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Somalia + 2 others
Estonia Giving Humanitarian Aid to Somalia and South Sudan

The Foreign Ministry is contributing to the World Food Programme (WFP) project in Somalia to help provide food to the country’s inhabitants. In 2011 humanitarian aid activities helped to alleviate the humanitarian situation, which had suddenly grown worse due to drought. However, there are still 4 million people that require daily food aid and 250 000 people at the risk of dying of starvation.

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Yemen + 2 others
Estonia Supports UN in Fighting Against Child Trafficking in Yemen

No. 424-E

The Foreign Ministry is donating 50 000 euros through the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF to support the organisation’s activities in ensuring that children who have been separated from their parents and have no guardian receive the necessary humanitarian aid for survival as well as protection from violence and from becoming victims of human trafficking. The UNICEF project aims to help at least 1200 Yemeni children as well as children that have fled from Somalia.

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Somalia + 4 others
Estonia Helping Somalian Residents Suffering From Famine

The Foreign Ministry is donating humanitarian aid in the sum of 80 000 euros through the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to help Somalian refugees and internally displaced persons suffering from famine. The UN estimates that as a result of the worst drought in 60 years and the armed conflict that remains ongoing, there are 11.5 million people in this area of Africa who need humanitarian aid to survive.

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Angola + 18 others
Ban Ki-Moon annonce la composition du Groupe d'experts Union africaine-ONU établi en vertu de la résolution 1809 (2008) du Conseil de sécurité


La déclaration suivante a été communiquée aujourd'hui par la Porte-parole du Secrétaire général de l'ONU, M. Ban Ki-moon:

Le Groupe d'experts Union africaine-ONU chargé d'étudier les modalités d'appui aux opérations de maintien de la paix menées par l'Union africaine sous un mandat des Nations Unies a été établi, en vertu de la résolution 1809(2008) du Conseil de sécurité et en consultation avec la Commission de l'Union africaine.

M. Romano Prodi (Italie) a été nommé