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Kenya + 6 others
East Africa faces up to drought threat

By Denis McClean

NAIROBI, March 31 - UNISDR today welcomed the outcome of East Africa’s Second Drought Resilience Summit as an important contribution to next month’s Africa Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and preparing for a future in which climate change will amplify existing stress on water availability in Africa.

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Burundi + 14 others
Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands Region Representation Office Long Term Planning Framework 2012-2015 Version 2

  1. Who are we?

The IFRC Regional Representation for Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, as part of the IFRC Africa Zone, supports National Societies (NS) to train and mobilise volunteers to respond to emergencies and to make communities more resilient to risks. It aims to make this work sustainable by bringing evidence-based cases of the benefits of Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteer action to new and existing stakeholders in the humanitarian and development sector.

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World + 8 others
The IDDRSI Strategy


January 2013


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World + 7 others
UN and IGAD strengthen ties on resilience and humanitarian action

Around 65 per cent of the IGAD region receives less than 600mm in rainfall every year. This year’s Summit seeks to keep the spotlight on commitments made to end drought emergencies.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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Yemen + 5 others
Horn of Africa and Yemen Annual Report 2013

Nashon Tado/NRC Horn of Africa (17.03.2014)

In 2013, more than 1.1 million people received humanitarian assistance provided by the Norwegian Refugee Council in the Horn of Africa and Yemen region. Continued displacement remained a major concern for NRC particularly in Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

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World + 26 others
IOM Humanitarian Compendium 2014

The Humanitarian Compendium provides a comprehensive overview of IOM humanitarian projects for 2014 in coordination with other humanitarian partners and agencies.

International Organization for Migration:

Copyright © IOM. All rights reserved.

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Uganda + 3 others
Good practice principles and lessons learnt from cross-border DRR programming in the drylands of the Horn of Africa

Addressing cross border issues for drought management in drylands of the Horn of Africa is critical, since the major livelihood, pastoralism, spans national borders, which often cut across landscapes, watersheds and ethnic groups. Mobility is a crucial drought coping strategy for pastoralist communities as well as being essential for economic and environmental development.

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World + 33 others
2014 Action humanitaire de l’UNICEF pour les enfants - Vue d’ensemble

L'UNICEF demande 2,2 milliards de dollars É.-U. pour aider 59 millions d'enfants en situation d'urgence

Le plus important appel d’urgence jamais lancé. Près de 40 pour cent à destination de la Syrie et la région

GENÈVE, 21 février 2014 – L’UNICEF a demandé aujourd'hui près de 2,2 milliards de dollars É.-U. pour apporter une aide humanitaire vitale à 85 millions de personnes, dont 59 millions d'enfants, en 2014. Ces personnes vivent dans 50 pays en conflit ou frappés par des catastrophes naturelles et autres situations d'urgence complexes.

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World + 33 others
Acción Humanitaria para la Infancia 2014 Resumen

59 millones de niños viven en situaciones de emergencia en 50 países

UNICEF necesita 2.200 millones de dólares para ayudar a estos niños y sus familias. Es su mayor llamamiento de emergencia de la historia y casi un 40% responde a las necesidades de Siria y la región

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SWALIM Update: Quarterly Newsletter November 2013 - January 2014, Issue 4

· SWALIM Early Warning Information Saves Lives

· Building Resilient Communities through Disaster Risk Reduction and Early Warning

· SWALIM Completes Survey of Strategic Emergency Boreholes in Northern Somalia

· Fostering Accountability through Cash Based Intervention Remote Monitoring

· SWALIM supports Somaliland Ministry of Agriculture to survey agricultural areas

· Among others

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Tackling land degradation in Somalia


A vigorous exercise to improve the state of the natural environment, and especially rangelands, has begun in 30 villages across the Puntland State of Somalia. Working with recently formed Village Environmental Committees, Adeso has commenced Cash for Work activities in pastoral and agro-pastoral rural communities. The activities are expected to lead to immediate rangeland rehabilitation and soil and water conservation.

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Somalia + 14 others
Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Regional Representation Office (EAIOIRO): Development Operational Plan 2014

1. Executive Summary

Situated in a region prone to man-made, natural, slow-onset or rapid complex emergencies, the IFRC EAIOIRO supports Red Cross and Red Crescent (RC / RC) National Societies in humanitarian response and enhancing communities’ capacity to be more resilient to hazards and risks.

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Yemen + 11 others
Middle East and North Africa: Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 11 | November - December 2013 [EN/AR]



  • The global humanitarian response in 2014 aims to reach at least 52 million people with essential life-saving assistance in 17 affected countries.

  • There has been significant advance in reducing disaster risk in the region since the adoption, in 2005, of the International Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) 2005-2015.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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Somalia + 5 others
Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) 2013 Horn of Africa (ECHO/-HF/BUD/2013/91000) Last update: 23/10/2013 Version 4


In order to match the needs and current context in the Horn of Africa, it was decided to enable a transfer of EUR 1 900 000 from the Food Aid Budget Line to the Humanitarian Aid Budget Line.

This change aims at better reflecting the realities of the projects selected in the different countries.

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Somalia: Tropical Cyclone Emergency appeal n° MDRSO002

This Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 2.4m to enable the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the Red Cross and Red Crescent response to the tropical cyclone that hit Puntland State of Somalia on the 10th of November 2013.

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Somalia Strategic Response Plan 2014


Strategic objectives

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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World + 16 others
Rapport du Secrétaire général sur la protection des civils en période de conflit armé (S/2013/689)

I. Introduction

  1. Faisant suite à la demande que le Président du Conseil de sécurité a formulée dans sa déclaration en date du 12 février 2013 (S/PRST/2013/2), j’ai l’honneur de présenter mon dixième rapport sur la protection des civils en période de conflit armé.