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18 Jan 2016 description

GENEVA (18 January 2016) – The vital flow of remittances from diaspora countries into Somalia is under threat as a result of necessary, but inadequately thought-through counter-terrorism measures. United Nations human rights experts have warned that the measures risk severely affecting the human rights of the people of Somalia, and have urged the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Somalia to ensure that such remittances continue to flow.

08 Jan 2016 description


  • Many countries across the African continent face recurrent complex emergencies, frequent food insecurity, cyclical drought, and sudden-onset disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and storms. In FY 2015, as in previous years, USAID/OFDA not only responded to urgent needs resulting from disasters, but also supported DRR programs that built resilience and improved emergency preparedness, mitigation, and response capacity at the local, national, and regional levels.

06 Jan 2016 description

Conflict, cyclical drought, floods, disease outbreaks, environmental degradation, rapid population growth, and limited government response capacity present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in the ECA region. Between FY 2006 and FY 2015, USAID’s Office of U.S.

23 Dec 2015 description


  • Flooding affects more than 145,000 people

  • November clashes in Galkayo reportedly displace up to 90,000 people

  • USAID assesses programs and humanitarian needs in Somalia


23 Nov 2015 description


23 November 2015, GENEVA – A new report issued today by the UN, “The Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters”, shows that over the last twenty years, 90% of major disasters have been caused by 6,457 recorded floods, storms, heatwaves, droughts and other weather-related events.

The five countries hit by the highest number of disasters are the United States (472), China (441), India (288), Philippines (274), and Indonesia, (163).

10 Nov 2015 description

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced it is providing nearly $97 million in additional food assistance to assist vulnerable populations in Ethiopia, including those severely affected by the impacts of the El Niño weather phenomenon.

06 Nov 2015 description


  • Tropical Cyclone Chapala makes landfall in central Yemen, potentially affecting an estimated 1.1 million people and exacerbating humanitarian needs

  • Relief agencies dispatch emergency food, shelter supplies, and WASH assistance for storm-affected people

  • Insecurity continues to constrain humanitarian access across conflict- affected areas of Yemen

23 Oct 2015 description


  • Continued food insecurity in parts of northern Kenya results in nearly 1.1 million people requiring emergency food assistance

  • U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Robert F. Godec reissues disaster declaration due to deteriorating nutrition and food security conditions

  • The USG provides more than $142 million in humanitarian assistance to Kenya in FY 2015

21 Oct 2015 description


  • Ongoing insecurity exacerbates the negative effects of erratic seasonal rains and below-average harvests

  • El Niño-related flooding may affect up to 900,000 people, limit humanitarian access

  • FSNAU records emergency malnutrition levels in Somalia


16 Oct 2015 description


  • USAID/OFDA commits nearly $9 million in additional humanitarian assistance for conflict- affected populations in Yemen

  • Ongoing clashes and political instability continue to hamper humanitarian access and timely delivery of much-needed aid

  • Fuel supply and commodity shortages , as well as market price increases, exacerbate humanitarian conditions in Yemen 

30 Sep 2015 description

Published: September 29, 2015

USIP President, Nancy Lindborg, testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Good morning and thank you Chairman Corker, Ranking Member Cardin, and other members of the committee, for this opportunity to discuss the U.S. role and strategy in the Middle East in the midst of an escalating humanitarian crisis. Your attention to this complex and protracted crisis is important and very much appreciated.

18 Sep 2015 description


  • The USG announces more than $89 million in additional USG funding for the Yemen crisis

  • Intensified airstrikes and ground fighting continues to hinder aid access and degrade an already dire humanitarian situation

  • USAID/FFP-provided wheat arrives in Yemen despite access constraints

04 Sep 2015 description


  • Armed clashes between al-Houthi and pro- RoYG forces affected all of Yemen’s 21 governorates in August

  • The Yemen crisis has internally displaced 1.4 million people and caused approximately 100,800 people to flee the country as of August

  • State/PRM announces $6.1 million in additional funding for people seeking refuge in Djibouti and Somalia as a result of the Yemen crisis 

17 Aug 2015 description


  • The number of food-insecure Somalis will likely increase slightly through December

  • The CERF allocates $20 million to support humanitarian activities in Somalia

  • USAID/OFDA provides more than $16 million in additional humanitarian assistance


16 Jun 2015 description


15 juin 2015

Des appels sont lancés pour privilégier une perspective globale axée sur l'aide au développement sur une approche sécuritaire des migrations

Le Conseil des droits de l'homme a tenu, cet après-midi, un «dialogue renforcé» sur le thème des droits de l'homme des migrants.

15 Jun 2015 description


15 June 2015

The Human Rights Council this afternoon held an enhanced interactive dialogue on the human rights of migrants.

19 May 2015 description


  • Al-Shabaabattackscontinuetotarget civilians, humanitarian workers, and government officials

  • Nearly 1 million Somalis are experiencing acute food insecurity, with conditions projected to deteriorate in some areas of southern Somalia through June

  • April-to-July gu rains are likely to improve pasture, water availability in parts of northern Somalia


04 May 2015 description


Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, D.C.

May 4, 2015

Today, Secretary Kerry announced over $45 million in additional funding to help the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) protect and assist some 600,000 refugees residing in Kenya. The United States applauds the tremendous hospitality of Kenya in providing a safe haven for so many refugees. Details of the announcement: