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25 Nov 2015 description

Key messages

  • One of the world's worst man-made humanitarian crises continues to unfold in South Sudan. After more than 20 months of fighting, a peace agreement was signed in August, but there is still no sign of peace in the country.

  • More than 2.2 million people are displaced due to the civil war. They have fled both within South Sudan and to neighbouring countries. The majority of refugees are children.

25 Nov 2015 description
  • The overall nutrition situation remains critical with Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) prevalence above the emergency thresholds in the conflict affected areas. More than 230 000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).
  • An estimated 30 000 people in Unity State who are already experiencing catastrophic food insecurity are of extreme concern. The situation could potentially deteriorate into famine unless urgent humanitarian assistance can be provided.
28 Oct 2015 description

South Sudan’s recent peace deal intends to end the brutal violence that has torn the world’s youngest country apart, ravaged its economy and left over two million people displaced. The humanitarian situation is one of the world’s worst. The EU has so far responded by providing more than one third of all humanitarian financing to South Sudan in 2015. This funding supports dozens of humanitarian partners who ensure life-saving aid and protection in the most difficult of circumstances. One family’s story brings home the tragedy so many others are living day in day out.

21 Oct 2015 description

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  • Kenya is prone to disasters and in need of strengthening its emergency preparedness and response capacity. The El Niño weather phenomenon is expected to cause severe flooding and drought in many parts of the country. Violence between clans competing for resources is a regular occurrence leading to population displacements.

05 Oct 2015 description
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Khartoum, Sudan 05th October 2015: The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) has contributed €2 million euros to UNICEF Sudan to help refugees and internally displaced people in Sudan, 60 per cent of whom are children.

30 Sep 2015 description

Central America - Food Insecurity
• Guatemala - a food insecure population of 1 to 2.49 million people from February until next main harvest in August 2016.
• Honduras, many poor households will have very limited maize reserves after the 2015 drought and will be facing a food crisis by March.
• El Salvador & Nicaragua - the number of people affected is lower but still of concern with critical numbers being reached from March 2016.

28 Sep 2015 description
Sudan and South Sudan - version 4
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South Sudan:

24 Sep 2015 description

Key messages

  • Humanitarian air services are a lifeline for millions of vulnerable people in humanitarian crises where quick and safe access is vital to save lives.

  • Due to the lack of reliable roads, ports and other infrastructure, access to many crises by land or water is difficult, if not impossible. Humanitarian air services are often the only way to get access to remote places and reach people in need.

  • In addition to transporting humanitarian supplies and workers, humanitarian air services perform medical and security evacuations.

22 Sep 2015 description

Key messages

  • One of the world's worst man-made humanitarian crises continues to unfold in South Sudan. After more than 20 months of fighting a peace agreement was signed in August, but some military and militia operations continue in parts of the country.

  • More than 2 million people are displaced due to the civil war They have fled both within South Sudan and to neighbouring countries. The majority of refugees are children.

18 Sep 2015 description


The European Commission has released an aid package of €15 million amid an increasingly deteriorating humanitarian situation in South Sudan. The funding brings the total EU humanitarian aid for the country to nearly €300 million so far in 2015.

17 Sep 2015 description
  • With more than 720 000 refugees Ethiopia has overtaken Kenya as the country in Africa with the highest number of refugees. South Sudanese now make up the largest of the refugee population, following some 225 000 arrivals since conflict started in the country December 2013. Ethiopia also has approximately 440 000 internally displaced persons (IDPs).

28 Aug 2015 description

On 26 August, South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has signed the peace agreement endorsed by other South Sudanese parties in Addis Ababa earlier in August 2015. This commitment to engage in a political process is a crucial step towards the end of 20 months of civil war in one of the world's most fragile countries.

25 Aug 2015 description

Four years after independence, South Sudan is experiencing a major humanitarian crisis. The conflict ravaging the young country has hit children the hardest. They are facing hunger, disease, violence and displacement. In Akobo, Jonglei state, over 15 percent of children are severely malnourished – well above crisis levels – including many children who have fled the fighting in nearby towns.

11 Aug 2015 description
Horn of Africa -version 3
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The regional spill-over of the conflict situation in Yemen has been affecting Djibouti and Somalia resulting in an influx of refugees and returnees into both countries. Both in Djibouti and Somalia, local capacities are stretched to the limits.

17 Jul 2015 description
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The European Commission has announced additional humanitarian aid of €4 million for Sudan, bringing the total of the Commission's assistance to the country in 2015 to €32 million.

The new funding follows an increase in refugees from neighbouring South Sudan and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Sudan.

08 Jul 2015 description

On the 4th anniversary of the youngest state in the world, South Sudan is standing on an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. About 8 million people, two-thirds of the total population, are food insecure and as many as 3.8m going hungry. More than 2 million people have been forced to flee their homes because of the fighting, preventing thousands of people from getting the help they urgently need. Oxfam and the European Commission warn that without a political solution to achieve peace, the situation in South Sudan will worsen.

25 Jun 2015 description

U.S.A. - Severe weather
• Severe weather, including thunderstorms, strong winds, heavy rain, hail and tornadoes affected several areas of Midwest and Mid-Atlantic United States on 21-23 June. Several tornadoes were reported in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Michigan on 22 June.
• According to media (as of 23 June), seven people were injured and several damages occurred, mostly in the area of Coal City in northern Illinois.