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Liberia + 3 others
Ministry for Foreign Affairs granted additional funding for the fight against Ebola

Development Minister Sirpa Paatero has today signed a pledge of EUR 7.1 million in support for the UN Ebola Trust Fund through which UN agencies, led by WHO, are fighting against the spread of the disease in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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Liberia + 2 others
Emergency Team Supporting Health Workers on Ebola Front Lines


Health workers face greatest risk as they protect and save lives

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Liberia + 1 other
Home care kits highlight gaps in West Africa's Ebola response


By David Lewis and James Harding Giahyue

DAKAR/MONROVIA, Oct 20 (Reuters) - With the number of Ebola cases spiralling in West Africa and weeks remaining until treatment units promised by Western governments are built, health workers fighting one of the world's deadliest diseases are being forced to improvise.

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World + 3 others
Ebola - Peut-on mettre l'Afrique de l'Ouest en quarantaine ?


NEW YORK, 21 octobre 2014 (IRIN) - Aux États-Unis, depuis le décès du Libérien Thomas Eric Duncan au Texas le 8 octobre et l'infection par Ebola de deux infirmières américaines qui s'étaient occupées du malade, les parlementaires sont de plus en plus nombreux à demander une interdiction des vols en provenance des pays les plus touchés par le virus, à savoir la Guinée, le Liberia et la Sierra Leone.


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Liberia + 4 others
Africa Ebola Coordination and Preparedness: Emergency Appeal Operation Update n° MDR60002, Operations update n° 5


IFRC continues to support National Societies with international emergency appeals to combat Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. The appeals employ a 5 pillar approach spelled out in the Ebola regional framework. These include: (1) Beneficiary Communication and Social Mobilization; (2) Contact Tracing and Surveillance; (3) Psychosocial Support; (4) Case Management; and (5) Dead Body Management, Burials and Disinfection. In addition, a regional appeal has been launched to cater to multi-country support needs.

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Liberia + 2 others
2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - Outbreak Distribution Map (Updated October 21, 2014)

Countries with cases of Ebola

Countries with Widespread Transmission

Sierra Leone

Countries (Affected Areas) with Localized Transmission

Nigeria(1) (Port Harcourt and Lagos)
United States2 (Dallas, TX)

Countries (Affected Areas) with Travel-associated Case(s)(2)

Senegal(2) (Dakar)

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In Sierra Leone, getting back to school – on the airwaves

By Yolanda Romero

With schools closed throughout the country as a result of the Ebola epidemic, Sierra Leone is bringing the classroom into students’ homes through the use of educational radio broadcasts.

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Liberia + 3 others
Taiwan gearing up for Ebola


TAIPEI, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Health departments in Taiwan are gearing up for potential Ebola cases as the fatal virus rages through West Africa.

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou urged the island's health departments to map out a pandemic prevention plan and check medical resources while asking the public to stay calm at a meeting on Tuesday.

"There is no need to panic since we have rich experience in dealing with epidemics," Ma said, also stressing that Ebola spreads through body fluids, unlike airborne SARS.

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Liberia + 2 others
Ebola Outbreak: Logistics Cluster Situation Update, 19 October 2014

Situation Overview& Highlights

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A fleet of pickup trucks joins RFA Argus in Gibraltar

The 32 UK-funded vehicles are on their way to Sierra Leone where they will transport staff, medicines and equipment to help defeat Ebola.

32 UK-funded pickup trucks to assist efforts to defeat Ebola in Sierra Leone have been loaded aboard the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship Argus during a planned stop at a British Naval Base in Gibraltar.

Throughout the day on Tuesday 21 October, the vehicles were lifted onto the deck of the ship where they will remain until the ship reaches Freetown later next week.

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Liberia + 6 others
Welcoming $50 million in Ebola Trust Fund Pledges, Secretary-General Says More Needed for Rapid, Effective Global Response


The following statement was issued today by the Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

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Liberia + 13 others
Ebola: Risks of overland spread (Map of the week, 13 October 2014)


West Africa’s road network – through which the majority of intra-regional trade occurs – could facilitate the spread of Ebola. Travellers and traders infected in Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone may transmit the virus via some of the major highways. In this respect, groups such as long-distance lorry drivers could be particularly at risk, particularly if effective monitoring systems for Ebola are not established at border crossings.

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Liberia + 3 others
Cuba Ebola doctors bringing island in from cold

Havana, Cuba | AFP | Wednesday 10/22/2014 - 01:35 GMT

by Alexandre GROSBOIS / Francisco JARA

Cuba's contribution of hundreds of doctors and nurses to fight Ebola puts the island at the forefront of the international response and is even thawing relations with a sworn enemy the United States.

Despite its small population and strapped economy, Cuba has sent 165 medical professionals to Sierra Leone, a larger contingent than most Western countries.

Agence France-Presse:

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Liberia + 2 others
Regular press briefing by the Information Service, 21 Oct 2014 - Ebola (WHO/UNICEF)


Fadéla Chaib, for the World Health Organization (WHO), informed about the press conference which would be held today by Dr Marie Paule Kieny, WHO Assistant Director General for Health Systems and Innovation, on Ebola candidate vaccines.

Canadian vaccines were expected to arrive in Geneva the following day, on 22 October, where they would be kept refrigerated at the Cantonal Hospital. WHO would take some pictures of the arrival of the vaccines and made them available to journalists shortly afterwards.

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Liberia + 2 others
Korean Medical Experts to Scout Ebola-Hit Africa

Chosun Ilbo

Korea will send a small team of medical experts from the ministries of health and welfare, defense and foreign affairs to Ebola-hit West Africa early next month. They are to pave the way for a bigger contingent later.

Officials from the ministries made the decision in a meeting chaired by Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yeol on Monday, according to a government official.

They will go to Liberia or Sierra Leone or both.

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WFP And World Bank Scale Up Government Logistical Capacity In Response To Ebola

FREETOWN –With World Bank funding to the Government of Sierra Leone, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has airlifted 20 ambulances and 10 mortuary pickup trucks to scale up the Government logistical capacity in response to Ebola. This delivery constitutes the first set of 74 vehicles worth US$4 million to be brought in by WFP from its logistical hub in Dubai to Freetown. The remaining 44 vehicles are expected in Freetown by sea in the forthcoming weeks.

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Mali + 6 others
Rapport hebdomadaire #5 de la situation sur la préparation de la riposte a l’épidémie de la maladie à virus ebola au Mali

Etats-Unis, Espagne, Guinée, Libéria, Sierra Leone

A la date du 20 Octobre 2014 le cumul des cas suspects de la maladie à virus Ebola était de 9216 cas (Guinée, Libéria, Nigéria, Sénégal, Sierra Leone, Espagne, et les Etats-Unis d’Amérique) dont 4555 décès.

Selon l’OMS et à cette date 125 contacts potentiels sont actuellement suivis aux Etats-Unis où 3 cas ont été confirmés. En Espagne ce sont 72 personnes à risques très élevés qui sont suivis à ce jour.

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Sierra Leone + 1 other
More UK troops deploy to Sierra Leone

Around 150 British Army personnel left RAF Brize Norton this morning to add to the significant UK efforts to tackle Ebola.

The soldiers, mostly medics from 35 Squadron, 5 Medical Regiment of the Royal Army Medical Corps, are due to arrive in Freetown, Sierra Leone, later today.

They will run the Ebola Training Academy – teaching local healthcare workers and hygienists how to protect themselves from infection and how to prevent it in others.

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Hunger threatens to undermine Ebola quarantine measures, warns Christian Aid

Christian Aid

21 October 2014 - The risk of hunger and malnutrition within Ebola-hit communities in West Africa is threatening to undermine the effectiveness of quarantine measures and, with it, the wider Ebola response, warns Christian Aid.

As the rate of infection continues to rise, Christian Aid is calling on the international community to address the problem of food insecurity for over a million people in quarantine in Sierra Leone.

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Liberia + 2 others
Preventing an Ebola-related Food Crisis

October 21, 2014--As the Ebola outbreak continues to unfold, Shenggen Fan, director general of IFPRI, has released a press statement about the outbreak and the rising food crisis that is unfolding in West Africa.

International Food Policy Research Institute:

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