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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 8 – 15 April

The Global Overview collates information from a range of sources and displays it in a manner that allows for quick comparison of different humanitarian crises.

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Forced Migration Review 25th Anniversary collection

25 years of forced migration

Jeff Crisp

During the past 25 years, Forced Migration Review (FMR) has played a vital role in enabling researchers, practitioners and policymakers to exchange information and ideas on refugee-related issues. In this article, Jeff Crisp provides a personal (and alphabetical) perspective on some of the events, trends and organisations that FMR has covered over the past two and half decades.

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Humanitarian Bulletin Somalia January 2014 | Issued on 19 February 2014


  • While there have been incremental improvements, the humanitarian situation remains fragile and needs vast.

  • Recent findings show a slight increase in the number of severely malnourished children compared to six months ago.

  • Possible military operations in key agricultural areas of southern and central Somalia could have multi-layered consequences.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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U.S. African Development Foundation in 2013 - A Year in Review

The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) is an independent Federal agency established to support African-designed and African-driven solutions that address grassroots economic and social problems in conflict and post-conflict communities. USADF provides grants of up to $250,000 directly to marginalized community groups and enterprises in Africa. These grants help organizations create and sustain jobs, improve income levels, and address social development needs.

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ICRC expands activities in places of detention

The ICRC has resumed its regular visits to federal prisons and expanded its activities in regional prisons in Oromia, Amhara, Harari, Tigray and Afar.

The aim of prison visits is to improve conditions of detention for the people detained, ensure humane treatment, and put detainees in contact with their families. The findings of the visits are shared exclusively with the authorities concerned on a confidential basis.

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Despite progress on child survival MDGs, unacceptable health gaps leave millions of children out

World Vision

World Vision reaction to UNICEF Child Survival report

  • Despite the sharp reductions in child deaths documented by UNICEF today, MDG 4 will still not be met until 2028 unless immediate action to reach the health poor is taken

  • Millions of children fall through the cracks every year, even in countries that are meeting MDG 4, despite global progress, says aid agency

  • World Vision report exposes the gap between health rich and health poor

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Polio outbreak in Somalia is symptom of global health inequality

World Vision

Millions of the world’s most vulnerable children are falling through the cracks, even as child deaths are declining globally, warns World Vision.

The number of children who die before their fifth birthday has roughly halved over the past two decades, according to new UNICEF figures. But the most vulnerable children are being left behind.

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Ethiopia + 1 other
Buramino Camp profile as of 31 August 2013

Contextual Background

Pattern in Population Change

Organized large-scale relocation from the Transit Centre will begin on November 2011

Areas of Origin

61% are from Gedo, 19% are from Bay, 15% are from Bakol, remaining are from various other locations in Somalia.

Cultural Background

Sunni Muslim

64% are May May speakers from Rahanweyn clan, 22% are Mahatiri speakers from Maheren clan and the remaining are from various other Somali clans.

Main Occupations

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Support to Somaliland Rehabilitation Services

Objective: To improve the quality, coverage and sustainability of assistance services for victims of conflict, especially rehabilitation services, via the mobilization of all relevant stakeholders and the active participation of users and civil society. This project was run between January 2009 and December 2012.

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Enhancing the participation of Somalis within human rights and democracy activities

Objective: The main objective of the project is to: ensure that rights of people with disability are promoted and to improve their protection to prevent discrimination, abuse and exploitation; enhance civic participation and representation of persons with disability in democratic reforms in Somaliland and Puntland.

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Including the most vulnerable children in their activities


  • Building the capacities of Somali civil society to include the most vulnerable children in their activities.
  • Enabling non-State operators to identify, prevent and respond to child protection issues by delivering psychosocial support and rehabilitation services to vulnerable children.
  • This includes building the capacities of all operators and improving services provided to vulnerable children.


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Somalia + 3 others
Refugees with Disabilities from Somalia and South Sudan Receive 2013 Voices of Courage Award

Women's Refugee Commission urges that displaced persons with disabilities be recognized for their capacities and determination to overcome the odds

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Reaching Refugees with Disabilities: Hassen's Story

By: Hussein Rudwan, Hygiene Promotion Officer, Bokolmanyo Refugee Camp, Ethiopia

After gunfire during a rebel attack in Somalia left Hassen bound to a wheelchair for life, he knew he could not let his children grow up amidst the brutal violence. Hassen remembers the exact day he and his family fled Mogadishu and the harrowing, eight-day journey to reach refugee camps in the Somali Region in Ethiopia. It was hard for them to leave everything behind and start a new life, but the conflict in Somalia gave them no choice.

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Kenya + 1 other
New schools for Somali refugees in Kenya

Islamic Relief

This month Islamic Relief completed the construction of five schools in IFO 2 refugee camp in Dadaab, northeast Kenya.

The camps hosts Somali refugees fleeing instability and violence across the border.

We constructed five schools, benefitting 1,000 children in the camp. Each school has five toilets and has access for people with disabilities- including an easy-access toilet in each school.

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Field Exchange No. 44 (December 2012)

  • Food, goats & cash for assets in Kenya

  • SMART anaemia analysis in Bolivia

  • Cross-sectoral approach to Konzo in DRC

  • Food security in Afghanistan

  • Early warning system in Somalia

  • Integrating IYCF support in Ethiopia

  • Mitigating soil salinity effects in Bangladesh

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Declaration by High Representative Catherine Ashton on behalf of the European Union on Human Rights Day, 10 December 2012

European Union

Today, on 10 December, we celebrate Human Rights Day. Standing up for Human Rights, democracy and the rule of law is the silver thread that runs through EU external relations.

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UNOPS promueve los derechos de las personas con discapacidad

Como parte de nuestra política para infraestructura sostenible, la cual establece un enfoque sostenible basado en los derechos humanos para todas las actividades de infraestructura de UNOPS, nos hemos comprometido a ejecutar proyectos de infraestructura de acuerdo con la Convención sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad. Esto incluye incorporar el concepto de “diseño universal”, definido por la Convención para asegurar que las instalaciones y servicios son accesibles para todas las personas.

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L'UNOPS fait valoir les droits des personnes handicapées

L’UNOPS intensifie ses efforts pour s’assurer que tous ses projets garantissent les droits et l’accès des personnes handicapées.

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UNOPS promoting rights of people with disabilities

UNOPS is increasing its drive to ensure that all projects promote rights and access for people with disabilities.

As part of our policy for sustainable infrastructure, which establishes a sustainable, human rights-based approach for all UNOPS infrastructure activities, we have committed to implementing infrastructure projects in compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). This includes incorporating the concept of ‘universal design’, defined by the CRPD to ensure that facilities and services are accessible to all people.

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War disabled: fresh commitment needed to ensure sustainable support

30-11-2012 Interview

In 1997, 123 States signed the first-ever treaty banning the development, production, stockpiling, transfer and use of a weapon that was already in widespread use: anti-personnel landmines. Fifteen years later, their use and production has been curbed dramatically, while data on clearance, stockpile destruction and casualty rates show undeniable progress towards eliminating the problem. However, much still needs to be achieved, as Claude Tardif, Hhead of the ICRC’s physical rehabilitation programme, explains.