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22 Jul 2017 description

3,8 millions de personnes sont désormais déplacées en République démocratique du Congo

(Kinshasa / New York / Genève, 21 juillet 2017) : Le Secrétaire général adjoint aux affaires humanitaires et Coordonnateur des secours d'urgence, Stephen O'Brien, a terminé une mission de quatre jours en République démocratique du Congo (RDC) en demandant au monde « de ne pas oublier la RDC, où des millions de filles, garçons, femmes et hommes souffrent de la violence, de maladies et de la malnutrition ».

21 Jul 2017 description

3.8 million people are now displaced within the Democratic Republic of the Congo

(Kinshasa/New York/Geneva, 21 July 2017): The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, today wrapped up a four-day mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by calling on the world “not to forget the DRC, where millions of girls, boys, women and men are suffering from violence, diseases, and malnutrition.”

20 Jul 2017 description


• Federal Minister of Health and senior UN delegation visits Kalma IDP camp to see AWD response.

• Heavy rains and flash floods affect over 10,000 people in North and South Darfur.

• In 2017, an estimated 15,000 people have returned to their home areas in the Rokoro area, North Jebel Marra locality.

• Humanitarian needs in the Rokoro area include food, emergency household supplies, water, health and education assistance.

20 Jul 2017 description

(Juba, 20 July 2017): The Humanitarian Coordinator ad interim (a.i.) for South Sudan, Mahimbo Mdoe, has expressed concern regarding recent threat letters issued against aid workers in at least three locations in South Sudan: Bor in Jonglei, Torit in Eastern Equatoria and Mankien in Unity.

17 Jul 2017 description

Food insecurity reached unprecedented levels in South Sudan in June, with an estimated 6 million people (50 per cent of the population) projected to be severely food insecure, including 1.7 million on the brink of famine. Although the mobilization of a large-scale multi-sectoral humanitarian response was able to halt the localized famine declared in Leer and Mayendit in Unity in February, 45,000 people were estimated to be facing Catastrophic (IPC Level 5) food insecurity. June saw an overall reduction in armed clashes compared to May.

15 Jul 2017 description


• Thousands of civilians have been displaced in Longochuk and Maiwut counties, following fighting.

• One hundred humanitarian access incidents were reported in South Sudan in June, the highest number recorded in any month so far in 2017.

• Deaths caused by malaria represent 76.9 per cent of all disease-related deaths recorded so far in 2017.

• Humanitarians are striving to improve the situation of nearly 60,000 internally displaced persons who are living in the protected area and other collective sites in Wau, in extrem

13 Jul 2017 description

Faits saillants

  • Solidarités International au chevet d’environ 80 000 personnes à Ingbokolo par une assistance en EHA.

  • Plus de 11 000 nouveaux déplacés en provenance du Nord-Kivu enregistrés en Ituri.

  • Près de 9 000 personnes sans assistance quatre mois après leur déplacement à Linga.

Aperçu de la situation

12 Jul 2017 description
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RTAP Framework - Full View - Excel
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RTAP Assessment Summary
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RTAP Theory of Change

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a widespread and well-recognised threat to the health, wellbeing, opportunities and lives of women and girls world-wide. The risks and realities of GBV are greatly exacer-bated when a disaster strikes. Recognising the need for broad-based, fast and mutually responsible action to address GBV prevention and response in humanitarian responses, six key global-level humanitarian agencies have convened the Real-Time Accountability Partnership (RTAP).

12 Jul 2017 description

Avec 3,8 millions de déplacés internes, la RDC devient le pays africain le plus frappé par les déplacements de population

07 Jul 2017 description


  • Thousands of people are thought to have been displaced from around Mathiang due to fighting.

  • At least 25 aid workers have been forced to relocate from Pagak and surrounding areas due to insecurity.

  • An estimated 50,000 people in key locations have been cut off from assistance.

  • Protection of civilians is a major concern.

Upper Nile: Situation in Longochuk and Maiwut

06 Jul 2017 description
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• Flash floods affect 9,000 people (1,780 families) in Kalma IDP camp, South Darfur.

• About 42,700 children have been screened for acute malnutrition in Jebel Marra, of whom 800 had SAM and 3,909 had MAM.

• UNICEF launches a malnutrition treatment campaign to deliver lifesaving services to people affected by malnutrition in Jebel Marra.

• UNICEF needs US$22 million to provide lifesaving response for over 100,000 children.

• 403,000 South Sudanese refugees arrived in Sudan since 2013; 39% of them arrived in 2017.

04 Jul 2017 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires. Il couvre la période du 15 au 28 juin 2017. Le prochain rapport sera publié vers le 13/7/2017.


  • Plus de 470 000 enfants de moins de cinq ans sont touchés par la malnutrition chronique en Ituri.

  • De récents déplacements signalés dans les territoires de Djugu et Irumu sur fond de tensions inter communautaires.

30 Jun 2017 description

Humanitarian Context 2016

In 2016, the humanitarian crisis deepened and spread, affecting people in areas previously considered stable and exhausting the coping capacity of those already impacted. At year end, 7.5 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance.