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30 Jun 2016 description


Bentiu protection of civilian site (PoC) was established in December 2013 with currently over 93,000 people seeking protection in the site. Humanitarian partners and UNMISS are working together with the community to improve the living condition in the PoC area.

30 Jun 2016 description


  • Ongoing security incidents lead to further displacement in Wau and Raja (Western Bahr el Ghazal)

  • Building Pressure in southern Central Equatoria (Central Equatoria)

  • Insecurity in Areas Close to Yambio (Western Equatoria)

29 Jun 2016 description


  • The rainy season is in full swing across the country. Many families still need reinforced shelters to protect against the rains but local shelter materials are by now out of season.

  • Areas mostly unaffected over the 2.5 year conflict have recently destabilized as political negotiations unfold violently and are layered on top of traditional and historical grievances. In Wau, a formerly vibrant and cosmopolitan urban centre, needs are high but populations remain inaccessible due to the presence of warring parties.

29 Jun 2016 description

Thousands of people are newly displaced due to fighting in Wau, South Sudan. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is providing medical care to displaced people in the area through mobile clinics. Dr. David Kahindi, MSF deputy medical coordinator in Wau, gave the following account by phone on Monday:

29 Jun 2016 description
report Salesian Missions

(MissionNewsire) Salesian missionaries have expanded their technical training offered to refugees at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Classes started in January 2016 after expansion of the program and construction on new facilities were completed in December 2015. Kakuma is operated by UNHCR, the U.N. refugee agency, in collaboration with Salesian missionaries in the country as well as several other humanitarian organizations. The camp offers refugees safety, security and life-saving services such as housing, healthcare, clean water and sanitation.

29 Jun 2016 description

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the media, and welcome to the United Nations weekly press briefing broadcast live on UN radio Miraya from UNMISS HQs in Juba. Welcome also to radio listeners who may also have tuned in this morning, and to media joining us from Torit via teleconference.

Before I introduce you to our guest speakers today, and the joint initiative they will brief on, let me just bring you up to date on a few issues.

29 Jun 2016 description

On 28 June an IOM, UNICEF and OCHA interagency security assessment took place in Wau County, with thousands more displaced people identified as needing assistance.

Humanitarians now have access to most areas. Clusters are sending more staff and supplies.

29 Jun 2016 description



29 Jun 2016 description

More than a third of the population in urgent need of food, agriculture and nutrition assistance amid risk of catastrophe in some parts of the country

Joint FAO-UNICEF-WFP News Release

29 June 2016, Juba - Up to 4.8 million people in South Sudan - well over one-third of the population - will be facing severe food shortages over the coming months, and the risk of a hunger catastrophe continues to threaten parts of the country, three UN agencies warned today.

29 Jun 2016 description
report Sudan Tribune

June 28, 2016 (JUBA) – More than 40 people were killed and thousands displaced in the clashes that occurred in South Sudan’s town of Wau, a government official disclosed.

The country’s information minister, Michael Makuei Lueth said the death toll could rise.

“There are 39 casualties among the civilians and four among the police,” the minister told a news conference in the South Sudanese capital, Juba on Tuesday.

29 Jun 2016 description

Staple Food Markets in East Africa: White maize is the main staple grain consumed in Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia. In Uganda, white maize is grown mainly as a commercial crop for export in the region. Imported rice is a major staple for Djibouti and Somalia, which mainly consume belem—the imported red rice. Tanzania is also a major producer and source of rice in the region while Kenya and Uganda are minor producers. Both red and white sorghum are produced and consumed in the region.

29 Jun 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Situation in Numbers

46,000* People internally displaced in various places within Wau town
35,000* People internally displaced outside of Wau town

*Figures from OCHA Note: these are estimates, as registration of IDPs is yet to commence.

Funding Needs for Wau Response: US$3 million
Funding available: US$ 1,381,292
Funding gap: US$ $1,549,708


  • The situation in Wau is critical, with children suffering from lifethreatening malnutrition and dehydration.

28 Jun 2016 description
report Concern Worldwide

Written by Kieran McConville

When Concern had to build 10,000 emergency shelters in Bentiu displacement camp, it turned to people like shelter supervisor Isaiah Tuol. He knows exactly what residents need, because he’s one of them himself.

28 Jun 2016 description
report Finn Church Aid

The Adjumani district lies in the north of Uganda, a stone’s throw away from the troubles of South Sudan. It is here where you will find the largest population of South Sudanese refugees, fleeing murder, rape and unconscionable cruelty where even the disabled have been reported to have been burnt alive. However, crossing the border into the relative safety of northern Uganda does not spell the end of the journey for many of these families – especially those that are also caring for disabled children.

28 Jun 2016 description


  • The scale up of food assistance activities in response to the deteriorating food security situation has commenced in areas which have seen the most rapid decline.

  • WFP urgently requires USD 199 million for the PRRO and EMOP in the next six months to continue providing life-saving food and nutritional support.

  • WFP South Sudan received the Award for ‘Excellence in Gender Equality’ in acknowledgement of efforts taken to mainstream gender equality and women’s empowerment.

28 Jun 2016 description


  • In 2016, WFP plans to assist 3.8 million affected people and has thus far reached 2.5 million people or 68 percent of the people.

  • Humanitarian needs have increased as a result of the South Sudanese refugees, El Niño, and Jebel Marra crises in the country this year. In response, WFP plans to increase food and nutrition assistance to those affected following a budget revision which aims at increasing the number of those targeted from 5.2 million to 5.9 million.

28 Jun 2016 description
report European Commission

1. Executive Summary

The European Union (EU) decided to establish the African Peace Facility (APF) in December 2003 in order to respond to an African request to support its peace and security agenda based on the recognition that peace is a necessary precondition for sustainable development.