowd of refugees and migrants stalled at Bregana, Croatia's border post with Slovenia.

19 Sep 2015 description

Ankara, Turkey | AFP | Sunday 9/20/2015 - 21:16GMT

by Marianne BARRIAUX

Crowded aboard buses and trains, thousands more migrants flooded into Austria on Sunday as at least 13 desperate refugees drowned making the perilous trip to Europe in search of a better life.

Six children were among those who died off the coast of Turkey after the inflatable dinghy carrying them to Greece collided with a ship, Turkish media reported. Greek reports indicated another two children may still be missing.

19 Sep 2015 description

Beli Manastir, Croatia | AFP | Thursday 9/17/2015 - 10:40 GMT

by Calin NEACSU / with Bojan Kavcic at Harmica

Thousands of migrants were stranded in the western Balkans on Saturday as Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia tussled over the EU's escalating refugee crisis.

Chaos, rumour and proliferating border obstacles braked thousands of desperate people on their trek to reach northern Europe and turn the page on war or poverty.

In the latest hurdle, Hungary said it had completed a second frontier fence designed to keep illegal migrants out.

19 Sep 2015 description

Beremend, Hungary | AFP | 9/19/2015 - 00:07 GMT

by Calin Neacsu with Lajla Veselica in Zagreb

Overwhelmed Croatia bussed hundreds of migrants to its border with Hungary Friday, ratcheting up tensions in Europe's refugee crisis as police fired tear gas to drive back several hundred people trying to enter Slovenia.

18 Sep 2015 description

Harmica, Croatia | AFP | Friday 9/18/2015 - 23:02 GMT

Slovenian police used tear gas late on Friday to disperse a group of migrants on its border as the country's government said it was considering opening safe corridors for refugees to pass through the tiny Alpine country.

The incident happened at the Harmica border crossing as several hundred migrants demanded to be allowed to enter Slovenia.

After over an hour of tension, riot police used tear gas to stop migrants, some with children, that were pushing against a police cordon at a bridge on the border.

18 Sep 2015 description

Tovarnik, Croatia | AFP | Thursday 9/17/2015 - 13:38 GMT

by Calin Neacsu with Lajla Veselica in Zagreb

Overwhelmed Croatia on Friday began transporting thousands of migrants to its border with Hungary, admitting it cannot cope with the flood of humanity seeking a route through to northern Europe.

The move came as Budapest started building a new fence to keep them out, potentially setting up a new flashpoint in Europe's worst migration crisis since World War II.