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22 Sep 1998 description
report UN Security Council


1. On 21 May 1997, the Security Counci met to discuss how to improve protection for humanitarian assistance to refugees and others in conflict situations. The President of the Security Council subsequently issued a statement on 19 June 1997 (S/PRST/1997/34) summarizing the conclusions and recommendations of the debate and encouraging the Secretary-General to study the matter further. The present report has been prepared in response to that request.

13 Sep 1998 description

The second round of the Kick-Polio-Out-of-Somalia campaign in central and southern Somalia starts on Sunday September 13, 1998 and concludes on 17 September, 1998.

04 Sep 1998 description

Nairobi, 4 September 1998 -- The World Food Programme today confirmed that this year's harvest in Somalia is the worst in five years and will threaten the lives of thousands of Somalis over the coming months.

28 Aug 1998 description

With the exception of a heavy rainstorm in late June, rainfall in southern Somalia was light and sporadic during June and July. Prospects for the gu (main season) harvest remain poor, but the heavy rainstorm replenished waterholes and improved pastures in the central rangelands. The rainstorm also reduced the rat population in some areas, possibly helping to contain crop damage from the severe rat infestations that agricultural areas are enduring this year.

27 Aug 1998 description

by Mary Anne Fitzgerald and Shep Lowman

13 Aug 1998 description
report UN Children's Fund

Nairobi, I3 August, 1998

06 Aug 1998 description

A peace deal has been agreed between rival factions in Somalia's western border region after 20 days of talks, local elders said on Thursday.

The peace deal was agreed between the Islamist fundamentalist group Al-Itihad Al-Islam and the Somali National Front (SNF) faction in the town of El-Adde in the Gedo region, close to the border with Kenya and Ethiopia.

The meeting was attended by more than 700 delegates and the six-point agreement was signed by Ali Mohamed Mukhtar, the deputy chairman of the SNF faction, and Sheikh Mohamud Moallin Nur, the deputy chairman of Al-Itihad, the …

31 Jul 1998 description

Food security in southern Somalia and Somaliland is deteriorating rapidly due to a combination of factors, including failed rains, increasing civil insecurity, and the adverse economic impact of Saudi Arabia’s ban on livestock imports. The population will require food assistance through the next harvest, in December.

27 Jul 1998 description
report World Vision

World Vision Media Release
reported by James Addis and Dorothy Kamau
World Vision Somalia marketing and communications

16 Jul 1998 description
report World Vision

World Vision is bracing itself for massive population movements into its operational areas following increased insecurity and a projected major food shortage.

11 Jul 1998 description

January - December 1999


FOREWORD As 1999 approaches, nearly four years after the departure of the last UNOSOM II peacekeeping troops from Mogadishu, Somalia presents two very different faces.