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07 Oct 2015 description


  • The current growing season (May-October 2015) in East Africa (Sudan and Ethiopia region) which is ending now has developed under a strengthening El Nino event.

  • In Ethiopia, the Belg season (February to May) was affected by a severe drought resulting in poor crop and pasture production. This situation put further stress on households at the start of the following main season (Meher).

18 Sep 2015 description

Ethiopia - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) evacuated a total of 15,225 South Sudanese refugees who were staying in three different locations (Pagak, Burbiey, and Matar) in Gambella Region of Ethiopia.

18 Sep 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • An additional 1.6 million people will require relief food assistance as a result of failed rainy seasons in Ethiopia, bringing the total number of relief food beneficiaries to 4.5 million.

  • 302,605 severely malnourished children, up from 264,515 identified at the beginning of the year, will require treatment from acute severe malnutrition in 2015. 177,748 severely malnourished children were treated by July 2015 - an increase of 9.2 per cent compared with the numbers reported during the same period last year.

17 Sep 2015 description
  • With more than 720 000 refugees Ethiopia has overtaken Kenya as the country in Africa with the highest number of refugees. South Sudanese now make up the largest of the refugee population, following some 225 000 arrivals since conflict started in the country December 2013. Ethiopia also has approximately 440 000 internally displaced persons (IDPs).

14 Sep 2015 description


  • 728,070 Total number of refugees

  • 73,173 Number of Unaccompanied Minors and Separated Children

  • 49.7% Percentage of women and girls

  • 53% Percentage of Children

11 Sep 2015 description
report Sudan Tribune

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

September 10, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) – Hundreds of South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia are currently being vaccinated against cholera to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said the immunization campaign is being provided in all South Sudanese refugee camps in Gambela, a region located within the Ethiopia-South Sudan border.

09 Sep 2015 description
  • Although decreased rains are expected in West Africa, high ground moisture sustains the risk for floods.
  • Poorly distributed rains strengthen seasonal deficits over parts of central Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda

1) While a recent increase in August precipitation is expected to lead to more favorable ground moisture, a delayed onset and uneven rainfall distribution observed during the June-September season may negatively impact cropping and pastoral conditions in the region.

08 Sep 2015 description


This matrix is prepared and published monthly. representing what happened in various sectors in the particular reference month. This indicators matrix is a step towards showing a comprehensive picture of the current situation in Gambella region and establishing a basis for initial trend and gap analysis.