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10 Feb 2016 description
report European Commission

Brussels, 10 February 2016

Implementing the European Agenda on Migration: Commission reports on progress in Greece, Italy and the Western Balkans

10 Feb 2016 description

Arrivals and Departures: Fluctuations in the number of arrivals to different Greek Islands compared to previous trends were observed, particularly with an increase of arrivals to the island of Chios.

10 Feb 2016 description

Planning and Preparation: The Refugee Coordinator of the Austrian Federal Government, Christian Konrad, started a fundraising campaign together with the Austrian Red Cross and a wellknown advertising agency with the aim to collect money for additional housing for asylum-seekers. One house for up to 40 asylum-seekers (with flats for up to 5 persons each) amounts to EUR 500,000. The campaign is also supported by most of Austrian media.

10 Feb 2016 description


  • On 30 January, a boat heading to Lesvos capsized, taking the lives of 37 people. Seventy-five people were rescued from the sea in Canakkale. On 2 February, according to the Turkish Coast Guard, a boat capsized off the coast of Turkey, at Seferihisar in the Izmir province. Nine people, including two babies, drowned and 13 people were rescued.

09 Feb 2016 description

76,263 arrivals by sea in 2016

409 dead/missing in 2016

as of 10:00 CET 9 February

1,011,712 arrivals in 2015

09 Feb 2016 description


  • Sea arrivals to Greece reduced to an average of 13,500 per week in January, from 22,500 in December. Numbers fluctuate from 0-5,000 per day. Service provision becomes inadequate when high numbers of migrants arrive and when onward transport to the mainland is disrupted causing temporary build ups to occur. Similar issues occur at Idomeni, where there are recurrent border closures.

  • The conditions migrants find in Greece are still mostly inadequate, whilst conditions further along the route have improved.

09 Feb 2016 description

Missing Migrants Project is a database sharing key data on deceased and missing migrants along migratory routes worldwide. This info-graphic focuses on migrant arrivals and fatalities in the Mediterranean region. #MissingMigrants

09 Feb 2016 description

Arrivals and Departures: During the week of 1-7 February, the lowest rate of arrivals to the Greek Islands in 2016 was recorded.

Situation at Borders: In Greece, road blockages caused by public peaceful protests prevented people from traveling to the border crossing between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

09 Feb 2016 description

VUSHTRRI/VUČITRN, 8 February 2016 – The OSCE Mission today started a basic training course for 378 former members of the ‘Civilian Protection’ from northern Kosovo on the institutional and legal framework in Kosovo, including community rights.

The six-week course is organized at the request of the Kosovo Ministry for Dialogue and takes place at the Public Safety Academy in Vushtrri/Vučitrn.

07 Feb 2016 description
report Deutsche Welle

The number of Syrians coming to the EU from Turkey has decreased considerably in January, according to a German newspaper. More Iraqis and Afghans are fleeing to the bloc, but have slim chances of receiving asylum.

Nearly forty percent of migrants who entered the European Union (EU) in January do not have a realistic chance of getting asylum, the Sunday paper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (FAS) quoted a senior European Commission official as saying.

06 Feb 2016 description

Arrivals and Departures: The number of sea arrivals to Europe during the first four days of February 2016 has surpassed the total number of sea arrivals for the entire month of February 2015. In Greece, there was a noticeable decrease in the number arrivals from 3,299 on 3 February to 565 on 4 February, possibly due to deteriorating weather conditions.

05 Feb 2016 description

According to a Europol report this week, 10,000 unaccompanied minors have disappeared in Europe without a trace. Several media have turned to Terre des hommes to explain the phenomenon.

05 Feb 2016 description
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  • Flow Monitoring: As of 02 February 2016 IOM field staff in Greece, fYROM, Croatia, and Slovenia had amassed interviews with over 3,765 migrants and asylum seekers, of which 406 people were interviewed over the week from 26 January-02 February. Individuals of Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian and Pakistani nationalities comprised 94% of all respondents.

  • See sections on Greece and Italy for an update on the EU’s Relocations Plan.

04 Feb 2016 description

Arrivals and Departures: In the last nine days, arrivals to the Greek Islands stabilised with an average of 2,250 arrivals per day. According to the Turkish Coast Guard, a boat capsized off the coast of Turkey, at Seferihisar in Izmir province.

04 Feb 2016 description
report Government of Japan

Press Release by Embassy of Japan

On 20 January 2016 Japan approved an additional grant aid worth USD 4,575,000 for the following projects of UNHCR, UNDP, IOM and UNICEF in response to the refugee and migrant crisis in the Republic of Serbia.

The outline of the projects:

UNHCR: USD 1,830,000

Support for the improvement of reception conditions and the response to the needs of refugees

Support to local health centers in affected municipalities with the provision of basic medicines and sanitation items

04 Feb 2016 description

An area of low pressure, currently to the west of Greece, will deepen and gradually move eastwards. This brings increasing cloud along with rain across the south of Greece and the Greek Islands from Thursday and into the weekend, with heavy thundery showers likely on Friday. Very strong southerly winds will develop late Wednesday into Thursday in association with this low pressure system, bringing rough seas through the central Aegean Sea and around the Greek Islands.