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18 Jul 2017 description

Nutrition and entrepreneurship training helps families stay healthy and build businesses

“The cash we receive has helped me a lot. When I receive the money, I buy food and sugar for the family, and it has supplemented my modest income from plaiting women’s hair.”

17 Jul 2017 description

More than 1 million children in South Sudan are facing acute malnutrition as a result of the country’s ongoing civil war, which has prompted widespread population displacement and related health system collapse, disrupted livelihoods, and exacerbated acute food insecurity and malnutrition. According to the UN, severely malnourished children are nine times more likely to die than their healthy peers and often experience long-term damage that can limit physical growth, inhibit learning ability, increase infection risk, and result in bone loss or organ failure.

12 Jul 2017 description
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RTAP Theory of Change

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a widespread and well-recognised threat to the health, wellbeing, opportunities and lives of women and girls world-wide. The risks and realities of GBV are greatly exacer-bated when a disaster strikes. Recognising the need for broad-based, fast and mutually responsible action to address GBV prevention and response in humanitarian responses, six key global-level humanitarian agencies have convened the Real-Time Accountability Partnership (RTAP).

10 Jul 2017 description


  • Dire food insecurity persists despite UN removal of Famine designation in Unity

  • Approximately 6 million people projected to be severely food insecure in July

  • USG announces $199 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the South Sudan response


08 Jul 2017 description

Saturday, July 8, 2017
USAID Press Office
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Today, the United States announced nearly $639 million in additional humanitarian assistance to the millions of people affected by food insecurity and violence in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. This additional funding brings the total U.S. humanitarian assistance to over $1.8 billion for these four crises since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2017.

03 Jul 2017 description


The year 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the Global Shelter Cluster, the inter-agency coordination mechanism for shelter response. During these ten years, coordination has improved in consistency, shelter responses have grown in scale, and there are more people with experience in shelter programming, but people continue to lose their dwellings and be displaced due to conflict and natural disasters. Global humanitarian shelter needs continue to greatly exceed the capacity and resources to respond.

22 Jun 2017 description

Conflict in Unity State broke out in late December 2013, only days after the current conflict began in Juba. Since then, the state has been one of the worst affected by the conflict, and currently hosts the highest reported numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the country. Many areas in Unity are largely inaccessible to humanitarian actors due to insecurity and logistical constraints. As a result, only limited information is available on the humanitarian situation outside major displacement sites.

16 Jun 2017 description


South Sudan Displacement Crisis May 2017 Akobo Town is located in the eastern side of Akobo County, Jonglei State, close to the land and river border crossings with Ethiopia. Akobo is a key point of trade and transit between South Sudan and Ethiopia.

08 Jun 2017 description

For vulnerable and conflict-affected populations residing in South Sudan’s Mayendit County, one of the famine-affected counties in Unity State, access to safe drinking water often requires long, arduous hours of walking to the nearest borehole. Due to insecurity and the amount of time required to reach clean water, many individuals in Mayendit frequently resort to drinking dirty, stagnant surface water, such as from puddles or rivers, that may have also been used for bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning kitchen utensils.

02 Jun 2017 description


  • Food security moderately improves, though acute levels persist in areas of Jebel Marra and South Kordofan

  • USG delegation travels to North Darfur in late April

  • UN launches 2017 HRP for Sudan

  • UNSC extends UNISFA mandate in Abyei Area through November 2017


25 May 2017 description


  • Ongoing violence displaces an additional 200,000 people in April

  • Health actors report suspected cholera cases in Aburoc

  • USG announces $142 million in new humanitarian assistance


  • Violence across South Sudan displaced an additional 200,000 people in April, increasing the total number of displaced people to 3.8 million, including 2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 1.8 million refugees sheltering in neighboring countries.

24 May 2017 description

The U.S. is deeply concerned about the famine in South Sudan, as well as the risk of famine in northeastern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. We are one of the largest donors of humanitarian assistance for the people of these countries and will continue to work with other international donors to provide the life-saving aid needed to avert famine and help people in need.

09 May 2017 description


• High-level USG delegations visit South Sudan

• Violent clashes prompt internal displacement, additional refugees

• Insecurity results in temporary suspension of relief operations


19 Apr 2017 description

Insecurity and displacement increase needs for all conflict-affected populations; however, children are uniquely impacted by violence and protection concerns.