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24 Dec 2014 description

UNMISS today destroyed weapons confiscated from displaced people seeking shelter in the UN Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in Wau, Western Bahr El-Ghazal State.

Lt. Col. Ruben Juma, commanding officer of the Kenyan contingent in Wau, said the 290 items included bullets, army uniforms, knives and other military items.

Weapons and crude objects were destroyed with an electrical grinder, while bullet rounds, gun powder and clothing were burnt.

24 Dec 2014 description
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• UNHCR, signs a MoU with the Government of Sudan on the registration and documentation of South Sudanese citizens in Sudan.

• Three UNAMID peacekeepers injured in an ambush in East Darfur.

• The number of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan stands at 115,451 as of 18 December 2014, according to UNHCR.

• Donors contribute some $4 million towards the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Sudan.


Displaced people in Sudan 2.9 million

IDPs in Darfur (to date) 2.4 million

24 Dec 2014 description

This map illustrates IDP settlements in Melut, Upper Nile State, South Sudan. Using high-resolution imagery optical satellite imagery collected by the WorldView-3 satellite on 2 December 2014, UNOSAT located 3,587 IDP structures (3,005 shelters and 582 Tukuls). The 6 distinct IDP settlements identified by UNOSAT occupy a total area of 86.09 ha. Of these, a total of 214 IDP structures are found within the Melut UNMISS Base, covering a total area of 1.84 ha. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT.

24 Dec 2014 description
report World Vision

More than half of all internally displaced children in South Sudan are out of school (UNICEF). This combined with the long-term stress that they experience, may have a lifelong impact on their learning, health and development, according to studies by Harvard University. While emergency programmes have received 72 per cent of the funding needed from international donors, programmes that ensure the protection of people, particularly children, are not fully funded.

24 Dec 2014 description

24 December 2014 - Humanitarian aid for needy people living outside UNMISS protection areas in Unity State would be strengthened, an official from the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today in the capital Bentiu.

Noting that the livelihoods of many people in the state had been severely affected by conflict and flooding, OCHA Unity head Mohammed Siyryon added that such assistance would help them rebuild their lives.

23 Dec 2014 description

23/12/14 MoS Sean Sherlock, Irish Aid, Press Releases, Africa, 2014,

The Government is to provide funding of €2 million to aid agencies responding to the worsening crisis in South Sudan, Minister for Development, Trade Promotion and North South Co-operation, Seán Sherlock, TD, announced today. The funding will be used to provide clean water and to tackle hunger among vulnerable communities in South Sudan and in refugee camps across the border, in Ethiopia.

23 Dec 2014 description
report Guardian

Deployment marks shift in Africa policy and will be first Chinese infantry battalion to take part in a UN peacekeeping mission

China is to send 700 combat troops to South Sudan in what analysts describe as a significant shift from its stated policy of non-interference in African conflicts.

The first Chinese infantry battalion to take part in a UN peacekeeping mission will be equipped with drones, armoured carriers, antitank missiles, mortars and other weapons, “completely for self-defence purpose”, state media reported.

23 Dec 2014 description


Procurement catalysing market development pgs. 1-5

Collaboration with Heifer International in Zambia pgs. 6-7

P4P in South Sudan pgs. 8-9

International Year of Family Farming closes pg. 9

P4P in the news, updates and contacts pg. 10

23 Dec 2014 description
report Voice of America

John Tanza

The latest round of IGAD-brokered peace talks for South Sudan have collapsed, Information Minister Michael Makuei said Monday, blaming the rebel side for the talks' failure.

"Yesterday... the rebels reneged completely from all we had agreed" at an earlier round of talks, Makuei told South Sudan in Focus.

"The mediators have decided to adjourn this session so that they can conduct further consultations on some of the issues that erupted in this last session," he said.

23 Dec 2014 description

In this issue: The health response to the crises in South Sudan and Pakistan. WHO marks the one year anniversary of super-typhoon Haiyan

South Sudan

Situation highlights

23 Dec 2014 description
report Stop Hunger Now

For 30,000 South Sudanese and Congolese refugees living in refugee camps in Uganda, water is the difference between life and death. And it is scarce. People often must walk for hours to find even a trickle. Thanks to Stop Hunger Now and our partner, Global H2O, the solution is underway! We are delighted to announce that we have received funding commitments to fund eight wells in Uganda.

23 Dec 2014 description

What does REACH do in South Sudan?

REACH has been active in South Sudan since August 2012 when the first team arrived to respond to the refugee crisis on the border with Sudan. The program has since grown to cover additional refugee sites, flood mapping, livelihoods assessments, and now the emergency response related to the violent conflict that began in December 2013. REACH staff travel across South Sudan’s ACTED bases to collect data, create maps, and write fact sheets that support improved ACTED humanitarian aid.

22 Dec 2014 description
report European Union

Summary: 22 December 2014, Brussels - The European Commission is increasing its life-saving assistance to South Sudan by €7.78 million, bringing its 2014 relief aid for one of the world's worst humanitarian crises to more than €117 million.

The new funds will provide shelter, water, hygiene and protection to the people affected by the conflict. They will also help South Sudanese refugees in Sudan.

22 Dec 2014 description

22 December 2014 - Displaced persons in Wau, Western Bahr El-Ghazal State, asked UNMISS today to move them to camps where they felt secure moving outside the Protection of Civilians (POC) site.

Speaking after a presentation of the UNMISS mandate at the Wau POC site, participants said they had no idea when peace would come and would like to move closer to their homes, where they would feel more secure.

22 Dec 2014 description


  • In 2014, the Education Cluster supported 65,588 (50 per cent girls) refugee children and 39,282 (50 per cent girls) children in refugee hosting communities and in communities elsewhere in the country.

  • Sporadic cases of suspected meningitis continued to be reported. The peak season of the disease is during the dry, windy, and hot weather from December to April every year, and ends with the onset of the rainy season.

22 Dec 2014 description


  1. Fighting in Cueibet County, Lakes State resulted in 21 deaths and 5 casualties.
    Humanitarian partners are treating the wounded.

  2. Seven suspected meningits deaths were reported in Longochuk County, Uper Nile State in November. A verifcation exercise was conducted.

  3. Visceral Leishmaniasis (kala-azar) cases and deaths rose to 7,204 and 19 (CFR2.76%) respectively.

  4. To date health partners have conducted 4,056,047 medical interventions since December 2013.

22 Dec 2014 description

Pilot Reintegration Project: TDRP Key Learning Report

Executive Summary

The Pilot Reintegration Project of the Republic of South Sudan’s National DDR Programme (NDDRP) was conducted with the overall aim to test reintegration approaches and modalities, and to develop actionable lessons that can inform and improve the Republic of South Sudan’s future DDR programming. Reintegrating ex-combatants into civilian life is a major challenge and in fact the key measure of a DDR programme’s success.

21 Dec 2014 description


Preparation of the new El Redis 2 and Debat Bosin sites is expected to be completed by the 25th of December, with basic services (reception space, shelters, water and latrines) being made available. The relocation is then scheduled to take place 26th and 31st December 2014.

The Khartoum relocation (from Shagara to Bantiu site) has been delayed this week due to delivery of substandard shelter poles. Replacement possibilities are currently being explored, and movement is expected to take place immediately following resolution of this issue.