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22 Dec 2014 description

(MOGADISHU, 22 December 2014) The Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Philippe Lazzarini, has announced today that the Somalia Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) will allocate US$30 million to jump start the response to the most critical humanitarian needs in 2015.

11 Dec 2014 description



  1. Provide timely and quality life-saving assistance to people in humanitarian crisis and emergency.

  2. Enhance the scale and quality of humanitarian protection services and improve the broader protective environment through preventative measures.

  3. Strengthen the resilience of vulnerable households and communities through livelihood support, programmes for critical gaps in basic social services and social protection that complement disaster risk reduction, recovery and development interventions.

11 Dec 2014 description
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(Mogadishu, 10 December 2014) Speaking after the launch of the 2015 Global Humanitarian Response plans in Geneva on 8 December 2014, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Mr. Philippe Lazzarini, revealed that humanitarian organizations in Somalia require US$ 863 million to meet the most urgent needs of 2.76 million Somalis in 2015. “The humanitarian situation in Somalia has significantly deteriorated this year, for the first time since the end of the 2011 famine.

09 Dec 2014 description

Seasonal outlook and impact on food security

There has been a general decrease in the number of food insecure people as harvests continue across the region. Following an extended dry period and delayed onset of rains, a large part of the arid, semi-arid lands (ASALs) have received below-average rainfall providing limited relief.

08 Dec 2014 description

The number of people affected by conflicts and natural disasters around the world has reached record levels.

Just a year ago, UN agencies and partners asked for $12.9 billion to assist 52 million people who we considered to be the most vulnerable and most in need of protection.

08 Dec 2014 description

Executive Summary

The gap between humanitarian needs and the resources available to meet them continues to grow.
This document sets out inter-agency appeals requesting $16.4 billion to assist 57.5 million people in 22 countries in 2015.

08 Dec 2014 description
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(Geneva, 8 December 2014): Humanitarian organizations aim to help at least 57.5 million of the most vulnerable people in the world with assistance in 2015 and require US$16.4 billion to do so. “Over 80 percent of those we intend to help are in countries mired in conflict where brutality and violence have had a devastating impact on their lives,” said Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary- General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, as she launched the 2015 global humanitarian appeal.

08 Dec 2014 description

The people of Somalia continue to face a severe humanitarian crisis. Over 1 million Somalis are unable to meet their basic food requirements, an increase of 20 percent since February 2014. This is the first time the number of people in need of life-saving assistance has increased since the end of the devastating famine in 2011. In addition, the food security situation of over 2.1 million people remains fragile, bringing the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance to 3.2 million.


04 Dec 2014 description


After two years of incremental improvements, a mix of drought, insecurity, surging food prices, increasing malnutrition, access constraints and funding shortages have led to a serious deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Somalia.

04 Dec 2014 description

Key mission findings:

• Food: Food prices have risen substantially and food insecurity has increased due to the tactic of Al Shabaab blockages of roads into Tayeeglow.

• Health: Health services are urgently needed as no free operational community health facility exists in the town. The main illnesses reported include malaria, kalazar, skin diseases, diarrhea and TB.

• Education: Education support is needed as the seven education facilities in the district need urgent rehabilitation.

04 Dec 2014 description

Key mission findings:

• Food: Drought in the district has led to rises in food price. Failed rains have dried up canals used for harvesting. Canal rehabilitation is required to aid food cultivation.

• Health: There are no functioning health and nutrition facilities in Kurtunwaarey District and established structures require rehabilitation. The main illnesses reported include malnutrition, malaria, measles, respiratory tract infections and diarrhea.

• Water and sanitation: There is a lack of functioning community boreholes to access clean water.

03 Dec 2014 description

In 2015, humanitarian partners estimate that 15.9 million people will need humanitarian assistance. This represents an 8 per cent increase since last year, mainly due to the effects of expanded conflict, improved access to areas that were inaccessible, better data and population growth in areas of high need.

02 Dec 2014 description


The Somalia humanitarian response is severely underfunded having received US$576 million to date. The funding includes $371 million, (40 per cent) contribution to the $933 million requested under the 2014 humanitarian response plan (HRP) and $205 million funded to projects outside the appeal.

01 Dec 2014 description

Displacement increased by 1.4 million in region

The number of people displaced in the region has increased by 14 per cent in the last six months. By the end of September 2014, the total number of people displaced was 11,433,752 in Burundi, (eastern) Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Of the total displaced population, 2,467,547 are refugees while 8,966,205 are internally displaced persons (IDPs) and people severely affected by conflict.

30 Nov 2014 description


  • Over 11 million people are living as refugees or IDPs in the eastern Africa region.

25 Nov 2014 description

- Humanitarianfunding shortfall jeopardizes aid to hundreds of thousands of Somalis in need.
- About 50,000 people have been affected by seasonal flooding while pockets of drought remain.
- Measles outbreak of great concern with over 9,000 suspected cases reported this year, doubling the number from 2013.

17 Nov 2014 description

The people of Somalia are facing a deepening humanitarian crisis. Over 1 million Somalis are unable to meet their basic food requirements, an increase of 20 per cent since February this year. This is the first time the number of people in need of life-saving assistance has increased since the end of the devastating famine in 2011, an indication that the modest gains made in the last two years are being reversed. A further 2.1 million people are on the verge of slipping into acute food insecurity, bringing the number of people in need of humanitarian aid to 3.2 million.