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10 Apr 2015 description

Submitted by George Herming on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 11:34

Communities across the Solomon Islands will be better able to construct and maintain their own water systems with the support of 27 newly trained Construction Supervisors from government and non-government organisations in all nine provinces.

09 Apr 2015 description

It's been a year since flash flooding hit the Solomon Islands capital Honiara, killing 22 people and leaving 9,000 people homeless.

Gardens and livelihoods were destroyed and even today, the recovery process continues.

World Vision's Peter Weston says aid groups are now focusing on teaching locals how to prepare for a disaster.

Presenter: Liam Fox

Speaker: Peter Weston, World Vision quality manager in Solomon Islands

08 Apr 2015 description

Veuillez trouver ci-joint le rapport de surveillance syndromique du Pacifique pour la semaine 13 qui s’est achevée le 29 mars 2015.

Les alertes suivantes ont été signalées:

• Diarrhée: Tonga
• Syndrome grippal: Polynésie française, Tonga
• Fièvre prolongée: Tonga

Autres mises à jour:

Typhoon Maysak

08 Apr 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • 12,220 children have been immunized for measles in Shefa and Sanma Provinces. The immunisation campaign (measles and rubella) will be expanded to Tanna.

  • 60 health, education and justice professional, artists, photographers and designers participate in orientation on psycho-social support for children with UNICEF support

  • 23 % of the affected population reached with hygiene kits through cluster coordination led by the government with UNICEF support

06 Apr 2015 description
report World Vision

This years World Health Day highlights the need for better access to quality health care particularly for the people in the remote communities of Solomon Islands on the islands far from Honiara.

The country’s 187 nurse aid posts and 102 rural health clinics chronically lack essential equipment and medicine to save mothers and children’s lives, says international humanitarian organisation World Vision.

04 Apr 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • 10,865 children have been immunized for measles in Shefa and Sanma Provinces

  • 2,572 children in Shefa Province now have access to temporary learning spaces through UNICEF support

  • 6,400 children across four provinces to be registered through UNICEF support to the Government

  • 2,300 people on Epi and Emae Islands in Shefa Province have access to water through UNICEF support

03 Apr 2015 description
report Government of Japan
  1. On March 27, the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency grant aid of 1.24 million US dollars (approximately 150 million Japanese yen) to the Pacific Island Countries (Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati) in response to the cyclone disaster.

03 Apr 2015 description

To coordinate the local response to Cyclone Pam, which hit Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands on March 13, the Anglican Church of Melanesia-Vanuatu (ACOM-V) has convened a Disaster Committee chaired by The Rt. Rev. James Ligo of the Diocese of Vanuatu and co-chaired by Joses Togase, ACOM-V's Deputy General Secretary.

02 Apr 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • US$ 1.7 million received by UNICEF from The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to support life-saving response activities

  • 9,968 children on Shefa Province reached in UNICEF-supported measles vaccination campaign.

  • 1,800 households have received distribution of water purification tablets and 380 households have access to hygiene and dignity kits in Shefa Province with support from UNICEF and partners

02 Apr 2015 description

The following syndromes have been flagged:

· Diarrhoea: Tonga

· Influenza-like illness: French Polynesia, Tonga

· Prolonged Fever: Tonga

Other updates:

Typhoon Maysak

· Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia has been declared a state of emergency after a category 5 super typhoon struck the island resulting in five deaths. The typhoon has since weakened and is expected to reach the Philippines this weekend.

Tropical Cyclone Pam

02 Apr 2015 description

Communication with the remote island of Tikopia in Solomon Islands' Temotu province is difficult at the best of times.

Audio: Help on the way to cyclone-affected Tikopia (Credit: ABC)

As a result little has been known about how the islanders fared following the impact of Cyclone Pam nearly a month ago.

01 Apr 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

Pacific Island Countries

The Pacific is one of the most disaster-prone regions on earth. Climate change is contributing to tropical cyclones, floods, drought and rising sea levels which have resulted in chronic emergency conditions and in an increase in intensity and frequency of acute emergencies. It has also rendered the people of the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) vulnerable to the impacts of natural disasters, especially the poor, who are more exposed, thus less able to reduce risk and to recover from disasters.

30 Mar 2015 description

Solomon Islands foreign minister, Milner Tozaka has thanked his United Arab Emirates (UAE) counterpart. His Highness sheikh Abdullah bin zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan for the generous contribution of US$200,000 towards assistance to rehabilitate Solomon Islanders from the impact of tropical cyclone Pam.

The assistance was transmitted to Solomon Islands National Disaster Council last week.

Foreign Minister Tozaka said the gesture by UAE demonstrates the strong and firm relations that exist between the two countries.